It's Time For Africa!: A Football/Soccer TLIAD

It's Time For Africa!: A Football/Soccer TILIAD

Asamoah Gyan fixed the ball into the grass below him, he glanced over to the Uruguayan sideline. Luis Suárez stood there looking tense as the Penalty Kick dragged on.

"Idiot," Gyan thought "a handball in the box during extra time. Of course he's going to get a red card and we'll get a PK"


Suárez stood on the sideline, just as tense as the Ghanian on the field. It had been instinct, not his mind, that had guides his hand as he kept the ball out of the box.

"If the other team can't score, they can't win" that was one of the first things they taught you when you started soccer. A little too much it had been drilled into his mind he guessed. It was obvious now, he supposed, that he would be sent out and the Ghanians would have another chance. But what was he supposed to do? Let the ball fly in? That was a sure goal, but if Gyan missed the Penalty Kick……


Unknown to both of them the exact same thought flew into Gyan's mind at that exact moment.

"If I miss this and we lose in a shootout he will be remembered as a savior in Uruguay, he will be the second Hand of God"

Gyan took a deep breath and backed up and prepared to kick.


……"I will be a God in Montevideo" thought the Uruguayan.


And united, the two player's eyes watched as the ball left Asamoah Gyan's foot and sailed up, up, up and into the corner of the goal.


Then the deafening roar of a Continent, ready for a slice of victory.​

What are You Doing?
Writing a TLIAD (Time Line in A Day)

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Can we get back to the story?

Well, what's the premise?

Ghana beats Uruguay to get to the 2010 World Cup Semifinals

You Seriously Think they can beat the Netherlands?

Their better then you think, but who said anything about them winning?

The fact that them losing 12-0 in the Semis and 5-1 in the 3rd Place Match would make this TL boring?


Hah! Idiot, thinking you could our smart me!

For a Plot Point who is also me you are annoying. Goodbye

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Interesting. Sports TL's are interesting and underdone. Are you planning on taking this past the 2010 World Cup?
July 2nd 2010

Milovan Rajevac punched his hand up in victory as the referee's whistle brought an end to the game. The Serbian Coach of the Ghanian Team smiled. "It's Time for Africa" he sung in his head.


Rajevac smiled at his team as they gathered around him. They'd played hard and well and deserved the win.

"Alright boys, we played well today and we won because we were better! We won because we can persevere to the added time at the end of extra time. Because even after a heartbreaking stop we can keep on running! Congratulations to Appiah for scoring the winning goal and congratulations to Gyan for avenging him when that goal was kept out by a dirty play. And of course a great job by Muntari for opening the game up."

The players cheered.

"But we've got to get better! We can beat the bad teams like Congo! We can beat the OK teams like the USA! We can beat the good teams like Uruguay! But can we beat the great team of the Netherlands? Because we will play them. And can we beat Germany or Spain? Because like it or not we will have to play one of those teams! Say goodbye to the amateurs friends, say hello to the professionals!"

"Hello!" rang out a few voices

"Yes, hello world! We are going to have to fight hard if we want to survive! But we are the underdogs! And what do underdogs do? They Win"


Luis Suárez watched on the TV as the news channel showed footage of a protester in Uruguay holding a "Hang Suárez" sign. At least the coach hadn't brought the handball up in the post game locker room speech. Then the door to his hotel room swung open. In walked Óscar Tabárez himself.

"Well?" The Uruguayan manager said

"What?" Suárez

"You know perfectly well what"

"Just say it then so I can hear it"

"That handball"

"What was I supposed to do? Just watch the ball go in? I'd gamble 70% chance of the Penalty Kick over the 100% chance that shot had."

"I know that, everyone on the team knows that, even that man" Tabárez pointed to the screen "knows that, but he needs someone to blame, the nation needs someone to blame and you just happen to fit the bill. I just want tell you that no one on this team blames you."

"Thank You Sir"

"You're Welcome"