The Birth of the Eagle
"RFK announces presidential candidacy" - Headline of the Washington Post, 11th December 1967

"Kennedy is plausible. He's not a Johnson or Humphrey, he's not tied to that [Johnson's] administration, the American people will rally around him, he is the one of the few men in this campaign to lead the Democrats into the White House. [...] no, I have not retired from politics, this is but the start." - Interview of Eugene McCarthy, 8th January 1968

"In a world of increasing poverty, does being polished and shiny make you a good leader? Does having an important brother? Or do you want someone who rose through the ranks, someone who knows the struggle of the average American, someone who spent his childhood in a ranch in Texas? Vote President Johnson next November." - Advertisement by Lyndon B. Johnson, aired in New Hampshire, December 1967

"Can this nation afford to have four more years of Lyndon Johnson's policies that have failed at home and abroad?" - Advertisement by Richard Nixon, 26th January 1968

"Richard Nixon? Richard Nixon! Are the Republicans retarded? How is that fool leading in the primary polls, the man who did a god-damn tantrum when he lost the governor's race? He'll be the next Alfred Landon!" - Lyndon B. Johnson, Oval Office Tapes, 19th January 1968

"That traitor will learn!" - Lyndon B. Johnson on Robert F. Kennedy, Oval Office Tapes, 14th January 1968

"Profile: The Candidates
In the Democratic Party, the incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson is neck-to-neck with the popular Massachusetts senator Robert F. Kennedy. Johnson has drawn endorsements from major Democratic politicians while Kennedy relies on largely young rising stars of the Democratic Party - giving us a glimpse of a Kennedy cabinet. Lyndon B. Johnson has been basing his attacks on Kennedy's upper-class Massachusetts roots compared to his working-class Texan upbringing. Kennedy has ran few attacking advertisements and have made more promises of an increased Great Society and claimed that his scale-backs of foreign policy would lead to a surplus and end inflation. Johnson has made a promise to continue his policies and programs in a second term. Meanwhile, rufflings from the south could launch Happy Chandler or George Wallace to campaign in the primaries under a boll weevil Dixiecrat campaign.

During the Republican nominations, a battered yet rejuvenated Richard Nixon has pounced onto the podium, taking a clear lead against moderates and radicals like Romney, Rockefeller or Reagan respectively. Nixon also made foreign visits and have increased a presidential aura. Nixon has used his enormous campaign funds to strike Johnson and Kennedy on the issues and posturing out Romney and Reagan."
- ABC news report, 1st February 1968

"Gov. Wallace to run for president as a third-party" - Birmingham Post-Herald, 7th February 1968
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The Birth of the Eagle
"Amidst Wallace's first poll showings and Kennedy slowly beginning to trail, will Johnson resign?" - Life Magazine, 14th February 1968

"The voters of this election must realize that the war in Vietnam and around the world as a whole greatly benefits the world, the people need to stop being so egocentric!" - Lyndon B. Johnson at a press conference, 19th February 1968

"Romney withdraws following 'brainwashing' gaffe" - Wall Street Journal, 28th February 1968

"In the last four years, the average American is worse off, inflation eats our profits, industry is collapsing and poverty infests our streets. It is time to make a change, because Kennedy can." - Advertisement by Robert F. Kennedy, March 1968

"Kennedy can!" - Robert F. Kennedy campaign button

"Johnson calls you egocentric, Kennedy calls you outdated, Rockefeller calls you unpatriotic and Nixon calls you extremist but Reagan calls you American. This outsider knows the people, and now you know him." - Advertisement by Ronald Reagan, April 1968

"You hear Kennedy talk on the TV, as he does too much these days: about the inflation, recession and the Great Society, Kennedy says he'll end the inflation and recession, I don't know how [...] inflation and recession are caused by the Great Society, he wants to expand it, he has buried himself!" - Richard Nixon at a speech in Nashua, 3rd March 1968

"If some anarchist lies down in front of my automobile, it'll be the last automobile he'll ever lie down in front of!" - George Wallace, 1968

"More and more fathers, sons, uncles, nephews, brothers and cousins are dying by the droves in South Vietnam, all for a lost cause. It is a tragedy, a true human tragedy and I will certainly withdraw and bring America home" - Robert F. Kennedy on Firing Line, 13th March 1968

