Telephone Map Game: 10th Edition

Gentle reminder for everyone that maps are not to be revealed anywhere prior to the end of the game. Imgur is acceptable to upload your image since there are a lot of big file sizes, but your TMG maps should not be showing up on other forums here on, DeviantArt, Reddit, etc. until the conclusion of the game and I give the okay to post.
The queue has taken far too long to progress and at this point I'm so far removed from my initial claim that I'm really just not interested anymore. I'm dropping out
Two notes as the game kicks off:

1. This game will follow a single timeline as opposed to branching. If any players wish to include branches at a later point to accelerate the pace of the game, please put a note on this thread and we can discuss.
2. If you receive your map at a time that is inconvenient for you, you can ask to be bumped to the bottom of the queue and wait for a better time (as opposed to dropping your turn completely).
Reminder that if the game is too slow for some people, you can discuss speeding it up.