Alternate world Propaganda

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This same only in Russian, how do you think, soviets didn't make propaganda in english for trops of red army!

I'd laike to add that I'm not a Russian, I'm Polish and I hate communist, thier made a lots of horible thinks in my contry, including terytorial cesion of halft of our terytory in 1945.
follow_by_white_rabbit said:
That is the way it ought to look!

Actually it would be "Sleduiushii"; the entire phrase in Russian is:

Черчиль Следующий (not sure if it is going to display correctly since I am using a Cyrillic font there)

Heh... just being nitpicky :D
Well the commie killed hitler and now the only threat to there power is the United kingdom. So now they are preparing themselfto invade england.
Hum I prefered use my french skill instead


(it say CRUSHED! by the tricolore, btw why do you keep asking for west coast occupation poster ? I don't think you should overload this thread with one kind of atl timeline)
(not my best one)


Here a challenge, do a poster of the mordern aztec nation fighting a American Asian nation (Not Invading Japan or China)