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Still always in the TL where Cadillac is bought by Hyundai group, after the bankruptcy of GM .....


A chart of the Division, Corps, Field Army, and Army Group shoulder patches for Army Group North, the Central Galactic Union Army's "model" army group, deployed primarily in the Inner Sphere and Inner Colonies sectors, with a few divisions stationed in the Outer Colonies sector. Most Army forces are deployed much farther afield in policing and counterinsurgency duties in the expansive Occupied Territories on the far side of the Milky Way.

The CGUA is organized with the Army Group (each with 1 million+ soldiers, commanded by either a Field Marshal or a Colonel General) as its "operational building block". An Army Group typically operates within a defined sector of space, and most astrographical sector High Commands have multiple Army Groups assigned to them. The operational standard is to station some Corps and Divisions, especially reserves, airborne, and infantry divisions, on major populated worlds to maintain security (though occasionally a single division will garrison a sparsely-populated star system, with its separate brigades garrisoned on a handful of worlds), while most armored forces are concentrated on "hub" worlds. In a crisis, these forces can be spacelifted to orbital spaceports and rapidly redeployed to a "hot zone"; the advent of Alcubierre drives allowed transport spacecraft to instantaneously warp to any hot zone within a 1000 lightyear radius of a "hub" planet, enabling quick response to crises within 48 hours. This system was developed by, and became well-established within, the Terran Empire by the early 27th century, as a way to reduce the size of the military without sacrificing effectiveness, and allowed the Empire considerable flexibility in responding to colonial revolts, terrorist incidents, and frontier incursions. Divisions would be periodically rotated between garrison assignments, to prevent generals from growing too attached to any one location and seeking to become a warlord.

The Army was expanded greatly during the Great War, and most forces were redeployed into front-line positions for capturing enemy-held worlds. When the war was concluded, the new Central Galactic Union needed to significantly reduce the size of the Army. Between April 2675 and February 2676, around 75% of army divisions were demobilized. The public perception was that, having completed the conflict and won the Final Victory, the Army could be shrunk to a size of strict necessity. Much of the Terran operational doctrine was retained for its flexibility, albeit synthesized with the Orion Army's and Sagittarian Army's defensive doctrines emphasizing air defense forces and intelligence-gathering.

Not all CGUA units have names or bear the unique heraldry and heritage of old Earth units, in fact the vast majority do not. Army Group North has an unusually highly concentration of such "named" units, which carry the heritage, unit insignia, and history of self-same numbered or named units. In reality, these old Earth military formations were disbanded, recreated, and merged many times between the 20th century and 2247, when all Earth nations were merged into a single member state within the Terran Federation. These divisions were constituted in their current forms mostly in the early 26th century, as the Terran Imperial Army expanded to put down revolts by feudal warlords in the outer colonies. To inspire greater morale and esprit de corps, many divisions and corps were granted the names and heritages of units from Earth's earlier military history, and the accompanying unique insignia and coats of arms. Some divisions, mainly American, German, and Chinese ones, had retained their identities after being "rolled into" the Terran Federation's military in 2247, but most of the post-23rd century Terran divisions were reflagged after to accommodate the new policy.

Army Group North is composed mainly of divisions whose heritage is drawn from the long-disbanded American, British, and Northwestern European militaries. Its own designation comes from the 20th century NATO command Northern Army Group. The Terran military establishment is heavily drawn from the command structure and heritage of NATO, its North Pacific counterpart in the late 21st century, and the UN Security Forces of the 22nd century. Both the First and Second Field Armies were reconstituted in 2556 with the heritage of early 20th century British expeditionary armies; most of the named divisions were mustered in the early 2500s, though some like the 12th (Guards) Cavalry were reconstituted in 2676 from units demobilized immediately after the Great War. The First (Guards) Corps is unique in that it was created in 2676 as the garrison command for Earth, and the Constance and Brandenburg divisions are the main Army rapid reaction units stationed permanently on Earth; however, its other subordinate divisions cycle between garrison duty on Earth and garrison duty on other worlds.

Army Group North.png
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real prediction

By a funny coincidence, by a similar timeframes as your 54 star flag, in a soft scifi near future comic I started but got carried away on worldbuilding, the USA also ends up with 54 stars on the flag! Though it lasts longer, as the USA basically runs out of land to make into states.
By a funny coincidence, by a similar timeframes as your 54 star flag, in a soft scifi near future comic I started but got carried away on worldbuilding, the USA also ends up with 54 stars on the flag! Though it lasts longer, as the USA basically runs out of land to make into states.
That sounds cool! I'd love to read it if you posted it anywhere. :)

P.S. The extra states are Antarctica, the Moon, and South Tyrol
That sounds cool! I'd love to read it if you posted it anywhere. :)

P.S. The extra states are Antarctica, the Moon, and South Tyrol
In my comic idea (BTW most worldbuilding wouldn't even matter, as I said I got carried away), The 4 extra states are Puerto Rico, Guam, The US Virgin islands and Superior. My in-universe justification for why Superior and The Virgin islands got to be states but DC didn't fluctuates, but I usually imagine that it involved some political compromise.


As a continuation from the previous: the army, corps, and divisional insignia of the 21st Army Group. Formed in 2552 under the revived lineage of the ancient British Army of the Rhine, the 21st Army Group came to include some of the most prestigious divisions in the Terran Army. The army reorganizations in the 2590s, 2650s, and 2680s reflagged several divisions with the heritage of old British Army divisions, though the illustrious XVIII Airborne Corps revived that of an American army corps, and its divisions likewise were focused on several defunct American airborne units.

Most of the forces of the 21st Army Group are deployed in garrison and rapid response duty in the Outer Colonies, most of which is relatively stable. However, pre-war mobilization had seen them rotated throughout the Aquila Stream and Banat provinces in the spinward edge of the Terran Empire's frontier, and its divisions had seen much combat against rebels even prior to the Great War. During the war, they were among the first army groups deployed in ground warfare against the Soviet Federation in the trailing Orion Arm front.