"Maryland, it is in your best interests to vote for Rockefeller in these coming weeks" - Governor Spiro Agnew in a press conference, Philadelphia, 11th March 1968


"Kennedy polling at 60% over Johnson nationally" - The Boston Herald, 25th March 1968

"Experience and courage are the keys to success and greatness, Johnson has both - being born in poverty, he rose through the ranks and was a senior statesman before rising to the presidency. Kennedy was born in a wealthy family, he has no experience and has only taken various odd cabinet positions, his only qualification is his brother. Vote President Johnson, because America could depend on it." - Advertisement by Lyndon B. Johnson, late March 1968

"I announce today, that I will no longer seek the nomination for the Democratic Party, I believe it is in the best health for the United States that I do not, and let my younger colleagues take that role, I have spoken with Vice President Hubert Humphrey and he will take on that role and hopefully win the nomination. I shall remain your President until the 20th of January, you may ask questions." - Lyndon B. Johnson, press conference, 31st March 1968

"With Humphrey rising in the polls, could he pull an upset against Kennedy?" - Life, 12th April 1968

"IT'S CLEAR, as Nixon sweeps Wisconsin, he's the certain nominee." - Los Angeles Times, 2nd April 1968

"Humphrey has the youth to pull America forwards, Humphrey has the experience to know what works." - Advertisement by Hubert Humphrey, April 1968

"Nixon now!" - Richard Nixon campaign slogan

"Kennedy was tired, quite low by this time, although he was in the lead he had no real attack he could play on Humphrey like he could on Johnson. He would about only talk about Vietnam, he even thought he would lose, would." - The Dictatorship Memoirs, Walter F. Mondale, 1992

"Kennedy has chosen the radical, left-wing position on all the subjects. Kennedy believes that the hard-working Americans should be required to feed the lazy with their hard-earned money! Kennedy is further left than Johnson, it is a matter of life and death, vote Reagan for President." - Advertisement by Ronald Reagan, April 1968

"Humphrey safely beats Kennedy in Texas primaries, brings Humphrey's polls up to 44%" - Washington Post, 16th April 1968

"Kennedy victory in sight as California, Oregon, Ohio and Georgia go to Kennedy" - New York Times, 25th April 1968

"Humphrey lives in an ivory tower, Humphrey believes that Johnson's policies have worked. Kennedy has seen poverty, Kennedy toured the union. Kennedy knows what's best, Kennedy can!" - Advertisement by Robert F. Kennedy

"Nixon is a fraud, certainly not the statesman he makes himself out to be. Nixon has used cheats and lies to work his way into every position, and he is open to these consequences. In short, I do not believe Nixon can win the presidential election." - Robert F. Kennedy on Firing Line, 30th May 1968

"Humphrey suffers last-minute poll drop" - Washington Post, 2nd June 1968
The Birth of the Eagle
"Now is the time to turn back the clock, now is the time to restore our glory, now is the time to wake up. Vote like your whole world depended on it, vote Richard Nixon." - Unaired Advertisement by Richard Nixon, June 1968

"Profile: The Candidates
Robert F. Kennedy has taken the Democratic Party by storm, after pulling an upset against the incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson and totaling his successor, Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Kennedy is among the left-wing of the party, he believes in affirmative action, welfare, withdrawal from Vietnam and a socialized healthcare system, Kennedy is largely considered too left-wing to win an election according to pundits.

Richard Nixon has revived after his defeats in 1960 and 1962, he has successfully stayed atop his three opponents, Romney, Reagan and Rockefeller. Nixon campaigns on a mix of law-and-order tough-on-crime and moderate economic views including the keeping of some Great Society bills. Nixon is considered able to win yet could fall down due to his fragile public image.

