Alternate world Propaganda


here one of guess who (a bit over the top don't you think)? the freedom party (please post your're own)
Well his family emigrate from georgia and he became the leader of communist U.S.A and now he is in war agaist a the biggest anti-communist country on earth Canada!
^^^No, it doesn't look like a pleasant place to live in at all. What timeline is it? The Draka one after they nuked America and the Alliance for Democracy in 1999? Probably not (since it clearly says 1988 and Haig), but that's probably what New York City looked like after the Draka hit it with multiple fusion bombs.



Romulus Augustulus said:
Diamond, is that one with New York in ruins from something similar to For All Time?
Nah, it's from a TL that I'm playing around with on and off. In it, Soviet commanders misinterpret NATO ships' actions during wargames in the North Atlantic, and launch a first strike.
Diamond said:
This is not a very pleasant world to live in:

That looks like a cover for a made-for-tv-movie-then-went-to-video movie I once saw in a store. Something about a earthquake in New York City.
I wonder who in the league with the japanese ? and if you look closely you will see a new flag on the shinkin ship (Logic considering it was made for the shinking of a pretty important ship for the british when singapour fallen IIRC)