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Australian flag in my 2050s worldbuilding I have been doing for a while for a comic that is way too lighthearted and simple for most of it to matter. View attachment 873609
the blue represents the seas that sorround Australia, along with the English heritage that came from across the sea, the Crux represents Australia's position in the southern hemisphere, the Kangaroo represents the lush fauna, the green represents the fertile land, the red represents the Aboriginals and the Yellow represents the continent itself and the material riches of the country.
because the colours in the lower parts are not used in the upper parts, it just makes it too busy to me. maybe have the kangaroo be yellow and the green go all the way around the flag since australians mainly lives in the fertile part around the edge of Australia.
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The text:
The Kipchak

Guild Boss

>One of the strongest players in the European side of the Silk Road, defacto owns Crimea/Turka/Khorastan
Has figured out the secrets of alternating currents, plans to make weapons
The Xioxians are trying to tax our artisan rugs? Cut off their access to our
weapons and hashish."

The ToungoonTechnocrat

>On the verge of creating a proto-computer to predict population movement in the Mandala system
Probably Cantonese
Regional rulers and monarchs are too high off opium to goven so they get to take the reigns
»Will cut off water for entire villages if they try to declare independence

The New Knight of Briton-Zion

›Somehow successfully lauchned a Grippe pandemic in the Roman Republic of Iber but can't stop Celtic invasions

> We tha Britons are tha true God chosen people!"
  • Works almost all hours of the day
  • Last bastion of the forbidden technology of the printing press
  • Believes in a Communal Edenic Commonwealth
The Musikan Iraca

»Bochica & Huitaca, I give you my praise for another decade of prosperity of our grand confederation!"

Worried about the new mad island men
Socially and technologically 50 years ahead of the rest of the world

>Rides a domesticated super-sized Capybara
Operate mist, prest,
-alchemist, oral scholar, & salt trader

The Kurultai Nomad
  • From Europe to the lands of Pacha. the whole world we be under One Khan!"
  • Blasted a hole in a Novagradi peasant for getting close to a yurt
  • Helps "manage relations" between post-Mongol states and the Mongol Federation & spread inter-Khanate global ideas

  • Keeps a very close eye on The Hay Guardians

Wealthy enough to

The Hajj Guardian

  • So brother, how has this year been for you? Have you seen the new electric lights in Darindia?"
    Usually about 6'10
  • First international paramilitary
  • A symbol of the pan-Islamic unity present after the 1889 uniting of the Hashemite kingdoms

Secures the passage of Muslims, particularly from Delhi or the southern ex-Mongol states, to Makkah

The Bengkulu


  • Declared independence from Persia when they abolished slavery
  • Nusantarans do much better business than the Dehlians do. They're much more gullible.
  • Will die from a massive nutmeg overdose
  • Deeply irreligious
  • Goes on ocasional expeditions along the coast of Guhlpesar looking-for-more siaves

The Kaliforniya



Enough of the corrupt monarchs!


>Don't even ask what happened to the native

The only Worid-Island outpost in the Pachan lands

»Descendant of a Moroccan settier on newly discovered islands far out west

The Magyaran

›Most annoying person for any Central Asian Turk to run into
Spends most of the day relaxing considering they have many slaves to farm for them

Entirely a product of the

1763 Root Decree by King-turn- Khan Eromadar

>Hates Romanists

Friendly towards Roma

>Real Turanian Patriot

The Aristo Councilman

  • Had to campaign against all their distant counsins to win over their serf electorate
  • Good servants of Durmontl If you choose me as your lord, the carnival will be extended by a week!"
    Established a feudal/landed republic

when the king started to comE diste

  • Low teathings
  • Happy peasants
  • Nuff said

The Songhay


  • My Emporer, The Roman nations are as backward as they were a century ago!"
  • Has a lavish palace along the Sade Lake
  • Really annoyed by the Nri, Touruba, Ghana,