Notorious Alabama Governor, George Wallace has also announced his candidacy for his American Independent Party, he pledges to cut the Great Society, force law and order and try a moderate approach to Vietnam. He is largely a spoiler to show the Democratic establishment to fear the Dixiecrats, however his vice presidential candidate, Curtis LeMay, has made off-hand statements about using nuclear weapons in Vietnam." -
ABC News, 6th June 1968

"I think it's certain that if Kennedy wants to win this election, he'll have to scale back on his views." - William F. Buckley Jr., Firing Line, 9th June 1968

"I am a great lover of the Jewish people and a great supporter of Israel, as President, I will send aid and weapons to Israel to prevent a second Shoah." - Richard Nixon campaigning in New York, 5th June 1968

"I was at the Democratic Convention in 1968, it was hectic and exciting, as it was the first I attended and could propel me to statesmanship in the coming years. It sobered me really, about the divides in the party that were ever growing, half of the audience were the old American people, in their top hats, the labor bosses, the farmers, the establishmentarians, the moderates running the party that threw themselves behind Johnson and then against Humphrey, but I did not mind them considering I was in the moderate wing at that time. Then at the other side were hippies, smelling of cannabis and other god-knows-what substances, in their overalls and flowers, they were usually shouting aggressively for Kennedy, some for Eugene. They went wild when McCarthy went to speak, they drowned him out with "McCarthy for President!" slogans which clearly undermined the present Robert Kennedy, they had to call the police in because the mayor of Chicago was a renowned hippy-hater." - Walter F. Mondale, The Dictatorship Memoirs, 1992

"These United States are still the greatest nation to ever land upon the earth, but we are facing a crisis, a crisis of age and crippled paralysis, we need young blood to keep this nation up to the march of age and time, to make America strong again and push towards the future. We must raise everybody and move onwards with the old American spirit and the old genes." - Robert F. Kennedy, Democratic National Convention, 14th June 1968

"All the leaders of the United States now are out-of-touch, not knowing the opinions of the middle, hard-working suburban American, who have been ruined by tax raises and inflation. When we cut the taxes, we cut the inflation, we put the American people back in control, that is our plan and that is proven by the will of the good American." - Richard Nixon, Republican National Convention, 15th June 1968

"Kennedy selected as nominee, Connally selected as Vice Candidate." - Washington Post, 14th June 1968

"Nixon chooses Agnew, Gov. of Maryland as Vice." - Washington Post, 15th June 1968

"Kennedy is a go-getter, not someone who wants to serve you." - Richard Nixon, his final rally, Philadelphia, 16th June 1968

"I have just received news right now, that Republican nominee Richard Nixon has been shot after a rally in Philadelphia, and that he is in hospital, let's hope him the best." - Walter Cronkite, CBS Evening News, 16th June 1968

"NIXON SHOT!" - New York Post, 17th June 1968

"Nixon shot three times after a rally in Philadelphia, wounded but survived." - Washington Post, 17th June 1968

"We quickly captured and arrested the would-be-assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, an immigrant from Palestine." - Mayor of Philadelphia James H.J Tate, press conference, 17th June 1968

"As you can see now, some 700 to 1000 people have showed up to Walter Reed Medical Hospital, this will certainly go down in history." - ABC News, 17th June 1968

"It must be some goddamn beatnik!" - Spiro Agnew, as quoted by Ronald Reagan, The World of Spiro Agnew, 1991

"I visited Nixon, he's lapsing in and out of consciousness, although he's healthy and jovial, let's all hope he recovers. Until he is released from hospital, I will be suspending all campaigning and will advise Governor Connolly to do the same." - Robert F. Kennedy, press conference, 17th June 1968

"I have the misfortune of being told, now, that Richard Milhous Nixon, the Republican nominee who was shot three times last night, has passed away. I have also received news that Spiro Agnew will take on his position of nominee, let us all remember Richard M. Nixon" - Walter Cronkite, CBS Evening News, 17th June 1968

"NIXON DEAD!" - New York Post, 18th June 1968

"Nixon dead from injuries, aged 55" - Washington Post, 18th June 1968

"I will suspend campaigning for a week now, the news about his death has left me heartbroken and sorrowed, he was not just my opponent, but a real human with a real desire to do good in this great country. Please remember Richard Milhous Nixon and try to live our lives." - Robert F. Kennedy, press conference, 18th June 1968

"What now?" - Republican House Leader Gerald Ford, quoted in The Dictatorship Memoirs, Walter F. Mondale

"I believe justice will take her course in America and that Nixon's dreams will come true." - Spiro Agnew, eulogy of Richard Nixon, 1st July 1968

"All this hard work, all this compromising, all this campaigning, and now we have Agnew." - Ray C. Bliss, as quoted in the New York Times, 20th June 1968

"Are you better off than you were eight years ago? Vote for Spiro Agnew and make America great again." - Advertisement by Spiro Agnew, July 1968
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OTL, RFK was a Senator from NY; both of his brothers were Senators, so I don't see him settling for a House seat.

