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Infinity Wanderers 5

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Infinity Wanderers issue 5 is now live

Featuring a second cover for IF from Robin Stacey, this one showing Persephone exiting the Underworld, and Demeter working in the fields of nature, to symbolise the rebirth of Spring

Infinity Wanderers 5 leads with an author interview with Ralph Greco Jr., leading into a feature on the childrens book 'Too Many Bunnies' authored by Joe Swarctz and himself. Regular columns include L.G. Parker's Small Causes, comparing Operation Sea Lion with Operation Overlord, and his Urban Warfare, focused on Hue in the Vietnam War, and Jon N Davies continues his history of the Goughs of Ynyscedwyn with his article on Richard Gough Aubrey (2). Serialised stories continuing in this issue are Alea Abiecerat by Haley Receveur and The Smiling Tiger by Rusty Gladdish, whilst Grey Wolf pens an article on A Dream of Empire, now a Little Book, published by Scimitar Edge. The late Brian G. Davies' travel articles continue to be published with 'Seeking the Northern Lights', and some of his poetry is featured for the republication of his book 'A Fountain Stirred'. Featured poetry comes from Pawel Marckiewicz with Arethusa and Alpheus, Richard Stevenson with Poems from an Abominable Swamp Slob, and from Linda M Crate, and Simon R Gladdish. Featured stories include Alma Pater from Jenean McBrearty, A Pearl Harbor Secret from Gene J Parola, Stone and Blood from Brenden Sisk, and The Vae's Appetite by Michael Gerard. A book review of C M Angus' novel Overstrike completes the magazine.

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Grey Wolf

Issue 6, to be released in June has a few places left for actual alternate history contributions, but is pretty filled up with associated genres

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Issue 7 to be published in September 2023 is now taking submissions (and has spaces) in all genres

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Please send to and title the email "For Infinity Wanderers"

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