Ashantia, & other kingdoms

hogging the coast

>Helped broker the Holy Alliance between Delhi, Qurtuba, and the United Hashemite Kingdom

The Mongol Explorer

Thought propeller drones would survive in a Pachan blizzard

  • Lost in
  • Was sent to convince the


Aleut to join the Kurultai but

since 95

went off course

  • Had to give away everything he had in Tlingit
  • Has almost entirely forgotten life inside the Mongol Federation as it has forgotten him

The Timirudian


  • I would rather live a day as a lion, rather than a lifetime as a feminine neo-Mazdakite sheep in Shiraz!"
    Doesn't like the drift away from tradtional Turco-Mongol structures in Persia despite growing hegemony
  • Wants to annex the Two Qazaristans, Balochistan, Khorastan, the Uyghur Confederation, Xeorxia, Turka, Chagatai, etc.

The Typical Romanist


Literally just copied what Thracia & Latina were doing >Begs the Papacy

Usually fights with corrupt ruling consul in the Roman Union over who would is the most legitimate inheritor

The threat of pagan Mongolianism is only dormant! We must re-establish the empire!

The Prester John


Fighting alongside Livonian Templars, Antioch mercenaries, and Isaaq Mahdists who all hate him

Will end up switching to the Orthodox side or being hired by a Roman warlord

* This c-c-civil war has lasted 20 years and b-both claimants to the throne of Ethiopia are dead."

The Serpent King of Utam Bhumih
  • From a long unbroken line of Yoingu-Makassarese folk Buddhists
  • We must secure our ways against subversion of envious Nusantaran imperialists."
Worried about rumours of a far-off "Ngapuhi Empire"& Persian attempts of settlement in the West
>Deeply isolationist, even more so than the United Kingdoms


Been playing around with franscale characters. Here's one of a major figure in my setting.

Maximilian Compton, born in 2640, was the eldest surviving son of Emperor Francis Charles VII of the Terran Empire. After a tumultuous upbringing that saw him exposed to radical-right human nationalist ideas and a very public break with his father, he was disinherited from the throne. Seeking his ascendancy elsewhere, he joined the National Humanist party and quickly became an icon of the party's youth wing. He joined the paramilitary National Volunteer Force (image 1), and in the 2660s had a meteoric rise in the party as a spokesman. In 2665, he was admitted to the Party Steering Committee, the central organizing body of the NHILP headquartered in London. Around this time, he began a rapprochement with his estranged father, seeking to ally the party with the crown. He was reinstated as Crown Prince in a public ceremony just prior to the Emperor departing to lead naval forces in the Carina front of the Great War.

He made alliances with politburo head Shannon McGrady and his mentor Lord Frederick Rycon in order to outmaneuver party chairman H. Oswald Addington. In a power-sharing agreement forged in early 2667, Maximilian would be instated as Prince Regent (image 2) while the Emperor was away at war, while Lord Rycon would manage the treasury and war departments, and Addington would remain nominal prime minister and head of the civil service. In this role, Maximilian had a heavy hand in military planning and chaired meetings with the Imperial General Staff (image 3) in his father's stead.
In June 2668, Francis Charles died in battle and Maximilian was declared emperor. A coronation had already been planned out, and was quickly put into place just under two months later (image 4a and 4b), after which he abolished the premiership and chaired cabinet personally. He led the Empire through the war (image 5), and in 2670 presided over the creation of a provisional confederation of the allied human states. He created a new state security apparatus, with wide-ranging police powers, and was often accused of being an authoritarian dictator. For his part, he never really hid his fascist alignment.

