These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

Political Map of the World, January 2021
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    WorldA World Map (by Griffin04)
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    Worlda version of These Fair Shores I've been working on! I got Ashley's aproval to post it here.
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    Culture: The Tea Set (by Caprice)
  • "If I said the Tea Set knew what they were doing, I would overstate at best and lie at worst. If they existed much earlier, they would collapse under the weight of school and economy. However, in 1966, the Liberal government of Britain began funding up-and-coming artists, and the Tea Set took their minds with the air of nostalgia and pastoralism combined with the strong English accent of Barrett, so they stumbled into their cultural support. In early 1967, they recorded their debut album, a disorganized assembly of Barrett's compositions and a couple of instrumentals. The album was a modest success, likely from the old people who wanted a nostalgia of the days before the War."
    - an excerpt from the blog of Jersey Wygachiewicz, Polish enthusiast of British culture


    Flags and Coats of Arms of the Commonwealth of New England
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    List of leaders of the United States of America (1936-present)
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    2020 United States Legislative Election
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