The Post-Apocalyptic Picture Thread

The year is 2003. After the death of her partner James, Kate is left to wander aimlessly...
This is the city from The House of the Dead 4 and The House of the Dead 4: Special. It's basically London-inspired with a post-apocalyptic vibes.

Jakku did have its post-apocalyptic vibe as a major battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire was fought there after Endor. (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens)
I'm rather irritated by the skyscraper with the tilted upper part in the back:


The center of its mass might not have wandered so far that it would collapse alone from that (the perspective is a bit unclear) but it is surely pretty close to it and any wind stronger than a mild breeze coming from the right direction should have toppled it already (heck, bird droppings on the roof could add enough weight off-center to down that building)
And that doesn't even start to explain the question what it was that caused and then stopped the tilting.

(end of nitpick)
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Since other people have included some borderline fantasy stuff here:

Stuff from my warcraft 3 mod (second one is a loading screen obviously, not game footage)