Also the OTL 1968 conventions were in August; why would they be moved up to June? The RNC was last held in mid-June in 1936; the DNC in 1916.

There's a lot of missing back story here.
OTL, RFK was a Senator from NY; both of his brothers were Senators, so I don't see him settling for a House seat.

Also the OTL 1968 conventions were in August; why would they be moved up to June? The RNC was last held in mid-June in 1936; the DNC in 1916.

There's a lot of missing back story here.
It is a plot device.
OTL, RFK was a Senator from NY; both of his brothers were Senators, so I don't see him settling for a House seat.

Also the OTL 1968 conventions were in August; why would they be moved up to June? The RNC was last held in mid-June in 1936; the DNC in 1916.

There's a lot of missing back story here.
He also remains in the senate, he doesn't settle for a house seat and I don't know how you came up with that.
The Birth of the Eagle
"Richard Nixon was a senator, a Vice President, a politician, a great thinker and an American hero. Richard Nixon struggled and fought to keep America free, Richard Nixon was a fighter, Nixon was honest, Nixon was brave. After becoming a prominent senator, he was selected to be the Vice President of Dwight Eisenhower, sharing his victories in the 1952 and 1956 Presidential Election. After a narrow defeat to JFK in 1960, he rebounded managed to win the Republican primaries in 1968 and with the presidency in his sights, but fell to an assassin's bullet soon after, however, his spirit lives on forever in the hearts of minds of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, who struggle for peace." - ABC News, 23rd June 1968

"In the words of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, let us continue. Let us continue Nixon's path." - Spiro Agnew, rally, 26th June 1968

"Gallup poll suggests Agnew starts up with massive lead" - Life Magazine, 29th June 1968

"The 70% lead is not a serious issue, just wait for Agnew to shoot himself in the foot, as typical for him." - Robert F. Kennedy, as quoted in The Dictatorship Memoirs, Walter F. Mondale

"Wallace loses lead in Arkansas, jeopardy in Georgia as Agnew draws his base, Lurleen death scandal." - New York Post, 1st July 1968

"Agnew for President? It would be funny, if it was a joke." - Advertisement by Robert F. Kennedy, July 1968

"Radical Moderates: Meet the 'Draft Romney' movement" - Life Magazine, 3rd July 1968

"Do you want someone who marched for equality, someone who called for equality to be crushed or someone who crushed equality? You decide." - Advertisement by Robert F. Kennedy, 1968

"How can a party that can't unite itself unite the nation? One that calls it's welfare programs 'the Great Society'?" - Advertisement by Spiro Agnew, July 1968

"The American psyche has been shattered over the past few years, be it with the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 to the long, hot summer, thousands of deaths in Vietnam to the assassination of Richard Nixon last month. Many ordinary Americans are turning towards political desperation as many view the long-praised 'American Dream' to be over - this desperation has led to waves of support to the segregationist insurgent candidate George Wallace and the staunchly establishment Spiro Agnew, governor of Maryland." - BBC News, 11th July 1968

"Democrats disappointed as Agnew poll fallout is a curb, not a cliff, Agnew polls remain steady at 58%." - Washington Post, 16th July 1968

"I think it is time to save the Democratic Party, all this rioting, looting, another long, hot summer. We need change but also status quo, all these issues are simply feeding the Agnew machine, most Americans are moderate Democrats at heart, with no fodder for the Agnew machine, then it'll dry out and I'll be elected in a landslide, even if it means throwing McCarthy and McGovern under the bus." - Robert F. Kennedy, recorded indoor speech to House Democrats, 8th July 1968

"If I see another 'Democrats for Agnew' or 'Democrats for Wallace' sign, then I will be willing to say that all these Democrats can leave [...] you are better than I expected, Senator Kennedy, your certainly not your brother, though, if you can keep drawing those moderates, then I'm proud, but I have high expectations." - Lyndon B. Johnson, on a telephone call to Robert F. Kennedy, 19th July 1968