After the war's conclusion in 2675, this was consolidated into a galaxy-spanning federal republic, which Maximilian declared as the Central Galactic Union (image 6). He was elected Chancellor. and shepherded it through its fitful early years, including an alien revolt in 2679 and a civil war in the colonies in 2680 (image 7). He was reelected twice in 2682 and 2688, and seemed prepared to retire after his 3rd term, but war with a heretofore unknown alien empire in the Outer Rim demanded his resumption of power and oversight of the war effort (image 8). This, along with several domestic crises involving piracy and terrorism in the 2680s and 90s, saw a sharp expansion in the power of the state security apparatus, which seemed to wrest control away from Maximilian. By the late 2690s (image 9), he was practically a figurehead in his own dictatorship.

For all of his life, Maximilian had seen himself as a man of destiny. The right man at the right time, the only man with the unique fusion of imperial blood, populist appeal, and the will to power, to bring about human unification. He saw himself as the only person able to bring together both the aristocratic and the populist wings to the far right nationalist movement, and forge a unified front that would bring about a sweeping (but not too sweeping) change in the galactic political order. And now, older than his father ever was, he saw that destiny start to slip through his fingers...

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In a similar vein, some continuing with a different prominent main character:

William Jakodi McGrady (b. October 31st, 2643) is the third child and second-eldest son of spacer politician Shannon McGrady. The McGrady clan are a prominent political and noble family, renowned for their boundless ambition and recurring influence; by the 2660s, the McGrady Corporation was the largest conglomerate in the Empire, and Shannon was a powerful Member of Parliament as head of the Politburo of the National Humanist Imperial Labor Party. Her children were all placed-- or forced-- into careers of prominence and pressured to be only the best in their chosen fields.

Despite a long history of behavioral disorders, William "Billy" McGrady graduated near the top of his class from a private academy on the orbital colony of Wallerstein, his family's center of power. He interned for his brother John's political campaign for the colonial council, but dropped out just before his 19th birthday and joined the Imperial Army (image 1.1) as a dragoon-- mechanized infantry attached to armored reconnaissance formations. His disappearance is thought to be a major reason for his brother's failure, and subsequent self-imposed exile, as his ruthlessness was an asset. Instead, Billy turned his viciousness and antisocial personality against enemies of the state as a soldier, committing many war crimes that were often ignored. This only accelerated during the Great War, and he rose to the become a fireteam leader and scout (image 1.2) during the fateful Battle of Khoz. Soon after, he was discharged from the Army due to his injuries-- a convenient cover to recruit him into the Imperial Strategic Intelligence Agency. He served in Beaumont's Raiders, which became the premiere government death squad and Billy it's most remorseless killer. With newfound fame as a war hero and friends in high places, he was rapidly promoted as an officer of Imperial Intelligence and ended the 2660s as a Colonel (image 1.3).

The 2670s saw his rapid rise to power, first as a Lieutenant General in the newly-formed Imperial State Security Department, as head of ISIA (image 2.1). His agency was expanded to include air assault and strike forces, "adopting" the paramilitary NVF as a "second army" of "political soldiers". While leading this reformation, he also was married to his childhood friend, heiress Zenzi Rothschild (image 2.2), with whom he would have three children. By the conclusion of the Great War in 2675 and the creation of a new Ministry of State Security, Billy was promoted to a marshal's rank (images 2.3 and 2.4) and his department was greatly enlarged with special operations and armored forces led by his right-hand man General Brian Kessar. He was granted a noble title by the Congress as recognition for his service to the republic (image 2.5).

The 2680s saw him reach the height of power. His prized Strategic Security Forces were crucial in crushing the alien revolt in the Far Rim, ending a civil war on the planet Keystone, conducting anti-piracy campaigns in the Pirate War, and suppressing colonial riots. After a reform of the state security apparatus in the Public Security Act of 2686, he became the State Secretary for strategic security and received the rank of Exarch, equivalent to an army Grand Marshal (images 3.1 and 3.2). However, his department came under some public scrutiny and an investigation by his rivals for misuse of military resources. But he rebounded in power with the start of war in the Outer Rim, and the widespread use of his forces in foreign occupation roles. In 2692, he spearheaded the Granada Conference, where state security and civil service leaders met to plan out a xenocide to prepare for human colonization of the Outer Rim; in recognition, he was granted a dukedom (image 3.3).