21st Army Group.png
Venusian Imperial Armed Forces Organisation - overall.png

Organisation of the Imperial Venusian Armed Forces. Stars indicate the rank of the commander/office holder for the military post. 1 star Brigadier General/Commodore to 5 stars Marshal/Grand Admiral (Venusian Empire does have 6-7 official languages, and technically the official English title for the 5 star rank is Field Marshal/Admiral of the Fleet and the Air Force uses the Commonwealth system of "air officers" rather than simply having general ranks).
Venusian Imperial Armed Forces Organisation - service branches.png

This graph showcases the organisation of the service brances in more detail.
Exemplar Theater - Mars.png

And finally I thought what the Theater Commands are might not be clear, so here is the organisation of the Mars Theater as an example. The Theater Commands being the combined armed forces of each branch in a planetary system, united under a single commander/staff (the said commander might theoretically be of any of the service branches but is almost always from either the Ground Force or the Space Force).

The main combatant subordinate units, with some explanation of their organisation, below. Orbital Drop Assault Force is included under the Ground Force.
39th Corps (HQ: Mercury)
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
15th Engineer Regiment​
165th Motor Rifle Brigade​
188th Motor Rifle Brigade​
189th Motor Rifle Brigade​
Ground Force Headquarters (on Venus)
Army Aviation High Command​
Military Academies High Command​
Training and Doctrine Command - Inner and Outer System Coordination​
Logistics Command​
Signals Command​
Ground Forces Intelligence Command​
Military Police Command​
Special Forces Command​
Guards Brigade​
Venusian Army Group
Army Aviation Command - Venus​
Military Academies Command - Venus​
Training and Doctrine Command - Inner System​
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
Northern Army​
7th Corps​
7th Armoured Brigade​
4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
76th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
7th Commando Brigade​
7th Artillery Regiment​
8th Corps​
8th Armoured Brigade​
3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
14th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
19th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
8th Commando Brigade​
8th Artillery Regiment​
9th Corps​
9th Armoured Brigade​
49th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
91st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
99th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
9th Polar Commando Brigade​
9th Artillery Regiment​
3rd Engineer Brigade​
3rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
Western Army​
1st Corps​
1st Armoured Brigade​
1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
31st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
32nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
1st Commando Brigade (Airborne)​
1st Artillery Regiment​
3rd Corps​
3rd Armoured Brigade​
16th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
23rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
34th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
3rd Mountain and Commando Brigade​
3rd Artillery Regiment​
5th Corps​
5th Armoured Brigade​
54th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
5th Air Assault Commando Brigade​
5th Artillery Regiment​
2nd Engineer Brigade​
2nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
Eastern Army​
2nd Corps​
2nd Armoured Brigade​
10th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
20th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
25th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
2nd Commando Brigade (Airborne)​
2nd Artillery Regiment​
4th Corps​
4th Armoured Brigade​
28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
39th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
58th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
4th Commando Brigade​
4th Artillery Regiment​
6th Corps​
6th Armoured Brigade​
2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
6th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
70th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
6th Air Assault Commando Brigade​
6th Artillery Regiment​
1st Engineer Brigade​
1st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
Southern Army​
10th Corps​
10th Armoured Brigade​
5th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
50th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
10th Commando Brigade​
10th Artillery Regiment​
11th Corps​
11th Armoured Brigade​
11th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
95th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
11th Commando Brigade​
11th Artillery Regiment​
12th Corps​
12th Armoured Brigade​
12th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
22nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
127th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
12th Commando Brigade​
12th Artillery Regiment​
4th Engineer Brigade​
4th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
1st Orbital Drop Assault Corps​
1st Orbital Drop Assault Division "Göktürk"​
35th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
36th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
37th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
2nd Orbital Drop Assault Division "Suisei"​
40th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
41st Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
42nd Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
Earth-Lunar Army Group
Army Aviation Command - Earth​
Military Academies Command - Earth​
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
1st Army​
13th Corps​
13th Armoured Brigade​
8th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
13th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
51st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
13th Commando Brigade (Airborne)​
13th Artillery Regiment​
14th Corps​
14th Armoured Brigade​
24th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
57th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
77th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
14th Mountain and Commando Brigade​
14th Artillery Regiment​
15th Corps​
15th Armoured Brigade​
30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
60th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
75th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
15th Polar Commando Brigade​
15th Artillery Regiment​
5th Engineer Brigade​
5th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
2nd Army​
16th Corps​
16th Armoured Brigade​
26th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
38th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
44th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
16th Mountain and Commando Brigade​
16th Artillery Regiment​
17th Corps​
17th Armoured Brigade​
17th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
29th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
43rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
17th Air Assault Commando Brigade​
17th Artillery Regiment​
18th Corps​
18th Armoured Brigade​
18th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
27th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
33rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
18th Commando Brigade​
18th Artillery Regiment​
6th Engineer Brigade​
6th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
3rd Army​
19th Corps​
19th Armoured Brigade​
59th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
69th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
109th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
19th Mountain and Commando Brigade (Gurkha)​
19th Artillery Regiment​
20th Corps​
20th Armoured Brigade​
46th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
48th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
80th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
20th (Raider) Commando Brigade (Airborne)​
20th Artillery Regiment​
21st Corps​
21st Armoured Brigade​
21st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
68th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
71st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
21st Polar Commando Brigade​
21st Artillery Regiment​
7th Engineer Brigade​
7th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
4th Army​
22nd Corps​
22nd Armoured Brigade​
52nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
79th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
88th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
22nd Commando Brigade​
22nd Artillery Regiment​
23rd Corps​
23rd Armoured Brigade​
47th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
74th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
98th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
23rd Commando Brigade (Airborne)​
23rd Artillery Regiment​
24th Corps​
24th Armoured Brigade​
45th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
97th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
108th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
24th Commando Brigade​
24th Artillery Regiment​
8th Engineer Brigade​
8th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
5th Army​
25th Corps​
25th Armoured Brigade​
53rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
85th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
125th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
25th Commando Brigade​
25th Artillery Regiment​
26th Corps​
26th Armoured Brigade​
56th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
62nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
96th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
26th Mountain and Commando Brigade​
26th Artillery Regiment​
27th Corps​
27th Armoured Brigade​
72nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
94th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
27th Commando Brigade​
27th Artillery Regiment​
9th Engineer Brigade​
9th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
6th Army​
28th Corps​
28th Armoured Brigade​
63rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
73rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
28th Commando Brigade​
28th Artillery Regiment​
29th Corps​
29th Armoured Brigade​
9th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
92nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
129th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
29th Mountain and Commando Brigade​
29th Artillery Regiment​
30th Corps​
30th Armoured Brigade​
78th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
87th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
93rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
30th Air Assault Commando Brigade​
30th Artillery Regiment​
10th Engineer Brigade​
10th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
2nd Orbital Drop Assault Corps​
3rd Orbital Drop Assault Division "Ryusei"​
64th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
100th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
105th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
4th Orbital Drop Assault Division "Turkestan"​
81st Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
82nd Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
101st Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
Lunar Army​
31st Corps​
84th Motor Rifle Brigade​
103rd Motor Rifle Brigade​
111th Motor Rifle Brigade​
32nd Corps​
83rd Motor Rifle Brigade​
104th Motor Rifle Brigade​
110th Motor Rifle Brigade​
11th Engineer Brigade​
Martian Army Group
Army Aviation Command - Mars​
Military Academies Command - Mars​
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
7th Army​
33rd Corps​
33rd Armoured Brigade​
81st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
89th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
130th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
33rd Commando Brigade​
33rd Artillery Regiment​
34th Corps​
34th Armoured Brigade​
112th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
120th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
126th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
34th Mountain and Commando Brigade​
34th Artillery Regiment​
12th Engineer Brigade​
12th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
8th Army​
35th Corps​
35th Armoured Brigade​
113th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
115th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
124th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
35th Commando Brigade (Airborne)​
35th Artillery Regiment​
36th Corps​
36th Armoured Brigade​
114th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
116th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
121st Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
36th Commando Brigade​
36th Artillery Regiment​
13th Engineer Brigade​
13th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
9th Army​
37th Corps​
37th Armoured Brigade​
117th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
119th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
123rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
37th Commando Brigade​
37th Artillery Regiment​
38th Corps​
38th Armoured Brigade​
118th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
122nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
128th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
38th Air Assault Commando Brigade​
38th Artillery Regiment​
14th Engineer Brigade​
14th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment​
3rd Orbital Drop Assault Corps​
5th Orbital Drop Assault Division "Land of Fire"​
61st Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
67th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
102nd Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
6th Orbital Drop Assault Division "Kamikaze"​
90th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
106th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
107th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
40th Corps (HQ: Ceres)
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
16th Engineer Regiment (dispersed across the Belt)​
164th Motor Rifle Brigade (Ceres)​
168th Motor Rifle Brigade (Vesta)​
1st Belt Division​
131st Infantry Regiment (Pallas)​
133rd Infantry Regiment (Hygiea)​
161st Infantry Regiment (dispersed)​
2nd Belt Division (battalions and companies dispersed across the Belt)​
139th Infantry Regiment​
140th Infantry Regiment​
203rd Infantry Regiment​
Jovian Army Group
Military Academies Command - Jupiter​
Training and Doctrine Command - Outer System​
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
1st Galilean Army​
41st Corps (Io)​
134th Motor Rifle Brigade​
135th Motor Rifle Brigade​
136th Motor Rifle Brigade​
42nd Corps (Europa)​
142nd Motor Rifle Brigade​
146th Motor Rifle Brigade​
151st Motor Rifle Brigade​
17th Engineer Brigade (half on Io, half on Europa)​
2nd Galilean Army​
43rd Corps (Ganymede)​
141st Motor Rifle Brigade​
143rd Motor Rifle Brigade​
152nd Motor Rifle Brigade​
44th Corps (Callisto)​
144th Motor Rifle Brigade​
145th Motor Rifle Brigade​
153rd Motor Rifle Brigade​
18th Engineer Brigade (half on Ganymede, half on Callisto)​
Independent Jovian Infantry Brigade​
132nd Infantry Regiment (Amalthea, Thebe)​
138th Infantry Regiment (Himalia, Elara)​
7th Orbital Drop Assault Division "Fusō"​
137th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
147th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
148th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
150th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
Saturnian Army
Military Academies Command - Saturn​
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
19th Engineer Brigade (mostly on Titan)​
45th Corps​
1st Saturnine Division​
154th Infantry Regiment (Prometheus, Pandora, Epithemeus)​
158th Infantry Regiment (Janus)​
160th Infantry Regiment (Phoebe)​
159th Motor Rifle Brigade (Mimas)​
162nd Motor Rifle Brigade (Enceladus)​
46th Corps (Titan)​
46th Armoured Brigade​
155th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
156th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
157th Mechanized Infantry Brigade​
46th Air Assault Commando Brigade​
46th Artillery Regiment​
47th Corps​
163rd Motor Rifle Brigade (Tethys)​
166th Motor Rifle Brigade (Dione)​
167th Motor Rifle Brigade (Rhea)​
169th Motor Rifle Brigade (Hyperion)​
170th Motor Rifle Brigade (Iapetus)​
8th Orbital Drop Assault Division "Ergenekon"​
175th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
177th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
178th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
Uranian Army
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
20th Engineer Brigade (Umbriel)​
48th Corps​
171st Motor Rifle Brigade (Oberon)​
172nd Motor Rifle Brigade (Oberon)​
173rd Motor Rifle Brigade (Oberon)​