"The word Democrats love to use the best is 'extremist', they said it about [Robert] Taft, they said it about Goldwater, they're saying it now about me and you for being proud of being American. They are the real extremists, the policies I'll put in place in my administration will be anti-inflation measures, tax breaks and a truce in Vietnam, their policies are forced busing, homosexuality, communism, Vietnam, the Cold War, hippies, abortion and psychedelics are the most radical things I've seen since Hitler!" - Spiro Agnew, at a speech, 21st July 1968

"Wallace suffers as Faubus and Thurmond endorse Agnew, Wallace castles in his populism." - New York Times, 19th July 1968

"Agnew wallows in economic elitism, bureaucracy, corporations and business interests, Agnew says he's with us on race but allowed forced busing as Governor of Maryland. Agnew even thinks he's the king of the South! Wallace will bring jobs and wealth to America, Wallace will stand up for America today, give him your support." - Advertisement by George Wallace, 1968
The Birth of the Eagle
"Agnew's the one" - Agnew campaign slogan, 1968

"Agnew poses a threat to all we stand for, equality, liberty and rule of law. Agnew seeks the domination of the United States, when he talks about law and order, he means him making the laws and you following the orders." - John Connolly, Advertisement by Robert Kennedy, July 1968

"Yes, a better America is possible." - Robert Kennedy campaign slogan, 1968

"Run-down of the candidates:
Robert F. Kennedy: Wants to see the Great Society programs of President Johnson expanded, alongside his proposed "Strong Nation" policies.
Spiro Agnew: Wants to see the Great Society programs of President Johnson rolled back, but not removed. Promised to keep food stamps.
George Wallace: Wants to see the Great Society programs of President Johnson ended entirely. But promised smaller, workfare programs based on industry.

Robert F. Kennedy: Will promise to withdraw American troops from Vietnam in his first fifty days.
Spiro Agnew: Will promise to half the number of soldiers, use them for peacekeeping and negotiate a peace treaty.
George Wallace: Will promise to either win the war in his first thirty days of withdraw.

Robert F. Kennedy: Says he believes President Johnson has good intentions but has failed in his maneuvers as President.
Spiro Agnew: Believes President Johnson to be ill-intentioned and wrong.
George Wallace: Heavily criticised President Johnson, calling him an authoritarian.

Robert F. Kennedy: Believes integrated busing to be a good force but expressed concerns about the long routes taken by school buses.
Spiro Agnew: Believes integrated busing should be left to the states.
George Wallace: Promises to end integrated busing on a federal level and roll back integration legislation.

Robert F. Kennedy: Expressed support for affirmative action, promises to trial the program in Washington D.C, promising to expand it on a federal level if it works and scrap it if it does not.
Spiro Agnew: Criticised affirmative action, promises to issue a federal ban.
George Wallace: Criticised affirmative action, promises to issue a federal ban.

Robert F. Kennedy: Supports protests and believes they are well intentioned but criticised rioting.
Spiro Agnew: Criticised protests, calling for local authorities to disperse them.
George Wallace: Promises to use federal troops to disperse all protests.

Robert F. Kennedy: Supports the legalisation of cannabis drugs, but promises regulations.
Spiro Agnew: Criticised drug legalisation but pledged to leave the issue to the states.
George Wallace: Promises to issue a federal ban on drugs.

Robert F. Kennedy: Believes that abortions should only be allowed in the first trimester of pregnancy and only if the infant or mother would die.
Spiro Agnew: Criticised abortion legalisation but pledged to leave the issue to the states.
George Wallace: Promises to issue a federal ban on abortions.

