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It's Halloween... so I thought it best to whip up alternate posters for OTL films. This happens to be why this isn't posted in Photos of Alternate Worlds II.


CARRIE (1976)


CARRIE (2002)


CARRIE (2013)​
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The "Gran Palacio" in Havana, Cuba.... The building was built towards the end of the 19th century, by the Belgians while they were colonizing the island... As you can see, it is Flemish inspired...
An another example of Flemish (or Belgian) architecture in Havana, Cuba, made during the Belgian period: the Botanic Garden, made in place of the OTL Revolution Palace...

Jardin Botanica La Havana.png
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A prominent emerging character (one of the player characters in the TTRPG I run for my sci-fi setting).

Sakura Urquhart Sabrina Helena Itumi "Sushi" Kittenbottom III, a businesswoman-turned-mercenary with one unusual quality: she is neither human nor alien, but a genetically-engineered "uplifted" feline.

Her creator, Jane Harmon-Higginbotham, gained fame and fortune initially through publishing a wildly popular and merchandisable series of children's and young-adult fantasy novels in the early 2600s. She turned her fortune into a business empire that expanded into biotechnology, eventually becoming the Higginbotham Group, a leading brand in genetic engineering, gene augmentation, and "bioentertainment". Controversially, Harmon turned her fantasy world into reality, through experimentally engineering "talking animals" and placing them on a privately-chartered colony planet; this expensive venture, the fulfilment of her life's fantasies, was monetized in order to fund her research and creations, through televised docu-drama programming. She personally created a lineage of uplifted cats as her first experiment to prepare for this; Sushi was the latest in this line, outfitted with not just a complex brain, but cybernetics allowing her to walk upright.

In her old age, Harmon prepared Sushi to be her successor as president of the company; she wrote her into her will as the beneficiary of her estate-in-trust before she died in 2694. Due to Sushi's non-citizenship, this trust was placed in the custodianship of Harmon's nephew, Hanzo, who has sought to prevent Sushi from taking her rightful place. Her allowances from her trust fund only go so far in providing for her lifestyle, and she needs another way to pay for a lawyer.

Obsessed with having an aristocratic bearing and appearing as human as possible, Sushi has taken to the stars, joining up with high-paying mercenaries to pursue her goals-- not through violence, but through using her charm, wits, and good manners.

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