49th Corps​
180th Motor Rifle Brigade (Titania)​
181st Motor Rifle Brigade (Titania)​
182nd Motor Rifle Brigade (Titania)​
50th Corps​
183rd Motor Rifle Brigade (Umbriel)​
184th Motor Rifle Brigade (Umbriel)​
185th Motor Rifle Brigade (Ariel)​
186th Motor Rifle Brigade (Ariel)​
187th Motor Rifle Brigade (Miranda)​
9th Orbital Drop Assault Division "Sakura"​
174th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
176th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
179th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
Neptunian Army
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Ground Forces Intelligence Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
21st Engineer Brigade (Triton)​
50th Corps​
149th Motor Rifle Brigade (Nereid)​
191st Motor Rifle Brigade (Triton)​
192nd Motor Rifle Brigade (Triton)​
51st Corps​
190th Motor Rifle Brigade (Proteus)​
196th Infantry Regiment (Naiad, Thalassa, Despina)​
197th Infantry Regiment (Galatea, Larissa)​
10th Orbital Drop Assault Division "Asena"​
193rd Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
194th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
195th Orbital Drop Assault Regiment​
52nd Corps (HQ: Pluto)
Logistics Detachment​
Signals Detachment​
Military Police Detachment​
Special Forces Detachment​
22nd Engineer Regiment (Pluto)​
1st Trans-Neptunian Division​
198th Infantry Regiment (Pluto)​
199th Infantry Regiment (Charon)​
200th Infantry Regiment (Orcus, Salacia, Haumea)​
Independent Trans-Neptunian Infantry Brigade​
201st Infantry Regiment (Quaoar, Makemake, Gonggong)​
202nd Infantry Regiment (Eris)​
On Venus: Western and Eastern Armies are based in Aphrodite continent on Venus, western half of which is mostly Turkish populated while eastern half is Japanese populated. 7th Corps is in the Bengali, Nigerian and Chinese areas while 8th Corps is in Filipino and Thai colonised regions. 10th Corps is in Argentine, Mexican and Tamil colonies, while the 11th Corps is in Malaysian, Indian and Indonesian areas. And the 12th Corps is in the East African and Brazilian regions. On Earth: 1st Army is based in Northeast Asia, 2nd in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa, 3rd in South Asia, Australia and Antarctica, 4th in Subsaharan Africa, 5th in South America and 6th in North America. On Luna, the 32nd Corps is centered on Oceanus Procellarum, with the 31st Corps covering rest of the Moon. On Mars, the 7th Army is in the Tharsis region and Valles Marineris, 8th on rest of the Coast, while the 9th Army covers the southern half of the planet, mostly centered on Sea of Hellas and Sea of Argyre.
Guards Brigade is an independent unit on Venus consisting of two infantry regiments (each consisting of two battalions). The Imperial Guard Regiment, responsible for the protection of the monarch, the imperial family and imperial residences, continuing the traditions of the Japanese Guards (thought now once again a military rather than police unit); and the Prime Ministerial Guard Regiment, continuing the traditions of the Turkish Presidential Guard Regiment (including the turquoise uniforms).
Standard Composition: Armoured Brigades consist of 3 Armoured Battalions, 1 Mechanized Infantry Battalion, 1 Artillery Battalion and 1 Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion; Mechanized Infantry Brigades consist of 1 Armoured Battalion, 2 Mechanized Infantry Battalions and 1 Artillery Battalion; Commando Brigades consist of 3 Commando Battalions and 1 Artillery Battalion; Motor Rifle Brigades consist of 1 Armoured Battalion and 3 Motor Rifle Battalions; Engineer Brigades consist of 6 Engineer Battalions; Infantry Regiments consist of 3 Infantry Battalions; Orbital Drop Assault Regiments consist of 3 Orbital Drop Assault Battalions; Artillery Regiments consist of 3 Artillery Battalions; Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiments consist of 3 AAA Battalions.
Armoured Battalions consist of MBTs, Mechanized Infantry Battalions consist of infantry embarked on IFVs and APCs and a self propelled mortar company. Artillery Battalions have both gun and rocket based artillery pieces, Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalions have both gun and missile based artillery pieces. Both Artillery and AAA units tend to be heavier on guns compared to rockets/missiles, and artillery pieces of both types are self propelled. Commando Battalions are light infantry units, with airmobile APCs. Orbital Drop Assault Battalions are heavily armoured infantry units and include integral anti-tank and light artillery companies. Motor Rifle Battalions are effectively Mechanized Infantry Battalions, adapted for operations without breathable athmosphere and in low gravity (basically on dwarf planets, natural satellites and asteroids, where while fast transportation to relatively far locations via vehicles might be needed artillery is not usable due to all human habitation being enclosed), also including integral anti-tank and very light artillery assets as well as MANPADS. Infantry Battalions are basically Motor Rifle Battalions, minus the vehicles.
Mercurian Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Mercury Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Mercury Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Cruiser Force​
14th Cruiser Flotilla​
15th Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
19th Carrier Flotilla​
11th Destroyer Flotilla​
12th Destroyer Flotilla​
10th Frigate Flotilla​
11th Frigate Flotilla​
6th Aviso Flotilla​
7th Aviso Flotilla​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Space Force Headquarters (on Venus)
Training and Education High Command​
Shipyards High Command​
Research and Development Command​
Office of Naval Intelligence, Headquarters​
Orbital Defense Forces Central Command​
Orbital Guard Central Command​
Battle Fleet High Command​
Special Boarding Command​
Home Fleet (Venus)
Orbital Defense Command​
Venus Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Venus Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Battle Force​
1st Battle Flotilla​
2nd Battle Flotilla​
3rd Battle Flotilla​
4th Battle Flotilla​
Carrier Force​
1st Carrier Flotilla​
2nd Carrier Flotilla​
3rd Carrier Flotilla​
4th Carrier Flotilla​
Cruiser Force​
1st Cruiser Flotilla​
2nd Cruiser Flotilla​
3rd Cruiser Flotilla​
4th Cruiser Flotilla​
5th Cruiser Flotilla​
6th Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
16th Carrier Flotilla​
1st Destroyer Flotilla​
2nd Destroyer Flotilla​
3rd Destroyer Flotilla​
4th Destroyer Flotilla​
1st Frigate Flotilla​
2nd Frigate Flotilla​
3rd Frigate Flotilla​
4th Frigate Flotilla​
1st Aviso Flotilla​
2nd Aviso Flotilla​
Training and Education Command​
Space Force Academies - Venus​
Training Flotilla​
Shipyard Command​
Shipyard Command, Venus​
Office of Naval Intelligence, Inner System Department Headquarters​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Earth-Lunar Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Earth Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Luna Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Earth Orbital Guard​
Luna Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Battle Force​
5th Battle Flotilla​
6th Battle Flotilla​
7th Battle Flotilla​
Carrier Force​
5th Carrier Flotilla​
6th Carrier Flotilla​
7th Carrier Flotilla​
Cruiser Force​
7th Cruiser Flotilla​
8th Cruiser Flotilla​
9th Cruiser Flotilla​
10th Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
17th Carrier Flotilla​
5th Destroyer Flotilla​
6th Destroyer Flotilla​
7th Destroyer Flotilla​
5th Frigate Flotilla​
6th Frigate Flotilla​
7th Frigate Flotilla​
3rd Aviso Flotilla​
4th Aviso Flotilla​
Training and Education Command, Space Force Academies - Earth and Luna​
Shipyard Command, Earth-Luna​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Martian Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Mars Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Mars Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Battle Force​
8th Battle Flotilla​
9th Battle Flotilla​
Carrier Force​
8th Carrier Flotilla​
9th Carrier Flotilla​
Cruiser Force​
11th Cruiser Flotilla​
12th Cruiser Flotilla​
13th Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
18th Carrier Flotilla​
8th Destroyer Flotilla​
9th Destroyer Flotilla​
10th Destroyer Flotilla​
8th Frigate Flotilla​
9th Frigate Flotilla​
5th Aviso Flotilla​
Training and Education Command, Space Force Academies - Mars​