From: The Independent American Voter's Guide (IAVG)
" - Information pamphlet, placed in ballot boxes, 1968

"It's time for Camelot to return." - Robert F. Kennedy poster, August 1968
The Birth of the Eagle
"America needs a man to return us to civility and normality, America needs someone who supported civil rights but opposed riots, America needs someone strong enough to defend you but civil enough to take calm, ready steps. There is only one man in that election, Senator Kennedy, elect the man to lead us forwards." - Robert F. Kennedy advertisement, 1968

"Crowds shouting "Agnew Never!" threw incendiary devices on buildings in Baltimore during a riot, areas of the city had to be evacuated by police as lawless gangs roamed the streets, killing and looting in protest of the seemingly-successful campaign of Republican nominee, Maryland governor and right-wing demagogue Spiro Agnew, cars with Agnew stickers were overturned and burned, similar scenes were seen in Detroit and Chicago, in the latter, the police opened fire on rioters, killing 13 of them. Meanwhile, the typically white, college-educated communist groups, the UFASA (United Front Against Spiro Agnew), a mix of 'Weathermen', Black Panthers, trade unionists and hippy radicals were responsible for a series of bomb attacks against Republican rallies in California, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, New York and Massachusetts, although most of the bombs were discovered and safely defused, one blew up at a rally held by former actor, California governor and staunch Agnew supporter Ronald Reagan, killing 8 and injuring many more, although the Governor remained "well, safe and in good spirits.", we managed to interview Republican strategist Pat Buchanan, who said "Now it is unsafe to go to an Agnew rally, the question is, how more innocent Americans will be slain?", the Democratic leader, Robert F. Kennedy, was quick to denounce these rioters and said that President Johnson will be willing for a bipartisan approach to these riots, Eugene McCarthy, a radical Democrat and chief Kennedy ally drew controversy for saying that "the vast majority" of UFASA members were "good people"." - PBS News Report, 9th July 1968

"Do not let the rioters win this November and vote Spiro Agnew, the reasonable Republican." - Spiro Agnew advertisement, July 1968

"You know what's causing all these bombings? All these attacks, all these riots, all these murders? The Democratic media, they have slandered me and slandered you, they have called me a radical, far-right Goldwaterist and have used the same words on you. I am a modest candidate, just as moderate as my esteemed companion Nelson Rockefeller, who the media has turned on recently, I will put you first and not ideology, I will, as President, keep some of the welfare system to keep hard-working Americans from going under." - Spiro Agnew, rally in Indianapolis, 6th July 1968

"Today, the rallies. Tomorrow, the cities. Next week, the schools. Next month, the churches." - Spiro Agnew billboard (showing a picture of an exploding bomb), August 1968

"Agnew is the disease and Kennedy the cure, vote Kennedy because only Kennedy can!" - Robert F. Kennedy billboard, July 1968

"Agnew polls drop following nuclear bomb gaffe, less riots and bombings." - New York Post, 20th July 1968

"America won't just pull out of Vietnam [under an Agnew administration], but stay there and determined until peace is at hand, and if North Vietnam refuses this peace, then that's them pulling our arm to using our nuclear arsenal in that situation." - Spiro Agnew, rally in Wilmington, Delaware, 18th July 1968

Agnew: 52%
Kennedy: 48%
Agnew: 42%
Kennedy: 41%
Wallace: 14%"
- New York Post, 21st July 1968
"they have called me a radical, far-right Goldwaterist" then proceeds to (i assume is) suggest dropping the a-bomb on vietnam, what Goldwater A L S O suggested
The Birth of the Eagle
"Bring America forwards" - Campaign poster by Robert F. Kennedy, 1968

"When I talked about nuking Vietnam, I was talking about under a situation of Russian [sic] and Chinese invasion, now - shut up! [...] It's you sickly journalists, who lie, slander and blindfold the people into your communist views and communist thoughts, quite frankly, you should go to jail!" - Spiro Agnew, press conference, 21st July 1968

"Marvin! That guy's nuttier than a Republican state senator!" - Lyndon B. Johnson to White House Chief of Staff, W. Marvin Wilson, on the Agnew press conference, White House Tapes, 22nd July 1968

"Segregation Spiro says journalists should 'go to jail' in a rage" - New York Times, 22nd July 1968
The Birth of the Eagle
"Agnew polls jump up again, reach as high as 60%" - Washington Post, 1st August 1968

"Do you know the record of Bobby Kennedy? Rioting, Forced Busing, Affirmative Action, Excessive Welfare, Support for the Vietnam War, End of the Vietnam War, Legalisation of Drugs, Legalisation of Abortion - this November, it is up to you to defend the values of our nation, vote Spiro Agnew." - Advertisement by Spiro Agnew, aired in the South, 1968