His restless nature and the waning of his power struggle with his rival Xander Vox led him to take bold, reckless actions to alleviate a sense of boredom, such as leading security troops himself during the Jericho Riots in early 2695 in Rome (image 3.4). He co-led an internal investigation within state security after a terrorist attack on the Galapagos National Fortress, which implicated the Minister of State Security as an organizer of the attack. Billy, Xander, and their immediate superior, Vice Minister Henry Heavenly, succeeded in ousting the suspected minister, and Billy was all too eager to personally carry out the execution.
In public he portrays himself as a family man (image 3.5), a wealthy dilettante with fine taste and trend-setting fashion sense. However, this hides a violent and manipulative personality, a true sociopath.

This took me way too much time and effort...

Cultural Revolution Alternate History Compass
Cultural Revolution Compass.png

EDIT: Questions are welcome.​
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some AI-generated art that I edited for use in Irish alt-history:


"Banríon Deirdre Ní Briain i gceannas"
"Queen Deirdre descendant of Briain, leading"
(Depicting a fictional queen-regnant, who is a descendant of King Briain, expanding beyong the island of Ireland)


"Ardaítear bratach na hÉirann cróga ar an ccladach leathan thiar"
"Brave Ireland's flag is planted on the wide western shore"
(Depicting an irishman planting the Kingdom of Ireland's flag in North America)
"Wanted" poster of a Florida criminal group in one of my timelines (The FIA is this timeline's FBI equivalent)
The mugshots used for these people are AI generated, the rest is not
Are they all supposed to be this attractive? Because otherwise you will need to work on the prompts because most AI image generators tend towards making the subject attractive.
Are they all supposed to be this attractive? Because otherwise you will need to work on the prompts because most AI image generators tend towards making the subject attractive.
Attractive people can’t commit crimes? I’m more concerned that 38 counts of first degree murder is worth less than a couple of cybercrimes.
What if, after the bankruptcy of Chrysler and GM, the Russian automotive company GAZ bought Chrysler's licenses and tools?

GAZ cars.png
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Redesigned the Flag of Australia in my 2050s world.
Australian flag in my 2050s worldbuilding I have been doing for a while for a comic that is way too lighthearted and simple for most of it to matter. the blue represents the seas that sorround Australia, along with the English heritage that came from across the sea, the Crux represents Australia's position in the southern hemisphere, the Kangaroo represents the lush fauna, the green represents the fertile land, the red represents the Aboriginals and the Yellow represents the continent itself and the material riches of the country.

And also designed a Flag for Australia's Little Sibling country (New Zealand)
New Zealand.png
The Blue represents the Sea, the Stars the Islands and Traditional Polynesian Way-finding, the Black the Maori people, the White Peace between Maori and Anglos.
What's with the corn?

If you want to learn more about the world here is the link

but i took the corn parts if you were just interested in that part and put it bellow.

Contract of employment is a standard contract in this timeline used by pseudo corporate states as a bill of rights between the state and the employee, these rights include

Right to Affordable Speech. sometimes when the people think they know better than the corporation they must express themselves, and they are free to do so as long as the space has been paid for and for our HR department to make sure there are enough fire exits and that the content of the speech doesn't cause a riot or promote attitudes overtly negative of the state.

