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Before the 2nd Great War Port Chameleon Bay was a bustling port city. The Jewel of the East was it nickname. Founded by colonists from the Fire Nation it was still majority Fire Folk by 0 AR; highly unusual for a large city at the eastern end of T'u Kuo. By the time of the War of the Third Coalition the northern reaches of the city were the only territory held by the Laalish Free State north of the Black River. The strategic location Port Port Chameleon Bay brought it to the forefront of Laalish strategic planning in the run up to the War of the Third Coalition. As part of Operation Spring Cleaning intensive efforts were made to fortify the city from possible attack. In addition miles of air strips were built as Mako touted Port Chameleon Port as an unsinkable aircraft carrier that could strike the vital cities of the Earth empire. Accordingly planners in the Earth Empire the city one of the major objectives of Operation Kyoshi. When War finally broke out 6th Army Group was attacked with taking the city in the first two weeks. This proved beyond it as Laalish forces repelled the 6th Army Group, at great cost, again and again. Fearing a protracted and costly battle Kuvira ordered Marshal Guan to instead launch a siege in an effort to starve out the defenders. With the city blockaded by land the Eastern Sea became the only lane of resupply. Even there resupply became unreliable at times as Coalition shipping was subjected to furious air and submarine attack. Limited and inconsistent shipping capacity combined with an emphasis on military supplies caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the coming months....
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Stephen Grover Cleveland (March 18, 1837 – June 14, 1893) was an American convicted rapist, politician and lawyer who served as Governor of New York from 1880 to 1883 and as Imperial Secretary of the Treasury from 1883 to 1886.

Born to a Presbyterian minister, Cleveland grew up in upstate New York. A political leader of the local Democratic-Republican Party's reformist Liberal faction, Cleveland came to be reputed for high personal integrity, commitment to principles of classical liberalism and stringent opposition to political corruption and bossism, which were central to his tenure as Mayor of Buffalo and, following the 1879 state election, Governor of New York. Cleveland's formidable policymaking skill and tacit support for tariff reform piqued the interest of Theodore I, who appointed Cleveland to the position of Secretary of the Treasury at the behest of then-current officeholder Henry Mason Mathews.

While Cleveland did much to reform the existing regulations and combat economic corruption, his prestigious career was brought down by an investigation into allegations of "gross sexual misconduct" towards one Maria Halpin, first published in a Buffalo newspaper in 1880. A highly-publicized 1885 trial, which aroused the American people's interest further due to Cleveland's exuberant and stubborn personality, subsequently revealed that Cleveland conspired to cover up the incident by organizing the murders of reporters involved in the case and, eventually, Maria Halpin herself. Cleveland was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment and convicted in December 1885. Cleveland's arrest led to brief turmoil as members of the New York Liberal faction denounced the trial as "politically motivated"; while this would affect future scandals such as the proceedings of the 1886 New York mayoral election, the unrest within the New York Democratic-Republican Party would ultimately abate by the Panic of 1891.

On June 14, 1893, Cleveland passed away from a heart attack at the Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York.
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Equestrian Politics
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Party to Uphold Hippocracy
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Nightmare Party

Next, the Equalist parties.


In a small village on the edge of Equestria, Starlight Glimmer proposed a theory. All the problems in Equestria are caused by one thing: cutie marks. The marks that appear on a pony's flank when they discover their special talent are normally are considered a celebration and a point of pride, but Starlight declared them a pox upon Equestria. Cutie marks, she said, bring nothing but misery to ponies as they make ponies think they're better than everyone else. The marks create competition between ponies for jobs, for relationships, and for everything, and only serve to sow division and conflict among ponies. While many dismissed the theory after Twilight visited her village and the ponies therein were freed from Starlight's magical grasp, and eventually Starlight herself was convinced of the error of her ways as overreacting to losing a foalhood friend and blaming it on the friend receiving his cutie mark, others examined the theory and found it to be sound.