Shipyard Command, Mars​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Belt Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Ceres Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Vesta Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Ceres Orbital Guard​
Vesta Orbital Guard​
Pallas Orbital Guard​
Hygiea Orbital Guard​
Juno Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Cruiser Force​
16th Cruiser Flotilla​
17th Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
20th Carrier Flotilla​
21st Carrier Flotilla​
13th Destroyer Flotilla​
14th Destroyer Flotilla​
12th Frigate Flotilla​
13th Frigate Flotilla​
14th Frigate Flotilla​
8th Aviso Flotilla​
9th Aviso Flotilla​
10th Aviso Flotilla​
11th Aviso Flotilla​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Jovian Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Jupiter Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Amalthea Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Thebe Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Io Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Europa Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Ganymede Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Callisto Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Himalia Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Elara Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Jupiter Orbital Guard​
Amalthea Orbital Guard​
Thebe Orbital Guard​
Io Orbital Guard​
Europa Orbital Guard​
Ganymede Orbital Guard​
Callisto Orbital Guard​
Himalia Orbital Guard​
Elara Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Battle Force​
10th Battle Flotilla​
11th Battle Flotilla​
Carrier Force​
10th Carrier Flotilla​
11th Carrier Flotilla​
Cruiser Force​
18th Cruiser Flotilla​
19th Cruiser Flotilla​
20th Cruiser Flotilla​
21st Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
22nd Carrier Flotilla​
23rd Carrier Flotilla​
15th Destroyer Flotilla​
16th Destroyer Flotilla​
17th Destroyer Flotilla​
15th Frigate Flotilla​
16th Frigate Flotilla​
17th Frigate Flotilla​
18th Frigate Flotilla​
12th Aviso Flotilla​
13th Aviso Flotilla​
14th Aviso Flotilla​
15th Aviso Flotilla​
Training and Education Command, Ganymede Space Force Academy​
Shipyard Command, Ganymede​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Saturnian Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Prometheus Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Pandora Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Epimetheus Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Janus Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Mimas Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Enceladus Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Tethys Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Dione Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Rhea Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Titan Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Hyperion Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Iapetus Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Phoebe Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Saturn Orbital Guard​
Prometheus-Pandora Orbital Guard​
Epimetheus-Janus Orbital Guard​
Mimas Orbital Guard​
Enceladus Orbital Guard​
Tethys Orbital Guard​
Dione Orbital Guard​
Rhea Orbital Guard​
Titan Orbital Guard​
Hyperion Orbital Guard​
Iapetus Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Battle Force​
12th Battle Flotilla​
13th Battle Flotilla​
Carrier Force​
12th Carrier Flotilla​
13th Carrier Flotilla​
Cruiser Force​
22nd Cruiser Flotilla​
23rd Cruiser Flotilla​
24th Cruiser Flotilla​
25th Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
24th Carrier Flotilla​
25th Carrier Flotilla​
18th Destroyer Flotilla​
19th Destroyer Flotilla​
20th Destroyer Flotilla​
19th Frigate Flotilla​
20th Frigate Flotilla​
21st Frigate Flotilla​
22nd Frigate Flotilla​
16th Aviso Flotilla​
17th Aviso Flotilla​
18th Aviso Flotilla​
19th Aviso Flotilla​
Office of Naval Intelligence, Outer System Department Headquarters​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Uranian Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Miranda Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Ariel Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Umbriel Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Titania Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Oberon Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Miranda Orbital Guard​
Ariel Orbital Guard​
Umbriel Orbital Guard​
Titania Orbital Guard​
Oberon Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Battle Force​
14th Battle Flotilla​
Carrier Force​
14th Carrier Flotilla​
Cruiser Force​
26th Cruiser Flotilla​
27th Cruiser Flotilla​
28th Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
26th Carrier Flotilla​
27th Carrier Flotilla​
21st Destroyer Flotilla​
22nd Destroyer Flotilla​
23rd Frigate Flotilla​
24th Frigate Flotilla​
25th Frigate Flotilla​
20th Aviso Flotilla​
21st Aviso Flotilla​
22nd Aviso Flotilla​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Neptunian Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Neptune Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Despina Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Galatea Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Larissa Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Proteus Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Triton Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Nereid Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Neptune-Naiad-Thalassa Orbital Guard​
Despina Orbital Guard​
Galatea Orbital Guard​
Larissa Orbital Guard​
Proteus Orbital Guard​
Triton Orbital Guard​
Nereid Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Battle Force​
15th Battle Flotilla​
Carrier Force​
15th Carrier Flotilla​
Cruiser Force​
29th Cruiser Flotilla​
30th Cruiser Flotilla​
31st Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
28th Carrier Flotilla​
29th Carrier Flotilla​
23rd Destroyer Flotilla​
24th Destroyer Flotilla​
26th Frigate Flotilla​
27th Frigate Flotilla​
28th Frigate Flotilla​
23rd Aviso Flotilla​
24th Aviso Flotilla​
25th Aviso Flotilla​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Plutonian Fleet
Orbital Defense Command​
Pluto-Charon Orbital Defense Flotilla​
Orbital Guard Command​
Pluto-Charon Orbital Guard​
Battle Fleet Command​
Cruiser Force​
32nd Cruiser Flotilla​
33rd Cruiser Flotilla​
Escort Force​
30th Carrier Flotilla​
31st Carrier Flotilla​
25th Destroyer Flotilla​
26th Destroyer Flotilla​
29th Frigate Flotilla​
30th Frigate Flotilla​
26th Aviso Flotilla​
27th Aviso Flotilla​
28th Aviso Flotilla​
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment​
Special Boarding Command Detachment​
Battle, Carrier, Cruiser and Escort Forces are more administrative rather than functional units. For actual missions units are formed out of the flotillas (thought non-escort (especially Battle or Carrier) flotillas may be divided for missions). Battle and Carrier Flotillas consist of 4 vessels (ideally of the same class), Cruiser Flotillas consist of 6 vessels (doctrinal differences exist. Either of the same class or 2-3 missile cruisers with 4-3 gun cruisers), while escort flotillas (destroyers, frigates and avisos) consist of 8 vessels (generally of the same class in each). The carrier flotillas numbering 16 and above are of Escort Carriers rather than Fleet Carriers or Drone Carrying Missile Cruisers, consisting of 6 vessels each. Plutonian Fleet also responsible with patrolling other colonised Trans-Neptunian Objects.
Full numbers: 60 Battleships, 60 Carriers, 84 Escort Carriers, 198 Cruisers, 208 Destroyers, 240 Frigates, 224 Avisos + numerous Cutters/Orbital Patrol Craft and Orbital Defense Craft.
Maritime Force Headquarters (on Venus)
Submarines High Command​
Surface Fleet High Command​
Naval Infantry Command​
Fleet Air Command​
Central Training Command​
Shipyards High Command​
Maritime Intelligence Command​
Venus Command
Fleet Submarine Command​
Submarine Flotilla 1​
Submarine Flotilla 2​
Submarine Flotilla 3​
Submarine Flotilla 4​
Submarine Flotilla 5​
Submarine Flotilla 6​
Submarine Flotilla 7​
Submarine Flotilla 8​
Surface Action Command​
Amphibious Task Force 1​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 1​
Landing Ship Flotilla 1​
Destroyer Flotilla 1​
Destroyer Flotilla 3​