This "overtly" clause has imbued this new culture with the skills of understatement, sarcasm, and dry wit. A speaker might say they found the food at the cafeteria in his hometown lacking in flavor and requests that Food be diverted there to increase diversity in the diet of the employees. What he really is saying is that his town has been mass food poisoned and he has paid for this speech to address the people in the public square for any assistance, there is usually no food diversity most of the populace is sustained on corn and corn derivatives, American corn and American corn derivatives. Due to the large amount of corn produced in the united states and its desire to unload corn and all the things they can make from it, corn is the cheapest and most efficient food so it is the most of the employee's diet, they can look forward to their weekly lemon, though! It stops scurvy! Having no agricultural industry after its destruction at the hands of Carnegie and the American Board for the Promotion of Commercial and Government uses of Corn (ABPCGC) Liberia imports all its food, most coming from America consisting of Corn shipments as Agreed on in the Carnegie Corn Accords.


The most obvious and jarring case of Constitutional Endorsements. In an exchange for large investments and the use of their powerful lobbies in D.C, Carnegie signed an exclusive deal that all needs that can be met by corn at a reasonable cost will be provided by the ABPCGC. Afraid of being ditched when a more easy supply is found or even developed by Liberia the Board decided to have the deal in the binding employee contract itself. It would make sure they upheld their commitments. Only during times of great crisis does the country switch from corn, usually to whatever they can get their hands on. ABPCGC is contracted to provide the caloric needs of Liberia and they control all the gears of food distribution other than the few domestic franchisees. if corn can no longer be profitably sold to Liberia, they won't just face a constitutional crisis but starvation as well. However as always, the rich are the exception, they run some of the few private companies called Domestic Franchisees residing in the company state, importing and selling luxury goods and foods. As defined in the franchise agreement luxury food is any non-corn-based food or lemons. These Franchisees are not allowed to deal with or affect the flow of essential goods, everything else is fair game though, as long as it has been approved by the company, mostly Luxury Goods have been shortened to just a list of frivolities and toys, nothing that could feed an insurgency or develop a domestic food source. The market of these goods and luxury foods is the rich and upper-middle-class themselves, usually, these franchise owners are disgruntled employee shareholders finding advancement too difficult through the available channels, attracted by the lessened oversight and dreams of the Carnegie Dream.

The freedom from taxation since the state is the corporation and a very wealthy one at that it has more than enough avenues to generate income rather than taxing their own employees. This is a double-edged sword, in times of plenty it provides an attraction from immigrants and foreign expatriates, however, economic crises work different in Liberia, they are not only economic but are also constitutional in nature, any attempt at taxation, examination of assets without undue suspicion and legal warrants would be met with mass uprisings.

There are no citizens in these states, there are employees the vast number of people residing in these states, shareholders which are a class of people who not only have shares but enough shares to live off annual dividends these are the ruling class holding around 41% of the current shares and thus 41% percent of the voting power, and the middle-class employee shareholder, having accumulated and stashed every share in a family and passing them down creates this hybrid middle class, their voting power rests at 4% only a symbolic amount but it used as a gauge into the publics feelings on matters. Many families in this economic class only have one or two full-shares so they not only vote for themselves but their whole families.
A map of the 2050s world I made that my Australian flag is from. Some details may be ASB (i.e UN Occupations of North Ireland and Crimea) Edit: Didn't notice the inconsistency with Hudson bay.

labelled countries

Alliances (excluding NATO)

Also city and state maps of the USA
USA Cities.png
state map.
USA States-1.png
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A map of the 2050s world I made that my australian flag is from. Some details may be ASB (i.e UN Occupations of North Ireland and Crimea) View attachment 884588
labelled countries
View attachment 884589
Alliances (excluding NATO)
View attachment 884590
Also city and state maps of the USA
View attachment 884591state map.View attachment 884592
The maps have a real 1980s computer graphic look. Is this timeline retro-futuristic ? (i.e. Cyberpunk, Cassette Futurism, Low Tech Sci-Fi, .....)
The maps have a real 1980s computer graphic look. Is this timeline retro-futuristic ? (i.e. Cyberpunk, Cassette Futurism, Low Tech Sci-Fi, .....)
Nah it looked futuristic and cool. A bit scifi though. Not really a TL. Some worldbuilding i did for a comic, where the worldbuilding got outa hand.