Photos from Strangereal


Nuclear mushroom cloud from nuclear railgun shell outside Gran Rudigo, Sapin, 2019.

A tipped-over civil defense siren in Solis Ortus, Ustio, 2007.

Excalibur’s WOPR computer, excavated from ruins, Tauberg, Belka, 1997.
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A returning boomerang, similar to those used by the aboriginal peoples of Southeastern Usea. A stylized returning boomerang is featured on the flag of the Federation of Central Usea. This one is painted like the stock boomerang featured in the TY the Marsupial Tiger series of platformer video games.

Threads (1984) is a documentary style account of a nuclear holocaust and its effect on the working class city of Port Allenfort, North Point; and the eventual long run effects of nuclear war on civilization. Due to North Point being heavily ravaged by the impact of multiple fragments of Ulysses 1994XF04, a vast majority of copies of the movie were destroyed, rendering Threads lost media.
A great example of Belkan millennial comedy.
His Majesty Erik XV, King of Nordennavic together with Defense Minister Jan Øyvindson salutes the Veteran's Memorial at a ceremony in 2019.

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A medal received by distinguished members of the "Peace Berets", a IUN-partneted peacekeeping division of Nordennavic servicemen who have been stationed to different areas of conflict around Strangereal, such as the decade after the Belkan Wars, and more recently the Lighthouse War.

Sergeant Ravnhild Agunnarsón receives the highest military order from Prime Minister Tord Eriksson of Nordennavic for his deeds in the aftermath of the Ulysses disaster at an anniversary ceremony in 2012.


The president of the Federal Union of Yuktobanian Republics Pietr "Pasha" Abramov pictured at a UN meeting following the Lighthouse War, 2020. Pietr was the captain of an engineering unit loyal to Prime Minister Nikanor during the Circum-Pacific war, and made contact with the Yuktobanian resistance movement. After the war, he started to campaign for mayor in Kuznets, a major trade city in the far Eastern region of Yuktobania. One of his major political promises in the 2016 elections were based upon juicidial and bureaucratic reforms to make the usually complex system more easily understandable to the average person. After winning a sizeable victory against the more conservative wing of the Socialist People's Party led by famed Prime Minister Nikanor's younger brother Oleg, he set out to make the nation's administrative system more effective and streamlined while also increasing the democratic rights of the average citizen. The soldiers of the armed forces have given him the affectionate nickname "Pasha" for being unusually humble and insisting to salute to soldiers regardless of rank, even the lowliest of privates and recruits.
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Dealership of the popular Erusean car brand Renault in anchorhead bay


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Popular Osean video games


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Popular Erusean video games


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ISAF E-3 Sentry AWACS plane circa 2005, during the Continental War. As ISAF is an alliance and not a country, this particular airframe is registered in Usea.
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An Aboriginal Anean (Sami) reindeer herder staring into the Razgriz Straits, Emmeria, 2013.

An old photo of a thylacine displaying a “threat yawn”, Expo City, Bulgurdarest, 1963

A T8 multi-vortex tornado in the middle of forming, Tauberg, Belka, 1997

The same tornado at full strength, Tauberg, Belka, 1997

Equipment of a Waldreich liquidator from 1995 in the Volkshalle History Museum, Dinsmark, Belka, 2010
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Belkan soldiers under the jurisdiction of the Joint-Osean-Belkan-Ustian Waldreich Mountains Intrusion Deterrence Task Force training for anti-STALKER operations. STALKER, under the North Pointer (English) lingua franca of Osea, Belka, and Ustio, stands for Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers (originally Aborigines - Indigenous Oseans, primarily of the Waldreich’s native Lakota people - until 2005), Loners, Killers, Explorers and Robbers
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Youths in the Ustian capital city of Directus make offensive gestures towards fleeing Belkan troops, May 13th, 1995.





Pictures taken of Hoffnung after Operation Cannibal. Allied bombing runs and missile strikes against the city of Hoffnung are estimated to have killed as many as 13,000 civilians, including an estimated 2,000 children, and displaced up to 110,000, out of a pre-war population of 215,000.