Amphibious Task Force 2​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 2​
Landing Ship Flotilla 2​
Destroyer Flotilla 2​
Destroyer Flotilla 4​
Imperial Marine Division​
Amphibious Marine Commando Brigade​
1st Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade​
Fleet Air Force​
Training Command​
Naval Academies - Venus​
Training Flotilla​
Shipyard Command - Venus​
Maritime Intelligence Detachment​
Earth Command
Fleet Submarine Command​
Submarine Flotilla 9​
Submarine Flotilla 10​
Submarine Flotilla 11​
Submarine Flotilla 12​
Submarine Flotilla 13​
Submarine Flotilla 14​
Surface Action Command​
Amphibious Task Force 3​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 3​
Landing Ship Flotilla 3​
Destroyer Flotilla 5​
Destroyer Flotilla 7​
Amphibious Task Force 4​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 4​
Landing Ship Flotilla 4​
Destroyer Flotilla 6​
Destroyer Flotilla 8​
Amphibious Task Force 5​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 5​
Landing Ship Flotilla 5​
Destroyer Flotilla 9​
Destroyer Flotilla 10​
Amphibious Task Force 6​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 6​
Landing Ship Flotilla 6​
Destroyer Flotilla 11​
Destroyer Flotilla 12​
Amphibious Task Force 7​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 7​
Landing Ship Flotilla 7​
Destroyer Flotilla 13​
Destroyer Flotilla 14​
Amphibious Task Force 8​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 8​
Landing Ship Flotilla 8​
Destroyer Flotilla 15​
Destroyer Flotilla 16​
Amphibious Marine Corps​
1st Marine Division​
1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade​
2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade​
2nd Marine Division​
Marine Commando Brigade​
Naval Fusiliers Brigade​
3rd Marine Division​
Naval Infantry Brigade​
3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade​
Fleet Air Force​
Training Command​
Naval Academies - Earth​
Training Flotilla​
Shipyard Command - Earth​
Maritime Intelligence Detachment​
Mars Command
Fleet Submarine Command​
Submarine Flotilla 15​
Submarine Flotilla 16​
Submarine Flotilla 17​
Surface Action Command​
Amphibious Task Force 9​
Amphibious Assault Flotilla 9​
Landing Ship Flotilla 9​
Destroyer Flotilla 17​
Destroyer Flotilla 18​
2nd Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade​
Fleet Air Force​
Training Command​
Naval Academies - Martian Naval College​
Training Flotilla​
Shipyard Command - Mars​
Maritime Intelligence Detachment​
Only Venus, Earth and Mars have Maritime assets as they are the only planets with surface liquids with the exception of the Hydrocarbon liquid bodies of Titan (which do have some civilian vessels on them). Thought there are civilian submarines in the moon Europa. Of the subdivisions of the Maritime Forces the Submarines are the main combatant force, Surface Action Command consists of Amphibious Assault Ships and ASW/Anti-Missile Escorts, intended to mostly facilitate the travel of troops to places where travel by sea is more practical compared to travel by air or descent from orbit as well as auxiliary vessels, with the Fleet Air Force consisting of maritime patrol aircraft. Of the three planetary commands Mars is by far the smallest (with a Submarine Flotilla in the Sea of Hellas and rest of the force deployed in the North Polar Ocean), hence it's Amphibious Marine force is the smallest as well. With Venus housing a full division and Earth a full corps of three divisions. Venus Command possesses more submarines than Earth command but a smaller marine force. This is mostly a result of Venus being long since pacified and not needing much of a force, the only reason for a full division instead of a brigade is A. Venus being a rather wet planet and B. Tradition (Imperial Marine Division first formed as a combination of Japanese and Turkic Amphibious Brigades that existed on Venus at the time of unification to form the Venusian Empire). Thought while Earth was the last inner planet to be conquered it also has been pacified for long and does not truly require such a large force as such Earth Command's Amphibious Marine Corps will likely be downgraded to a single Division soon. Various Brigades each consist of 3 amphibious battalions, a tank battalion and an artillery battalion as well as support companies.
Each Amphibious Task Force is attached to an Amphibious Brigade. Submarine Flotillas consist of 4 nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines, Amphibious Assault Flotillas consist of 3 landing helicopter docks, Landing Ship Flotillas consist of 3 dock landing ships and Destroyers Flotillas consist of 4 AAW/ASW destroyers.
Mercury Anti-Orbit Defense Command
19th Anti-Orbit Group​
Air Force Headquarters (on Venus)
Air Combat and Air Missile Defense High Command​
Anti-Orbit Defense Central Command​
Air Training High Command​
Air Support High Command​
Venus Command
Air Combat and Air Missile Defense Command​
Combat Air Force​
1st Fighter Group​
2nd Fighter Group​
3rd Fighter Group​
4th Fighter Group​
14th Bomber Group​
15th Bomber Group​
23rd AWACS Group​
Missile Defense Command​
1st Air Defense Group​
2nd Air Defense Group​
3rd Air Defense Group​
4th Air Defense Group​
Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
1st Anti-Orbit Group​
2nd Anti-Orbit Group​
3rd Anti-Orbit Group​
4th Anti-Orbit Group​
5th Anti-Orbit Group​
Air Training Command​
21st Training Group​
Air Support Command​
26th Airlift Group​
27th Airlift Group​
28th Airlift Group​
1st Supply and Maintenance Group​
2nd Supply and Maintenance Group​
3rd Supply and Maintenance Group​
4th Supply and Maintenance Group​
Earth Command
Air Combat and Air Missile Defense Command​
Combat Air Force​
5th Fighter Group​
6th Fighter Group​
7th Fighter Group​
8th Fighter Group​
9th Fighter Group​
10th Fighter Group​
16th Bomber Group​
17th Bomber Group​
18th Bomber Group​
24th AWACS Group​
Missile Defense Command​
5th Air Defense Group​
6th Air Defense Group​
7th Air Defense Group​
8th Air Defense Group​
9th Air Defense Group​
10th Air Defense Group​
Earth Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
6th Anti-Orbit Group​
7th Anti-Orbit Group​
8th Anti-Orbit Group​
9th Anti-Orbit Group​
10th Anti-Orbit Group​
11th Anti-Orbit Group​
12th Anti-Orbit Group​
Luna Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
13th Anti-Orbit Group​
14th Anti-Orbit Group​
Air Training Command​
Air Force Academy​
20th Training Group​
Air Support Command​
29th Airlift Group​
30th Airlift Group​
31st Airlift Group​
32nd Airlift Group​
5th Supply and Maintenance Group​
6th Supply and Maintenance Group​
7th Supply and Maintenance Group​
8th Supply and Maintenance Group​
9th Supply and Maintenance Group​
Mars Command
Air Combat and Air Missile Defense Command​
Combat Air Force​
11th Fighter Group​
12th Fighter Group​
13th Fighter Group​
19th Bomber Group​
25th AWACS Group​
Missile Defense Command​
11th Air Defense Group​
12th Air Defense Group​
13th Air Defense Group​
Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
15th Anti-Orbit Group​
16th Anti-Orbit Group​
17th Anti-Orbit Group​
18th Anti-Orbit Group​
Air Training Command​
22nd Training Group​
Air Support Command​
33rd Airlift Group​
34th Airlift Group​
10th Supply and Maintenance Group​
11th Supply and Maintenance Group​
12th Supply and Maintenance Group​
Belt Anti-Orbit Defense Command (Squadrons dispersed across various sufficiently large asteroids)
20th Anti-Orbit Group​
Jupiter Command
Io Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
21st Anti-Orbit Group​
Europa Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
22nd Anti-Orbit Group​
Ganymede Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
23rd Anti-Orbit Group​
Callisto Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
24th Anti-Orbit Group​
Jovian Moons Combined Anti-Orbit Defense Command (Squadrons dispersed across various sufficiently large moons)​
25th Anti-Orbit Group​
Saturn Command
Titan Anti-Orbit Defense Command​
26th Anti-Orbit Group​
Saturnine Moons Combined Anti-Orbit Defense Command (Squadrons dispersed across various sufficiently large moons)​
27th Anti-Orbit Group​
Uranus Anti-Orbit Defense Command (Squadrons dispersed across various sufficiently large moons)
28th Anti-Orbit Group​
Neptune Anti-Orbit Defense Command (Squadrons dispersed across various sufficiently large moons)
29th Anti-Orbit Group​
Pluto Anti-Orbit Defense Command (Squadrons dispersed across various sufficiently large Trans-Neptunian Bodies)
30th Anti-Orbit Group​

