Rocket's Red Glare == What if the USSR Won The Cold War?

Sure. How many of the North American nations are communist and/or otherwise allied with Moscow?
Excluding Central America and the two Mexican States, the USSA is Socialist and is on good terms with the Soviet Union. Alaska is trying to balance Canadian and Soviet interests with Oil Reserves.
Brazil-Venezuela Firefights


A Timeline of Uighuristani Flags!

1: 1944-1952, used by communist Uighurs in Sinkiang.
2: 1952-1959, used after the People’s Republic of Uighuristan was officially organized and established.
3: 1959-1960, minor edit.
4: 1960-1964, star made smaller.
5: 1964-1964, added red stripes by the Tunyaz administration.
6: 1964-1969, flag changed to a similar design to the ‘44 flag, used by the Abdiqadir administration.
7: 1969-1970, flag used by The Islamic Liberation Army of Uighuristan.
8: 1972-1980, used by the restored socialist regime.
9: 1982-2006, flag changed to add red stripes to represent the Han in Uighuristan.
10: 2006-2020, flag changed to represent the Uighurs (blue), the Kazakhs (white), and the Han (red).
11: 2020-, minor edit.​
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