Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

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    To let you know, this thread is not for this kind of stuff.
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    Sorry, where should I have posted it and could an admin or mod move to the proper thread.
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    Maybe in the memes thread I think in Chat.
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    This is not a funny pic thread !

    The very title of this thread includes the note "read FAQ first". If you read the FAQ closely, it says very explicitly, NO "funny pics I found" and NO "current politics". I'm sorry to say, your post violates those rules. This is meant to be a creative thread, not an "everything goes" spam thread. The previous thread was perma-locked by the mods because it became a wastebasket, and I specifically set up some rules in this thread's FAQ to prevent such future behaviour right from the get-go. Just to keep this thread going and prevent it from getting locked.

    I suggest you be kind and remove the picture in your post. It is zero-content level for the likes of this thread. You can repost the picture in a funny picture thread or a meme thread, but please, not this particular thread. Maps and Graphics isn't for current political content anyway, even the satirical sort.

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    I am really sorry, I wasn't thinking. If not for the above rule it could worked for an ape themed TL.
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    Quickest way is to just delete and repost.
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    A Nation of Immigrants:
    Painting of President Casimir Pulaski (Non-Partisan). Not only was he the first president, but he also was the first president to be assassinated (in 1791).
    Former Vice President, Thaddeus Kościuszko (Democratic-Republican) was put into office. He also ended slavery.
    The third president of the United States, Marquis de Lafayette (Federalist). He established an alliance with France and led America to take over Canada.
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    Blood Rights (The Vampiric Right Movement)

    Sir Tim Patrick the first vampire MP in the history of the United Kingdom.He would later become PM in the mid 90’s.
    Flag of the ruling communist party of the People’s Empire Of Japan. A Monarchal Socialist State taking up north Japan. North Japan was one of the key founders of the nonaligned pact.
    photo of general secretary of the Soviet Union Vladimir Putin during his days in NKVD before it became the KGB.
    photo from Marylin Monroe Instagram. As of 2019 she is casted to be Black Widow in her upcoming solo movie taking place after Marvel and DC Crisis On Eternal Earths cross over event. Miss Monroe has one of the rarest abilities for her kind the power to day walk. This has to do with her being directly spawned from a master vampire.
    An Example that anti vampirism is still alive and well sixty six years after they came out of the coffin. This sign was placed at a public park that was often visited at night by a vampire VA group at night.
    A cover for the vampire rock group Black Rose who are currently on tour with The Rolling Stones.
    Vampire media and real estate mogul and LGBT Bush Haste during the opening of his late night talk show “Midnight With Haste” which airs on his own channel. He is currently running for President of the United States although it remain uncleared if he can be elected do to him being born there thousand years before the revolutionary. Although Haste maintains that he could since he fought during the revolutionary war and therefore could be considered an American citizen.
    One of many Abrams tanks gifted to the Greater Liberian Republic, this tanks sits near its border after recent border clashes with rival communist states. Liberia is an key ally of the US in the region against soviet and Chinese influence and is believed to have nuclear weapons making it the third nation in Africa to have nuclear weapons.
    a group tankers take a picture next to their Sherman towards the end of the Naxal conflict (India 1950-1955).
    Current leader of The Socialist Republic of Romania Vlad Tepes better known as Dracula.​
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    For the next BR what do y’all want to see next?
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    berlin_wall (28).jpg
    The Berlin Wall (Circa 2000).
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    I hope this is the East Berlin side because the fashion is just throwing me off.
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    Kids Of America:
    child soldiers of the second civil war
    Photo of PRC’s peacekeepers in 2050 shortly before they would be recalled to deal with the China own civil war.
    Soldiers from a unit of the Allied American Home Front Democratic Alliance take pictures shortly before a battle with the Allied People’s Front For American democracy.
    What is believed to be troops of the national front for the popular liberation of America (NFPLA) infamous “Never Land battalion”
    BLF take a break after a battle with the WLA shortly before a battle with PVDF and NFPLA.​
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    This is west.Do you see the wallprints?
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    Holy European Federal Republic in 2019.
    Last known photo of Charles de Gaulle , French President before his murder during the Petit Clamart Attack , August the 22,1962 . His murder will destabilize France and led to a the "Journées d'Août" (August Days), well known riots between far-right and far left groups.
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    Under The Iron Spear:
    New Afrikan’s Soldiers take pictures with members of the SS (1935)
    The Free Afrika Core meets with German and Italian Troops North West Africa shortly after the end of the war.
    two black female generals Jamie Herr Von Black Heart a daughter of Black Man and a German woman and Clairese J Ward heir to the Ward Company.
    “President” Jay T Maxim shortly before the fall of the Reich in 2014.
    A black CSA soldier holds a German back rebel prisoner during the first Great War (1917)
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    Fire in the North XV



    Painting of the Royal Barge Procession in the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, during the reign of King Thai Sa c. 1713, shortly after the new Swedish embassy arrived in Ayutthaya.

    While those Swedish up-timers who found themselves in positions of power argued strongly against the Kingdom - and later the Union - playing the colonial game, they did see the benefits in developing Swedish influence and trade overseas, and as such would work towards that end, using up-time historical knowledge to assist. Indeed, this approach would appeal to more up-timers, as in their eyes, it would see many peoples avoiding a colonial fate.

