pre-columbian americas

  1. The Militant Doberman

    Bronze Age “Chinese Mesoamerica” in AH works? So I’ve seen AH & sci-fi stories use the “Zheng He‘s treasure ships contact New World civilizations” premise as their POD, but I can’t think of any works based around the idea of Ancient Chinese forming the Olmec. Does anyone...
  2. Why did Native Americans never develop ironworking?

    As far as I know, Native Americans never independently developed ironworking. Why is that?
  3. AHC: Establish a permanent Polynesian presence in the pre-Columbian Americas

    While there's still some debate about whether the Polynesians beat Columbus to the Americas, what seems pretty clear is that even if they did achieve it, the mark they left wasn't particularly strong or long-lasting (with a handful of exceptions). Your challenge is to change that. Have the...