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Gone Fishin'
What I might like to see is an alt-graphic showcasing an alt-cuisine especially if the PoD is centuries back, kind of like this
Maybe say the names of food from an Andalusian Mexico, like majun shitumal
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It's Halloween... so I thought it best to whip up alternate posters for OTL films. This happens to be why this isn't posted in Photos of Alternate Worlds II.


CARRIE (1976)


CARRIE (2002)


CARRIE (2013)​
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The "Gran Palacio" in Havana, Cuba.... The building was built towards the end of the 19th century, by the Belgians while they were colonizing the island... As you can see, it is Flemish inspired...
An another example of Flemish (or Belgian) architecture in Havana, Cuba, made during the Belgian period: the Botanic Garden, made in place of the OTL Revolution Palace...

Jardin Botanica La Havana.png
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