    The greatest success that Sweden enjoyed in this area was with the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. King Thai Sa would seize eagerly upon historical records of his realm's future, and would work to avert certain looming disasters (the succession struggle among his three sons) while also investing in building up the kingdom. He would buy modern weapons from Sweden in return for various trading concessions and access to resources within Ayutthaya, as well as an agreement to assist Sweden against colonies and vassals held by enemies of Sweden in Asia.

    Under King Thai Sa, followed by King Aphai who proved to be an even more able monarch who learned even more avidly from the up-timers, Ayutthaya would consolidate power and begin a long period of growth, as seen most obviously in their victory over Vietnam in a war between 1717 and 1718, and the securing of Cambodia as a vassal of Ayutthaya. Ultimately, Ayutthaya - together with a small Swedish naval force - would fight in the Three Years' War, defeating Dutch forces on the Malay Peninsula and East India Company troops to add Southern Burma to its sphere of influence.


    Shinsengumi troops of the Tokugawa Shogunate c. 1738.

    Japan would receive its enticement into the modern world courtesy of the Dutch. Fearful of embryonic Swedish influence in South-East Asia, as well as their traditional Spanish and British rivals near their sphere of influence, the Dutch would approach the Tokugawa Shogunate via their trade legation in Dejima. They would provide the Shogunate with up-time information on Japan's possible future, together with more advanced weapons, in exchange for the Shogunate agreeing to aid them in defending the Dutch East Indies and similar holdings in the event of conflict.

    Following a period of internal 'house-cleaning', the Tokugawa Shogunate would gradually modernise: not as quickly as their up-time equivalents might have, but still with alacrity. Part of this was the creation of the Shinsengumi, modelled after an organisation that would have been founded in another world's 19th century...but far bigger. Where their other-worldly prototype would have been a small corps, the Shinsengumi were an army, ultimately rising to over forty thousand souls. Though given the status of samurai, they allowed men from non-samurai classes to join and thus gain status, as well as providing a home for second sons and ronin. Moreover, the Shinsengumi would be first in line for modern firearms and any other up-time inspired weaponry and vehicles that Japan managed to buy or ultimately manufacture...thus proving a handy counterweight to ambitious samurai leaders as well, if necessary.

    The Shinsengumi would take the lead in Japan's efforts in the Three Years' War, forming the vanguard of the army sent to invade the Spanish Philippines from the north while Dutch East India Company forces landed on the southernmost islands. In the aftermath of the war, Japan would claim Luzon, Mindoro and Palawan, creating new domains on the islands for samurai who distinguished themselves in the conflict and shipping merchants and peasants over to fill them, while the Dutch would prop up various local rulers on the other islands.


    Malacca, c. 1764. Following the Three Years' War, multiple Malay sultanates would become vassals to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, while the Swedish would be granted what used to be Dutch Malacca. Technically, it was ceded to the Sultanate of Johor but Sweden - and later the Northern Commonwealth - leased the territory for a century, paying the Sultan a large lump sum of money and agreeing to assist in the modernisation of Johor - this having been the lure to attract Johor to switch sides away from the Dutch during the Three Years' War.

    Malacca would become a major trade hub, as Swedish, French and other traders moved in. The Swedish administration would see the city hugely developed, as seen by the electric lighting in the photograph.​
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    Blood Rights: The Vampiric Right Movement

    A group of American vampires take on Vietcong vampires in a rare instant of vampire on vampire battles.
    a group of marines march through cleared jungle after a napalm strike which helped to clear a large vampire nest only to have Vietcong ambush them from underground tunnels soon after might fall.
    Elvis Presley in 2018 during “The Three Kings Music” tour with Michael Jackson and Tupac.
    One of the last civi war veterans General JT Thomas Beauregard cousin to P. G. T. Beauregard.
    Klans man in Alabama during the “war” with the “Vampire Queen of Alabama” Isabella which caused so many death and public destruction that the federal and state governments had to be force to intervene after pike indecent...
    Member of the Greater Liberian Arms Forces and the US Military during a joint training exercise.
    Prime Minster of the Ethiopian Empire Abby Ahmed one of the few non communist nation to sign the neutral pack in 1960 shortly after it’s first war with Somalia.
    Current President of Cuba Castro.
    Photo of “True Blood” one of the many vampire soft drink manufactured by coke.
    North Japan most popular vampiric soda Captain Jack Black which is also popular in China the USS are and other communist nations.
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    I might do a post on him in the future.
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    Tanks Of The Civil War
    Confederate Bull Work Tank one of the largest CSA tank made by the rebels and saw use during the mid war until the fall of the confederacy.
    Union Goliath class tank made to punched large in Confederate lines and break through encirclements. One also served as Sherman “flag ship” during his march to the sea. By the time most of the Goliath class began to be used in the late war most of CSA lines had begun to collapsed due to a lack of man power rendering a lot of them useless until the second Anglo-American war
    Confederate Rot-Well tank produced in low numbers during the mid to late war. It was one of the few useful CSA tanks against Union Tanks. Confederate Generals like Bedford Forest refused and fought against the idea of tanks.
    The Union “Abby” tank which was original produced in 1859 a year before the war but due issues in productions it wasn’t ready to use until late 1865 towards the end of the war.
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    so, what happened to Korea, China, and the Philippians and Vietnam? also, will we learn about Latin America as well?
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