Only Venus, Earth and Mars have Air Force assets other than Anti-Orbit Defense Commands as they are the only planets with athmospheres where air-breathing engines are possible. As no other planet or moon is Terraformed or expected to be Terraformed (the Saturnian moon Titan being the only possible exception but it's athmosphere is not useful for the operation of the engines the Air Force uses). Transport in said bodies, if flying mostly uses rockets/spaceplanes or battery powered rotor VTOLs.
Fighter Groups are composed of two unmanned multirole fighter squadrons, a squadron of unmanned air superiority fighters and a squadron of unmanned aerospace fighters (spaceplanes) as well as one Liason and SAR Squadron. Bomber Groups are composed of a number of unmanned jet bomber squadrons. Venusian and Earther Combat Air Forces include one AWACS Groups of three squadrons each, with one more squadron on Mars. Air Defense Groups consist of varying numbers SAM squadrons while Anti-Orbit Groups similarly consist of surface to orbit missile squadrons, usually on relatively large bodies also augmented with a small number of ground-to-orbit gun/mass driver batteries. Airlift Groups consist of varying numbers of transport/cargo squadrons. Supply and Maintenance Groups are mostly land based units, thought do include a small number of tankers. Some tankers are unmanned but many such non-combat aircraft (including AWACS, Transport, Cargo, Liason and SAR aircraft) are manned.


