Telephone Map Game: 10th Edition

Wow, this round was stunning! I wasn't expecting this trend from alternate indo-european migration, to jewish dynasties, to Celtic hegemony
If my map looks familiar, it's actually based on @Prince di Corsica's "The Land of Pyramids and Readheads". I asked them about using it as a reference for another map back in May, and it made its way into the TMG.

I'll admit, it took me more than I'd like to figure out why the names sounded familiar, and even then only when I read this did I remember you did ask me that. Well done, very well done. this is breathtaking.

I mean, I just love the lore, it's so original while totally going with what I had imagined for this world. It really makes me want to do more in this scenario. Amazing.
Everyone is welcome to post their maps to other threads and forums, just make sure that you include a link to the game so people can see all of the maps.
Funny thing is I came across the map while googling some of the names in Kaiphranos' map, and I immediately recognized that the original map must have been something based on Prince di Corsica's one.
Maybe I should have recognized it since the original map was a MOTF entry, but I completely missed it! :p