Motherland: Fort Salem

So is the show worth watching?

It's just another teen drama for girls. I watched the first two episodes and it just wasn't for me. I love strong female characters,, but when the entire main cast is not only homogenously female, but the four main characters are written like stereotypical teenagers, then I lose all interest.
I don't get this? What is the intended target audience? Teenage girls who want to defy the patriarchy, or nerds who like to ogle manly women without risking getting the can kicked in? I don't know, but it just seems like most good alternate history stories tend to deal with things that actually exist in our universe, and they don't include unicorns, witches, and vampires. I don't know if I could watch this even if it were being projected onto the small of Selma Hayek's back. I think that the sort of people who liked the Twilight movies would like this.