N00BWI: Sealion

OOC: *Gasp* The unmentionable sea-mammal is mentioned.
So, I found this format on the alternatehistory wiki and it seemed too ridiculous to pass up. Basically instead of having a (hopefully) reasoned debate with actual historical facts, we all act like noobs and attempt to argue the viability of some obvious WI. This is entirely for shits and giggles and should not be taken seriously. That said I will begin:

IC: I was looking around on wikipedia today and found a page about some "Operation Sealion" the Germans were planning in WW2. They were going to pwn the English airforce and then the Navy and then invade England. Considering how awesome the Germans were in WW2 I think this plan totally would have worked, but what do you guys think?
totally right after Dunkerque if the Germans had so much been able to get a Panzer I on the beach it would have been all over.
They're banned? Hm... I'm sorry for putting this up then, I didn't know.
Someone should probably take the form off the wiki then and/or say that it's banned somewhere.


If the Canadians weren't fighting the Russians for Alaska alone it might be able to help with Sealion. They could've sent battle-hardened men for some equipment at least, something like loan-lift. Our men could have helped patrol the Atlantic instead of getting destroyed by Brazil's Navy as we tried to cross the Canal, which we did rebuild by scratch into the 4th largest navy in the globe to beat those Brazillian Boys. Thanks to the Japanese invasion of the Tsar's Lands we had men and material. With the Americans and the Greater East-Asia co-prosperity Sphere helping out economy draw refugees from Europe when Stalin chose a 'Europe First Policy'. Oh man that made the resurgent communist faction's newly-created ill-fated state crumble between a Two-Front War just as Germany had, when the Laplanders and Italian Empire invaded.

I don't feel good, I'm kinda sick, so please tell me if you noticed that in my writing.
Welcome to the board; sorry you ran right into the minefield. Basically, any discussion of Sealion without a prewar POD is frowned upon unless you're proposing it in the Alien Space Bat forum. If you can posit a clear, coherent, and logical way that Germany could face down the Royal Navy without it being a massive fiasco for Germany, it'd be a welcome discussion IMHO.

But I'd strongly recommend using the search function on the boards here -- it's quite useful -- and seeing what others have written before devoting too much of your time to it. You will find that others likely have made the same or similar arguments, thus allowing you to stand on their shoulders and take it further or in a new direction.
I still say my Operation Teufelseelowe is the most plausible and realistic portrayal of a successful seamammal. :p

Yours is a great read and I am a subscriber... Der Manstein Kommt will have an Oct 1939 pod and a summer 1940 invasion without the intervention of dark magical marine mammals and Wolf Blitzer