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UK General Election, 1997
"The Two Davids" (Owen and Penhaligon) were close colleagues in coalition and were good at smoothing out differences between Labour and the Liberals. The coalition started building the Channel Tunnel, won the bid the stage the 2000 Olympics and had negotiated a ceasefire with the IRA. Electoral Reform, the holy grail of the Liberals, was more divisive however, the Two Davids settling on the Alternative Vote (AV) system. The quiet confidence of the coalition contrasted directly with the dismal state of Norman Lamont's Conservatives: a coherent message was all but impossible as the question of Europe threatened to tear the party apart. Although the Tories gained votes, due to cross-preferencing between the Liberals and Labour under AV the party lost nearly 30 seats and the Lib-Lab coalition continued.

UK General Election, February 1974
UK General Election, October 1974
UK General Election, 1978 & Canadian Federal Election 1979
US Presidential Elections, 1976 & 1980
Canadian Federal Election 1980 & UK General Election 1981
Labour Leadership Election, 1981 & Scottish Assembly Election 1982
Canadian Federal Election, 1984; US Presidential Election, 1984 & UK General Election 1985
The Troubles and Ted Kennedy
UK General Election, 1988 & Canadian Federal Election 1988
US Presidential Election 1988 & Canadian Federal Election 1989
US Presidential Election, 1992; UK General Election 1993 and John Smith
Canadian Federal Elections, 1994 & 1996 and Brian Mulroney
US Presidential Election, 1996
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Interesting. I was going to say that it should say 2PP or something on the % votes if it's AV, but looking at OTL Australia infoboxes, it doesn't actually say that.
Even if its AV, a three-cornered election in Australia gets a normal election infobox, no 2PP. Makes sense here.
Rajendra Parrikar is the current Prime Minister of India, and a member of the Baratiya Janata. The long-time popular Chief Minister of Gujarat, Parrikar entered federal politics as the Home Minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Salam Ranjan Singh. Following the BJP's defeat in the 2126 elections, Parrikar became the leader of the national party. He led the Bharatiya Janata to victory in the 2131 elections over the middling INC government led by Maneka Gandhi. However, Parrikar's government is not much better as India is mired in an economic slowdown marred by rising unemployment (particularly youth unemployment), flattening wages and minimal economic growth. He's also been marred by an unpopular war in Cydonia on Mars, as India led a UN mission in 2132 to depose violent Cydonian leader Azolis ze'Makota. Additionally, increased Muslim and Hindu violence in the west has led the Muslim League of Abdur Ali Khan to question their coalition agreement, further weakening the Parrikar government.



Interesting. I think India is probably one place where I would expect a new political landscape to emerge in the next 100 years given the way the current parties are structured...but having said that, people probably said the same thing about the Republic of Ireland in the 1930s, but that hasn't happened, either.
Interesting. I think India is probably one place where I would expect a new political landscape to emerge in the next 100 years given the way the current parties are structured...but having said that, people probably said the same thing about the Republic of Ireland in the 1930s, but that hasn't happened, either.
I don't see the INC going away. It's been around for 130 years at this point in OTL. The Bharatiya Janata Party might, but it could stake itself out as a generic centre-right party, which is largely what happened here. And India becomes more stable so its politics remain more stable.

I really should get to reading your TL, Mike. It sounds really interesting.
Yes. Yes you should. Though it's not as much a TL as it is just random background information for my stories.
Great Deseret box. Except for the Internet TLD. At that stage .de was likely already assigned to Germany.
Thanks, I tired really hard with it to make it the best, and yeah, I realized the mistake with the Internet TLD after I finished it, since .de was just the first thing that came to mind regarding Deseret and I didn't think about the fact Germany would have it.

So. you don't think anything else is off besides the Internet TLD? just want to make sure

Maybe .dst?
Maybe, that would probably work.
Quebec Premiers from the EOI-verse. Since 1961 the UN leadership has been held almost exclusively by two families, though that will change with Johnson's retirement later this year ITTL. :p

Shintaro Kogami was the final and longest serving Prime Minister of Japan. World War III was particularly hard on Japan, as it became the only non-Communist country in East Asia. The first half of the 21st century was marked by a worsening demographic crisis, a Lost Decade economic crisis that stretched into decades and a never-ending string of political scandals. Various authoritarian and technocratic tendencies appeared in Japanese society due to the public's distrust of elected governments. The largest and most prominent of these was the New Renaissance Party of Shintaro Kogami, a technocrat who went a step further than most. Entirely distrusting human planners and engineers, Kogami called for all government and societal functions to be turned over to supercomputers. Japan was hit hard by the Deluge in the 2040s and the government's response was unacceptable. The Japanese people had had enough of elected government and decide to get hard technocracy a chance. The first OracleNet system was brought online in 2061, and the government turned over most economic control to the OracleNet. 20 years later, in 2081, the government of Japan turned over complete political control to the OracleNet and the government was abolished. Kogami's current whereabouts are unknown, as Japan (along with fellow hard technocrat travelers Iceland and East Germany) has become extremely isolated from the rest of the world. While a nominal member of INTO, most other technocrat nations consider Japan, Iceland and East Germany to be rather strange.

going to be seeing what you lot think of a possible Series on alternative Careers for Famous people and what alternative Roles or characters they could have played
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He was a Communist and a Catholic? I forget the relation that religion and American communism had here in the UASR.
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