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A still from the Chinese donghua (animation), “Journey of Three Knights” (JTK).​

JTK is a Chinese animated series starting in 2008, and still on going, that is based off a manhua (Chinese manga) of the same name that is an offshoot of the Italian space opera classic Galactic Conflicts of Sergio Martino. The girl in the still above is a squire of the Cosmic Order of Light named Yin Padmelli.

Taking place one thousand years after the Great Clone War and eighteen hundred years after the “Great Celestia Schism” — an event which led to the Order of Knights Celestia splitting in two; those who embraced “Light Chi” becoming the Cosmic Order of Light (who structure and style themselves after the Knights Celestia) and the Dark Sedi Inquisition who embrace “Dark Chi”. The Schism also led to the collapse of the Galactic Imperium and the galaxy becoming a massive sectarian battlefield between the two successors of the Order of Knights Celestia.


Xia Da, the woman behind Journey of the Three Knights manhua and donghua, circa 2016.​

Both the manhua/donghua and their creator Xia Da (Chinese manhua author and animator) along with her animation studio, Studio Crane, were criticised by Galactic Conflicts fans as “non-canon” in the most polite terms and far worse, though Sergio Martino had come out both times to ferociously defend the work and creator(s) saying that he read the JTK manhua and seen the donghua series and that both are canon as far as he is concerned, for most fans that decidedly shut them up.

Both the ongoing manhua and donghua have grown in popularity in Europe and already has a monumental cult following in China, Korea, and Indochina though in Japan and America it hasn’t garnered much attention. They are also credited with giving a name to the mystical power of the Knights Celestia which Sergio Martino has gone on to say is canon.



Jacale Sedi, recurring big bad of the series and Grand Inquisitor of the Dark Sedi Inquisition and whose actions led to the “Great Celestia Schism”, prepares to launch a dark chi technique called “Thundering Palm of Illuminating Death” against Yin’s master Aleelia Shasea (top). Yin’s master Aleelia Shasea, it is foreshadowed throughout the manhua and donghua that the 20 year Aleelia and 15 year old Yin have more than just a master-squire relationship going on (bottom).​
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Strom Thurmond was one of longest served senators in American history. He is too saw as one of most markable senators in post-WW2 USA. He was originally Southern Democrat and he begun already in 1945 campaign against president Henry A. Wallace. This campaign led to dissolution of Democrats when Thromond and many other southern democrats founded Freedom Party,, which soon rose as notably big party. Thurmond too supported impeachment of president Wallace.

Despite some disagreement with George S. Patton Thurmond relucantely supporter Patton's president campaign on '48 election.. On foteign politics Thurmond supported anti-communist activities and CHinese War. He anyway opposed Patton's Civil Rights Act. But in other hand he supported Pattons' decision to declare Ku Klux Klan as terrorist organisation. In 1956 Thurmond seeked presidency as candidate of Freedom Paty. Him managed to capture Deep and Upper South but not nearby enough for victory. In 1958 Thurmond negotiated Arlington Agreement which ended violence in Southern states and helped less tensions altough it too allowed segregation continuing in some form.

Thurmond continued as one of key leaders of Freedom Party and senator several years. He supported Freedomite presidents Corley and Robertson and changing Freedom Party as more of party of Christian values instead continuing as segregationist party. Personally Thurmond never fully abandoned his racist views altough some months before his death he admitted him having already mid-aged daughter with black woman.


Jesse Helms was elected to US senate in 1972 election. He was strong supporter of conservative values and he was even called as one of last Old Freedomites. In 1970's he experienced strong support for fascism and even demanded that USA should support Italy on Ethiopian war. Helms too was worried about rise of moderate socialist parties in many European countries and warned about threat of neo-communism and anti-Christian values. When Edward Brooke became first black POTUS Helms warned him being closet socialist and was worried that he is going to ruin southern system and lifestyle. Presidential election '80 becmae quiet firece and Helsm as candidate blamed Brooke as closet communist and being too close with liberal regimes of Europe. Helms even stated that Balbo's biggest mistake was that he didn't execute Berlinguer who was recently elected as PM of Italy. Helms lost narrowly to Brooke on the election.

Through 1980's Helms was strong supporter of South Africa and its Homeland War. He was one of few senators who opposed enacting strict trade blockade for SA. Helms stated that South Africa is one of last hopes "free world and white race". During 1990's he didn't changed his politics and even news from Bantustans didn't affect his views. Helms even said that proving how unable blacks are to rule themselves altough pretty much all others said that being pure nonsense. Helms too opposed allowing of homosexuals for serving in US army wanring that damaging morality of great army of the nation. Finally even many Freedomites were tired to Helms. He lost 1996 senator election for more moderate Freedomite.

Remaining years Helms held several speeches in Deep South and in 2002 he published his memoirs.

Rally of German Fascist Union, Deutsche Faschist Union (DFU) in Berlin in 2018. The party was established in 1948. Altough it already at beginning made clear that it is not nazi party, it faced through of 1950's serious scandals when many ex-nazis joined to the party and tried spread antisemitic and ultranationalist views. Party leadership anyway managed purge them eventually.