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An illustration from my timeline "Lands of Bronze and Fire". A Miwok shepherd, photographed in California in the 1900s, with domesticated capybara, North American camelid, and bighorn sheep.

miwok shepherd.png


Your average Rifle Platoon in the Central Galactic Union Army, circa 2694.

While the operational focus of the human militaries have vacillated, the tactical focus has always been on hard-hitting maneuver units that act at varying intersections of deployability and battlefield mobility. The logistical constraints of occupying hundreds of thousands of planets, equipping garrisons with air support sufficient to their tasks, and the general trend of counterinsurgency warfare has seen the Army rely on highly-deployable infantry, which emphasizes its ability to be airlifted anywhere on its garrison world at short notice, or even extracted to space transports to be rapidly deployed on other nearby worlds. The basic unit of the infantry is the rifle platoon, equipped with wheeled armored vehicles (hover vehicles exist, but are mostly for fast-moving tank and armored cavalry forces).

In this image, the platoon is typical of mechanized forces attached to Infantry Battalions, equipped with APCs, whereas infantry attached to Combined Arms/Armor Battalions would be equipped with more heavily-armed IFVs. A typical Infantry Battalion would include nine rifle platoons and three mortar platoons organized into three rifle companies and a mortar company, alongside a headquarters company; a Combined Arms Battalion would have two rifle companies and two tank companies. Due to thorough mechanization of all spaceborne forces, the distinction between Grenadier and Infantry at the battalion level is fairly insignificant, and more of a matter of how its parent division is organized (Infantry divisions' maneuver element is composed of four infantry brigades, Armored divisions are composed of four Armored brigades, and Grenadier divisions are split two-and-two). There is a more significant difference when it comes to Light Infantry, such as infantry attached to mountain, airborne, or light divisions, which use motorized transport instead and have one less maneuver brigade than the heavier divisions.

A mechanized rifle platoon is composed of one officer and 40 enlisted soldiers; the Platoon Leader is typically a junior Second Lieutenant, though a First Lieutenant can sometimes be found in charge. They are assisted by a senior noncommissioned officer, the Platoon Sergeant, typically a Sergeant First Class. The Platoon headquarters section is rounded out by a Radio Operator, who handles the long-range communications equipment as well as command-and-control for the platoon scout drone (which may be armed with a heavy machine gun, a laser antipersonnel weapon system, or a single-shot compact kinetic energy missile launcher; the Combat Medic or field trauma specialist; and a Motor Vehicle Operator, who operates the FV31 Command Vehicle and directs the main vehicle weapon, though they may also engage in combat since the vehicle and its weapon can be directed by an artificial intelligence. It is not uncommon for the radio and vehicle specialists to be androids due to the high level of multitasking required.

Three of its squads are set up in roughly the same way: at the head is a Squad Leader, typically a Staff Sergeant; it is divided into two teams led by either a Sergeant or a Corporal-- an assault team that pushes forward and provides suppressive fire, and a maneuver team that flanks an opponent. The Alpha Team usually includes at least one Rifleman armed with a 20mm semiautomatic grenade launcher; Bravo Team includes the squad's MVO for highest mobility. Both fireteams include an automatic rifleman with a light machine gun, to provide considerable firepower at the smallest level of combat, in conjunction with the FV30's weapon system.
The fourth squad is a heavy weapons squad, with one team equipped with an anti-tank weapon (typically a guided anti-tank missile launcher, though tactical laser weapons or pulsed plasma projectors are also available) and the other team equipped with a medium machine gun, with attendant assistant gunner and ammunition carriers. This gives the platoon greater firepower capability, with small units entrusted to carry out more far-reaching missions and tasks due to this organic fire support.

This helps the Army stretch its forces as wide as possible while still retaining effectiveness. The Union comprises some 2,745,000 worlds under some degree of military occupation; even with over 224 billion soldiers in the Army alone and some 457 billion in the entire Defense Forces, that is still only about 1% of the human population, and that needs to stretch very wide. The average planetary garrison is two divisions-- though in reality, many sparsely inhabited worlds make do with far less, and many Occupied Territories, Alien Protectorates, and densely-populated worlds require far more.

Constructed partly from pieces created by B0iledEgg on DeviantArt, whose Franscale is a very aesthetically pleasing scale for unit graphics, threading the needle between detail and compactness.

Rifle Platoon.png
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Continuing from the previous series, here we see the battle order for Army Group Equatoria, a force of some 1,500,000 soldiers spread between its 10 corps plus supporting units. Compared to Army Group North and the 21st Army Group, more of Equatoria's units derive their heritage from formations raised in Earth's global south and east, with several divisions originating from the 20th and 21st century armies of China, Russia, Africa, West Asia, and Southeast Asia, though many also derive from American and German army histories. Equatoria's divisions are often rotated into expeditionary duties in the Outer Colonies, though many saw service during the Great War and the Pirate War.
While the army has generally abandoned using command positions as a sinecure, the older Terran aristocracy is nevertheless well-embedded in the military establishment. This is due in part to the emphasis placed on military tradition by the Terrans and their allies, the Orionese. Army Group Equatoria is commanded by Field Marshal Joseph-Isidore Ruanda, titular African Emperor; despite his lofty peerage, Ruanda is a career soldier who served during the Great War in command of an armored division, and somewhat shunned his noble title. He is also known as a confidante and supporter of Chancellor Maximilian, which may be partly responsible for his advancement in the military.

In spite of the impressive-sounding scale of Equatoria's numbers, its size is typical of the Army Group structure, which can range up to 3 million soldiers depending on the number of Field Armies assigned to it. Due to the sheer size of the Central Galactic Union Army, there are some 39,000 Army Groups spread throughout the galaxy, most of them assigned to the Occupied Territories or the Autonomous Alien Protectorates. On average, each of the roughly 3,009 interstellar military districts has about a dozen Army Groups; in practice, the administrative sectors have about 8 Army Groups per district, while the OTs and AAPs tend to have 24 per district to fulfill defense requirements-- this is augmented also by Marines and the airborne State Security Forces. CGU forces in the occupied and protected zones have to not only conduct frequent counterinsurgency operations, but also provide military assistance to civil authorities, and maintain readiness against organized insurrectionary threats. The 2679 Far Rim Revolt proved the necessity of considerable occupational force, when postwar garrisons were overwhelmed by insurrectionists with armored battalions on several dozen worlds, coupled with a terroristic bombing campaign. Ever since, the CGUA has maintained a considerable armored presence on both occupied territories, and the "home country" of the human-colonized sectors, as well as high deployability. This is reflected by operational doctrine mandating that every Expeditionary Corps be structured to include at least one Airborne Infantry Division, trained for air assault and positioned with a high state of readiness, supported by a mix of armored and infantry forces with organic artillery, aviation, engineering, and logistical support to allow independent operations down to the brigade level.

Army Group Equatoria.png

Mars mission patch for Italy which stayed neutral in WW2.
The bottom is a mussolini quote "inactivity is death" (ITTL the motto of ASI, the italian space agency)