"An Exchange of Lions for Swans" A 1300s Plantagenet-De Bohun TL

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Chapter 19: A new Beginning New
In March 1311, The Great Famine of Europe was reaching a new height, and it would be Pope Clement V who would willing enter a Fast in solidarity with the poor and starving of Europe, and after some four weeks, He would pass into history, and so the College of Cardinals would gather at the Papal Maison at Nice.

News of the Conclave spread across Europe, and many monarchs immediately would begin to support several claimants; Elizabeth of England and her Husband, Humphrey de Bohun would support the English cardinal; Walter Winterburn, while Phillipe IV supported Cardinal de Pontigny, but ultimately neither the French or English had much chance of success. The true contenders had divided the College of Cardinals into two parties; one which favoured Imperial domination of Northern Italy, and the other which favoured a free, but papal influenced Italy, echoing the civilian conflicts throughout northern Italy between the Guelph and the Gibhelines.
The Imperial party backed the genoese cardinal; Luc Fieschi, nephew and grand-nephew of two previous popes, while the Roman party backed Matteo Orsini, Archpriest of the Vatican Basilica.

After some three months, The nineteen cardinals had finally gathered, and the ballot was cast, with Luc Fieschi succeeding to the Papacy, while the 9 members of the Roman Party declared treachery and cheating, and that no Imperial slave could take the Lateran Tiara. Cardinal Frangipani would impede Fieshi's path to the throne, and so it came to blows. As the Roman populace caught wind of the fight, those that held themselves as Guelphs would rise up once again, and once again; Italy was torn asunder.