The Post-Apocalyptic Picture Thread

halfsize.jpg in Cuba

It was defined primarily by extreme reductions of rationed foods at state-subsidized prices, the severe shortages of hydrocarbon energy resources in the form of gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum derivatives that occurred upon the implosion of economic agreements between the petroleum-rich Soviet Union and Cuba, and the shrinking of an economy overdependent of Soviet imports.The period radically transformed Cuban society and the economy, as it necessitated the introduction of organic agriculture, decreased use of automobiles, and overhauled industry, health, and diet countrywide. People were forced to live without many goods and services that were available since the beginning of the 20th century.

Post-apocalyptic young woman.
(Well this actually America Olivo from the movie Bitch Slap which reminded me of Resident Evil: Extinction, Doomsday, and Mad Max in many ways).