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F/A-18F of Golem Squadron preparing for take off from OFS Albatross at night.

A Heckler and Koch XM29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon, often used by Belkan troops, especially with the ISAF Belkan Foreign Legion during the Continental War.

A B-1B Lancer of the Osean Air Defence Force refueled by a OADF KC-10 heading for the Space Elevator

(Yes, the B-1B was in Ace Combat 7 as an Ally-only plane in Mission 19: Lighthouse)
sutherland as mihaly shilage.jpg

Mihaly A. Shilage, famous but enigmatic Erusean ace. Heir to the former Duchy of Shilage, great-grandson of Traian Shilage. Full name Mihaly Dumitru Margareta Corneliu Leopold Blanca Karol Aeon Ignatius Raphael Maria Niketas A. Shilage.

Photo taken at a minor public event, roughly two years before he suddenly came back from retirement and took part in the Lighthouse War.
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The OFS Kestrel, HMS Thunderchild, and OFS Iolite during a mission against Free Erusea in 2007
A shell-shocked North Point loyalist soldier during the North Point Civil War (1870 - 1880)

Belkan Bundesheer soldiers fucking around during the Belkan War.

A Leasathian Yapok

The Gründer Industries HQ on fire during the Sudentor Bankruptcy Riots of 2012

The wreck of an ISAF Alvis FV603 Saracen in Bulgurdarest.

A group of tourists from Emmeria pose for a photo in Dinsmark, Belka.

Samba festival in the streets of Griswall, Aurelia held last February 21-26, 2022 (two years after the events of Ace Combat X).


Flamenco dancing in Sapin.

Osean SWAT teams at Oured at the raid of the hideout where Joshua Bristow and remnants Wizard Team are plotted to assassinate the Osean President in 1996.
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Emmerian Polar-class icebreakers Hyperborea (in back) and Borealis (in front) escorting the Yuktobanian cargo icebreaker Anatoly Taboritsky


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The ruins of the headquarters of the Socialist Unity Party of Belka in Hoffnung.

Hoffnung's former town hall. It has been converted into a museum about the Belkan War.

Belosvitnik Lighthouse, 500 years old, northern Estovakia coast


Skalyk Castle, between 700 and 800 years old, central Estovakia

In-jokes by me. The over 500 years old Kõpu Lighthouse on the northwestern coast of Estonia and Orava Castle in Slovakia. Estovakia, get it ?

Air force soldiers and pilots from Wielvakia, with a Bialoweźa D-424 Bonasus (a.k.a. "Wisent") fighter, 1940s

Actually Finnish Brewster B-329 Buffalo fighter pilots from the 1940s.



Wielvakian MiG-29 fighters took part in the fighting with Erusea, as a relatively new member state of ISAF, an alliance of 16 countries.

Though the country's air force could also contribute a few of its newer F-18 Hornets, they mostly sent in the mainstay of their air force, the 29, in order to aid the ISAF air forces operational group.

Some of Wielvakia's notable aces active during the country's aid to ISAF aerial operations against Erusea included:
Stanislav "Stubby" Nieminen, Edgars "Erne" Hraško, Kristína "Criss-cross" Gribonis, Bystrík "Bullseye" Ilves, Matúš "Coot" Kulmala, Veikko "Venator" Krūmiņš, Jarmila "Vixen" Rebane, Aivars "Chinchilla" Čálik

Yes, those are Slovak MiG-29s. The modern Wielvakian ace pilots serving in ISAF have a mix of Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Slovak names.
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Larry Yuri “Solo Wing Pixy” Foulke (real name: Lars Jahr Fälke) in a trench, near Masjid al-Haram, Federation of Central Usea, 2004.

A furry convention in Hoffnung, Belka, 2018

Emmerian Carabinieri and Cavalleria gendarmerie officers in dress uniform, Gracemeria, 2004.
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