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Inspired by Photos of the Kaiserreich thread. Only this thread will deal with the Ace Combat series set in the world of Strangereal.
Any photo's are fine as long as it won't get anyone in trouble with the mods and the board and is related to Ace Combat.

Osean Ground Defense Force personnel conduct maintenance on an M1 tank following Operation Footprint, November 1st, 2010.

The view from the cockpit of an Emmerian C-17A refueling with a KC-10 somewhere over the Fuscum Sea.
The United Kingdom of North Point Royal Air Force (RnpAF)

The United Kingdom of North Point is a landmass composed of a pair of islands just off the coast of the Usean continent. A close ally of the Osean Federation, North Point maintains a strategically vital position in the North West of the Usean Ocean and its geographical position makes it a formidable bulwark against seaborne invasion against Usea. The North Point Royal Air Force is the world's oldest air force and even in the modern age remains a sizable opponent to any would be attacker.

A Map of North Point

Queen Catherine and King Walter of Wilden, the Current monarchs of North Point


Jenette Salisbury, current North Point Prime Minister, MP for Ancaster West, Leader of the Liberal Green Party.


Salisbury lead her party to a shock victory in the 2017 general election, beating out her Conservative and Centrist opponents.

A man and a big cat.


Flight Lieutenant Frank 'Frazzy' Wilson poses in front of his Sepecat Jaguar, shortly before flying in support of Osean forces.

Hawker P.1154


The Hawker P1154 'Harrier' is the RnpAF's foremost weapon and the only operational example of a supersonic VTOL fighter craft in the world. Note that this example is operated by the Navy.

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Soldiers loyal to the Lyes United Front hiding behind a destroyed bus and fight against the soldiers of the Eastern Faction during the Estovakian Civil War.

A Yuktobanian An-124 conducting humanitarian mission in order to relieve refugees in Usea taking off from Aviation Marshal Yegorov Air Base near Cinigrad, December 4, 2019.
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Bana City emergency services struggle to respond to gas attacks carried out by Yuktobian agents, before friendly aircraft were able to drop neutralizing agents during Operation Wisdom.

A photo from the movie "Red Heat" (1988) of Osean origin, featuring a prominent Belkan actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Yuke Policeman Ivan Danko and Fatoan actor Adam Belushi as Wilvalkian detective Ajdin Kenović. Despite that movie is obscure in its native country, "Red Heat" became popular in Yuktobania for featuring a positive image of a Yuke man in the foreign media.


A destroyed Erusean tank during the battle of Whiskey Corridor of the First Usean Continental War


Girl's Generation is a C-pop idol group from Clavis, Although they are somewhat overshadowed by Ugellan's AKB48, they are seeing fame in Comona, Aurelia, and Osea.

Rumi Nagase, Kei Nagase's younger step-sister (with a very different professional career)

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Funnily enough, I always thought North Point was meant to be Strangereal's version of Korea and Japan. I stand corrected.

Scientists at the Aurelian South Point research station prepare to embark on their last long range expedition of the 2017 winter season. South Point is among the few human settlements on the largely unexplored continent of Antarctica.
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A collage picture of many well-known voice actors of the Osean Federation.


The Yuke made video game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Alvograd is set in the Zone after a fictional second disaster caused by a group of Yuke radicals, which created deadly anomalies, dangerous mutants, a thriving black market around items created by anomalies called Artifacts, and people who hunt artifacts called Stalkers. The game became wildly popular in Yuktobania, but not popular in Osea.


Soldiers of the Bulgurdarest Armed Forces.
This photo was taken during the Lighthouse War.
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A Delta IV heavy rocket carrying supplies for the Arkbird take off from Basset Space Center, circa 2008.
A Delta IV heavy rocket carrying supplies for the Arkbird take off from Basset Space Center, circa 2008.
The Basset Space Center already has something that looks like the Skylab configuration of Saturn V (for some reason, the wiki calls it an Ares V by conjecture)


Also, Riass Space Center on the Comona Islands has an Ariane 5 look-a-like (sorry for the potato quality)

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