The Scarverse by Monsieur Z

Monsieur Z is one of the worse Alternate History YouTubers, like not WhatifAlthist levels, but yeah. He wrote a book which is mostly scrubbed from his channel called "Uncle Sam" or something like that where it's just him talking about his right winged beliefs.
Not forgetting, that he is also a Putinist.
Not forgetting, that he is also a Putinist.
Wow, I'm so shocked.
Their ideology is stupid but I don’t see much wrong with the videos themselves. They’re typical pop alt history where you just gotta keep throwing in famous historical figures for sake of general pop culture appeal.
The overtop crazy ABS Story of The Scarverse

Were Tsar Nicholas II survive and single hand kills Communism in Russia...

His allies is priest named Stalin

Tsar send Austrian Painter to Mongolia to find...

...The Great Kahn !
Without watching these videos, I feel this will go off the rails, starting with video two.
What? I Said that Z is Bad, but not Whatifalthist bad. Because Whatifalthist is far more open about his beliefs Than Z is, and that’s only by a smidge.

Did whatifalthist write an AH book? Or am I not understanding your comment?

I find Monsieur Z less bad than whatifalthist.

First because while both are alt right, Z is more of an ideological supremacist so as long as you are insane as him you will be in good therms, while whatif is the guy who is an US supremacist and treats all other peoples as inferior.

Second because Z doesn't takes most of his stuff as serious as the Scar Nicholas series shows, while whatifalthist is extremely arrogant and makes assertive opinions about things he has no idea whatsoever and still calls himself an intellectual.

By the way, just a funny thing, the same channel who made a video mocking Monsieur Z also made one about Whatifalthist from the time when he was an alternate history Youtuber:

More accurately trying to save his own ass, kinda like that video defending eugenics. More surprised at how long that video was still up.
I mean, saving his own ass and rebrand are pretty much synonymous in his case
But yeah Im surprised too