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Poll: WFC #226 - The Ol' Switcharoo

Which contestant has the best flags?

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    Votes: 7 30.4%
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    Votes: 5 21.7%
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    Votes: 3 13.0%
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Here are the first two contestants, splitting the contestants into two posts due to the fact i can only upload 10 attachments

Entry 1 said:
Flag to redesign - Zambia:
From the World Factbook: "Flag Design: green field with a panel of three vertical bands of red (hoist side), black, and orange below a soaring orange eagle, on the outer edge of the flag; green stands for the country's natural resources and vegetation, red symbolizes the struggle for freedom, black the people of Zambia, and orange the country's mineral wealth; the eagle represents the people's ability to rise above the nation's problems."

As I see it, one of those problems is the design of the flag. Flags with no symmetry have to have some other familiar guideposts, something to help the viewer put things into context. While the flag is definitely recognizable, and the eagle is iconic, this flag isn't going to win any beauty contests. In redesigning it, I didn't want to lose any of the components or symbolism. I went with a flag design that would handle 4 colors in a strong way, keeping the red away from both the orange and the green (which to my eyes are problematic pairings).

Template flag - Vanuatu:

The New Flag of Zambia:

One major design choice I made in the new flag of Zambia was to make black the central color. If black represents the people, then I want the people to be central to the flag. I also didn't want to minimize the red (symbolizing the struggle) but in this design, the struggle is a part of the people, and not the largest part. Now, this flag is a beauty.

The New Flag of Vanuatu:

Everything that has been improved for Zambia has been lost for Vanuatu. A once-proud flag is wondering, Why did this happen to me? All I can say is that it was part of the rules.
Entry 2 said:
Mozamb Islands and Marshallique


Flag of the Mozamb Islands, a.k.a. Mozambisles (Marshall Islands post-Mozambique flag swap)


Flag of Marshallique (Mozambique post-Marshall Islands flag swap)


To be perfectly honest, I don't think the OTL flag of Mozambique is that bad-looking. When it comes to modern African national flags, the Mozambique flag is, in my very humble opinion, somewhere around the middle of the scale, slightly towards the higher quality end of the middle. Not a horrible flag by any means, but also not among the best-looking and the most interesting of African flag designs. By and large, I think the flag itself, in terms of colour combinations, is actually decent.

What's my main objection to it ? The national emblem in the red wedge of the flag is simply... too busy. The colours also clash into one giant mess: Red, black, gold, white. Enough for a separate flag. Let's examine the charges of the emblem, shall we ? There's a golden star in the background, then a book symbolising education, okay, but then there's also a hoe symbolising agriculture, and as if that wasn't enough, it's also the only country that put a Kalashnikov assault rifle into its emblem ! Yeah, yeah, I understand the struggle of the locals for independence from the Portuguese, or that they had some infighting of their own, but as far as emblems including firearms and weapons go, this particular national flag has always irked me with that overly modern symbol. Either way, it's Mozambique's flags, and it's their choice what they put on it. However, if this round was about improving existing OTL national flags, I'd probably throw out the hoe, rifle and book entirely and keep only the star. Or keep the star and book, or keep only the book (to show Mozambique might value education more than other African countries, or some similar bragging). But those are just my ideas. Decent flag, but could have been a little better.


I sincerely don't know if the OTL flag of the Marshall Islands is considered gorgeous or amazing by the global public, but in any case, it sure is much better in terms of colour combination and colour contrast, in being easy enough and not too busy to remember, and so on.

Skip and Chip, that dynamic duo of inseparable Alien Space Bat friends, were bored out of their minds one day (as they do), and decided to come up with a new game to pass the time. To make it even more exciting, they placed a bet on the game they were about to play. Skippy bet with Chip that he can magically swap the national flags of two random OTL nations with each other, improving an all right but unexceptional flag in the process, and completely vandalising a visually attractive and well-regarded flag in the process.

The next day, the citizens of Mozambique woke up, bewildered to see someone had tweaked their national flag, and thought that it's not exactly that bad-looking now. In turn, the citizens of the Marshall Islands woke up and shook their heads in disbelief. Who redesigned their national flag to look like the flag of some leftist revolutionary state in Micronesia ?!

Skip won the bet, and Chip had to concede they both had a good laugh.
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Here are the last 2 contestants
Entry 3 said:
OK I swapped the designs of two US states.


One of the good US State flags, still a blue sheet but has an actual simple symbol instead of a complex State Seal. Maybe not the best one but still quite good.


Might not be the worst one (in fact better than just a circular seal). But still not one of the good ones.


A new flag for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one which is far more distinct and easily recognizable. Could have been better but it is a style swap. The Keystone State now has a keystone on its flag.


Poor South Carolina loses its distinctive Crescent and Palmetto Tree to become another Blue Sheet with Seal. Such is life.
Entry 4 said:
Flag to redesign: Nanjing, China
The flag isn’t ugly per se, in reality, I’d say by placing its emblem in the center of the red section, it’s displayed the majesty of the medieval capital of the Chinese empire quite well. The problem, however, is the colour.

Not only the red-and-green combination unpopular in Chinese aesthetics, it also had little relevance to the local culture. The combination of “Red = blood of the martyrs who died for the freedom, Green = New life, vegetation, ecology” could be used for every city around the world. Only the white line for Yantze River is relevant.

In addition, its complex emblem of Bìxié, while beautiful, is hard to draw. In the light of the central government’s hostility to cities having their own flags, we need the flags to be easily memorable in order for it to survive as a part of local identity.

So I decided to give it an easy-to-draw floral emblem, topped on an easy-to-remember colour combination. In search for an example, I found the flag of Ehime, Japan.

Example flag: Ehime, Japan
Wiki:“Yellow stands for happiness, green for peace and white for simplicity and purity. The mon represents orange blossom, the prefectural flower.”

It’s colors are very are well-coordinated and pleasing to the the eye, while it’s floral symbol could easily be drawn by a child. No wonder it’s re-adopted in 1999 after a 1989 abolition.

New flag of Nanjing

Purple and Gold alludes to the “Purple-Gold Mountain” north of the city, while six plum blossoms (City flower of Nanjing) symbolizes the status of Nanjing as an imperial capital during the Six Dynasties period.

If you wonder, red is chosen for the plum to commemorate the Ming Dynasty, while gold, associates with water in Fengshui, could also mean the Yangtze River.

New flag of Ehime

Red for the Japanese sun, green (peace) and yellow (happiness) from the original flag, while the central figures are the three famous castles of Ehime, a majestic emblem, but tedious to draw. ( but even this design is better than the 1989-1999 Ehime flag.)

The poll is officially open!