Historical GIS Resources Thread

England and Wales 1961
Administrative Counties 1961 resized.png

I haven't had the motivation to continue with Albania, but in the meantime, here's a blank map of administrative counties and other subunits in England and Wales, December 1961. I was looking for ages for a freely available historic administrative shapefile for Great Britain, until recently. The source download is available at the link in my GitHub.
(P.S. I have a shapefile of ancient parishes of England and Wales in 1851; Currently working on the townships (Parish subdivisions). Will be released sooner or later.)

Otherwise, peace out!
Russian Central Asia uyezds, 1914, updated

(Административно-территориальное деление среднеазиатских областей Российской империи). Now including the four oblasts which comprise modern Kazakhstan, with some minor fixes for Turkestan gubernia proper. My earlier file can be considered obsolete. Note that the level of uncertainty on these borders is much higher than even the Turkestan gubernia ones, ESPECIALLY in Ural Oblast, which is the bane of my existence. Use accordingly.