Bronze Age “Chinese Mesoamerica” in AH works?

Head of an Olmec baby figurine. Gordon Ekholm, who was an archaeologist and curator at the American Museum of Natural History, suggested that the Olmec art style might have originated in Bronze Age China.[18]
Some researchers have argued that the Olmec civilization came into existence with the help of Chinese refugees, particularly at the end of the Shang dynasty.[19] In 1975, Betty Meggers of the Smithsonian Institution argued that the Olmec civilization originated due to Shang Chinese influences around 1200 BC.[20]
So I’ve seen AH & sci-fi stories use the “Zheng He‘s treasure ships contact New World civilizations” premise as their POD, but I can’t think of any works based around the idea of Ancient Chinese forming the Olmec.

Does anyone know of any stories/novels/TV shows that use that idea? Because the idea of blending ancient Chinese and ancient Mesoamerican cultures in an ATL seems fascinating to me.