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    Mar 12, 2005
    Made some patches for Equal AA 1.20 for North America (the western donut hole in the Gulf of Mexico has been gone for the past 19 years and there is a dispute in the EEZ boundaries between the USA and the Bahamas), Europe (Norway and Russia agreed on a maritime border in 2010, Russia's annexation of Crimea comes with a claim to waters arounds it), Africa (Somaliland claims an EEZ as best as I can remember), Asia (the peanut hole in the Sea of Okhotsk has been gone since 2014):

    EqualAA 1.20 north america patch.png

    EqualAA 1.20 europe africa patch.png

    EqualAA 1.20 asia patch.png

    Some of these changes were already made for EqualA but the Norway-Russia maritime EEZ border, US-Mexico maritime EEZ border in the western donut hole in the Gulf of Mexico and the end of the Peanut Hole in the Sea of Okhotsk would still need to be applied.

    The Costa Rica-Nicaragua maritime border would also need to be in the EqualA map.
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