DFU anyway hasn't ever got much of polularity and even in best it has gained aonly about 10 % on Reichtag election. It has anyway much of support in Southern Germany, speciality Bavaria, Saxony, Silesia and some parts of Northern Germany.

Currently DFU is nationalist but cleasrly anti-nazi party. It supports conservative Christian values and it is strongly monarchist party which supports restoration of all sub-monarchies. Some too wants restore borders of "old Germany" altough it is not very common since many members not see that being realistic goal. Altough the party is strongly fascist it supports some of democratic values.
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Members of the Cuban Volunteers’ Expeditionary Force (Fuerza Expedicionaria de Voluntarios Cubanos/FEVC) prepare to execute a blindfolded Moroccan man in the town of Chefchaouen in early 1957 during the Second Arabian War.​

Throughout the duration of the conflict, the FEVC mostly did occupational and garrison duties in Spanish Morocco though they did fight a low-intensity insurgency against Ba'athist guerrillas in the country (including the launching of brutal search and destroy missions in the Moroccan countryside). In a 2010 interview an elderly Morrocan woman, who was ten at the time, recalled the time that her home town of Tafraout was occupied by two Cuban battalions in August 1957 with orders to find “Ba'athist partisans” they didn’t actually find any but in the process of searching they riled up the townspeople.

The officers in charge had their men gather up most of the town and herded them into the Tafraout’s mosque then locked and boarded it up and proceeded to set it alight with any townsperson who managed to escape the flames being shot or bayoneted by the Cubans. The interviewee and her family only survived because they hid in their cellar and a Cuban soldier was called back by his commanding officer before he could locate them – this atrocity became known as the “Tafraout Massacre” in post-war Morocco.

The brutality of the Cuban volunteers in Morocco has left lasting wounds on Morocco’s national conscious with the atrocities that the Caribbean island nation visited on the North African nation being the subject of a joint Cuban-Moroccan historical drama called “¡Fuego!” winning the European Film Awards in 2009 (the film didn’t skip on the details, leaving viewers shocked and teary-eyed).


Survivor of the Tafraout Massacre, Adilah Daoud in 2010 before giving an interview with an American journalist.​
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Veteran of Battle of Trieste giving interview for BBC in 2003, 60th anniversary of beginning of the battle. Most of survivors of the battle later participated to both Arabian Wars. Since 1953 Italian government has paid for remaining veterans annual moneytary sum for their heoric battle against nazis. In Israel they are still highly respected citizens. Nowadays there is still few of hundreds vetreans left.

Hermann Fegelin was high-ranked SS officer and one of closest men of Himmler. After Hitler's assassinationin 1944 Fegelein became member of Himmler's inner circle. Unlike Himmler Fegelein realised that end of the Third Reich was coming to its end and just before Battle of Berlin on October 1944 he managed to get Himmler's permission to form new division for resistance. Actually his plan was escaep and establish new nazi organisation. After fall of nazi Germany Fegelein hided on Hitler's lover Eva Braun's apartment until April 1946 but left Braun and the safeplace soon after nazi leaders got their sentences on Nuremburg Trials where Fegelein was sentenced to death in absence.

Using Eva Braun as cover Fegelein managed to create network with other former SS members and he organised new nazi group ODESSA (Organisation der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen or Organisation of Former SS-Members). Soon after Fegelein had finally left Germany, Eva Braun committed suicide. Soon Americans realised how big fish they have not yet captured. Naturally Mossad too was intrested about him. Fegelein managed to hide in South America many years. When United Arab Republic was formed in 1951 Fegelein and his organisation decided seek refugee place there when South America wasn't safe anymore and Mossad begun to be too close of them.

Altough Aflaq and Feelein had much of ideological differences they both hated Jews deeply. And so they found useful for each others. Aflaq gave them safe haven and ODESSA had knowledge and skills to produce chemical weapons to UAR. Naturally hwole forbidden relationship was kept as secret from whole world, even from USSR, closest ally of UAR. ODESSA got building complex in Tikrit, near of Baghdad where they begun to create chemical weapons to Aflaq and UAR. Complex was guarded by UAR army which didn't know what they were guarding. Even still nowadays it is unclear who within Aflaq knew about the secret but it is generally assumed that several members of Aflaq's inner circle and some UAR military commanders knew about them.

At end of Second Arabian War some of these chemical weapons were used against Israel. Soon after UAR was nuked, Mossad revealed Aflaq's secret which led to total break up between USSR and UAR. That too probably killed even small sympathy what world had towards Arabs. Eventually Israeli army invaded headquarter of ODESSA and managed capture several members of the organisation. Fegelein committed suicide during the battle.

ODESSA practically ceased from exist after Fegelein's death. There was anyway some new-nazi organisations who declared being direct heirs of ODESSA. These were anyway dealt relatively quikcly since many countries declared ODESSA and its successor organisations as terrorist organisations.