Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

found this on google images
found this on google images

This will be a model of peace and stability...
Straight lines always work really well for international borders...
And there definitely won't be any issues with Israel stretching from the Suez to Lebanon...
I think the best part is that the straight line southern border for Egypt wasn't straight enough on the projection, so they made it straight for the projection which means there is this weird curve south in reality...

Also, no Stanistan.
To be fair, I think it's supposed to be a rough sketch

But that just makes it a rough sketch of a plan made by someone whose understanding of geopolitics comes mainly from a Let's Play of a Paradox Interactive game

I'll accept that the lines might be just sketches, but it doesn't make it any better. My understanding of geopolitics comes from a few Wikipedia articles, and even I know that putting Armenia into Kurdistan, while leaving Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan is not a recipe for mutual understanding and harmony.

On another note, can someone enlighten me as to the point of "Arabistan"?
I like how Turkmenistan doesn't include all of actual Turkmenistan

Also I guess Syrian Kurdistan doesn't count as actual Kurdistan but for some reason Armenia does
@Bennett, was this a legitimate proposal? Obviously it wasn't made by someone in politics but was this a serious proposal by someone online?
No clue. Was looking up historical Kurdish states for a map patch, but the site was in Persian or Arabic.
I looked into it, and it appears to be an old plan for divvying up the Middle East. Something from the 1990s, or so.
Apparently it was a tiny bit more complex, but not by much.
@Bennett it was apparently published in 1985, but the source is shady. Arguably, the whole ultra-libanization of the map would come from contemporary events.

- "Autonomous Alawite entity"
- "Maronite Entity"
-"Druze Entity"
- "Iranistan"
- "Pharaonic Egypt"
- "Northern Suda....Wait
- "Northern Sudanese Rump State"
- "Borderless Peninsular States"