The Equality Party of Equestria formed with the aim of continuing Starlight Glimmer's original ideology, that true harmony could only be brought to Equestria once everypony had the same cutie mark. The party was started by some from Starlight's village who even after the events that drove Starlight from the village felt her ideas were right, as her ideas and their discontent over their cutie marks and the strife it brought to their lives had been what brought them to the village in the first place. The center of the ideology consolidated in the village, named New Harmony after Starlight's departure, after several more ponies sought a new start free from the burden of their cutie marks, and Equalist thinking spread over the next few years. Initially, tensions between the Equalists and the villagers who opposed Starlight were high in New Harmony and caused some ponies to leave the village, but soon they found a way to coexist despite their difference of opinions. However, divisions soon grew not from outside but from within the Equality Party over whose way of thinking was the true and correct heir to Marksist and Glimmerist thought. Soon, the party splintered into several factions. The largest splinter, the Equalist Party (Marksists-Glimmerist), set up a party organization in Canterlot rather than New Harmony and began preparing to contest any upcoming elections. The party was always strongest in the village's home New Harmony-Hoovesier riding, but a Canterlot address made the party seem more legitimate and official, In the 1008 election following the Cozy Glow Crisis, the Triple Crown Party was weakened enough that despite the split among the Equalist parties, the Marksists-Glimmerists barely eked ahead and won the first parliamentary seat of any Equalist Party. The other major Marksist splinter, the Trotskyites, do not have much ideologically different from the Marksist-Glimmerists. The Trotskyite faction's major contention with the main party is that its leader, a pegasus named Trot Sky, is the true heir to Glimmerist thought and is the only one who can lead the party to any success.

Unlike the Marksist-Glimmerists and Trotskyites, the Equality Party (Blankist) does carry a large ideological distinction from the rest of the Equalist parties. The Blankists claim the idea of everypony with the same cutie mark and the same talents does not go far enough in overcoming the conflict between ponies. For the Blankists, true equality and harmony can only be achieved once ponies are completely free from their cutie marks, by eliminating them altogether and leaving ponies' flanks blank for all their lives, not just as foals. They believe that even the presence of a cutie mark upon one's flank destroys the freedom of a pony to discover and pursue other interests and locks a pony into a single path to their lives. While this seems extreme to Equestrian society, it has made the Blankist Equalist Party popular among some of the non-pony community in northeast Equestria. Other creatures like griffons, dragons, and yaks do not have cutie marks, and among some there is a feeling that the ubiquity of cutie marks in Equestria disadvantages other creatures in society as they claim the outward and obvious display of one's skills and talents creates an automatic leg up for ponies. Some, like Blankist deputy leader and griffon Glasnost, see a complete end to cutie marks as the only way to achieve real equal opportunity for all creatures in Equestria. The growing popularity of the Blankists among non-ponies has led to the Equalist Party (Blankist) making some inroads into local politics in heavily non-pony areas of Equestria, though they have yet to break through on a large scale yet.
Shock the World
The 2008 United States Presidential Election proved one thing: America was ready for change.

President Kerry's approval rating were in a tailspin as the year began. Never a popular President (having, like his predecessor and defeated opponent, won the election without securing the majority of the popular vote), John Kerry seemed unable to cope with the mounting disasters emerging throughout the world. Everyone knew he had inherited Iraq, but they still were not happy with the war continuing to be prosecuted. There were negative economic signs on the horizon, and Kerry had failed to enact any meaningful legislation, his agenda buried in partisan gridlock. Nevertheless, Kerry soldiered through, winning the Democratic nomination despite scattered opposition.

The Republicans were not much better off. Former President Bush's approval rating had taken a hit and declined alongside the Iraq War. Republicans were still liked more than Democrats, but it was easy to see them as just as complicit in a failing system. When Republicans nominated Mike Huckabee, many were turned off by his radical rhetoric. It seemed the "duopoly" was offering them a choice between two poor candidates.

Enter Jesse Ventura. The former Governor Minnesota was willing to run on and revive the Reform Party label. Teaming up with Ron Paul, the libertarian also-ran of the Republican primary, he promised massive cuts in taxes to the middle and lower classes, and tougher action against the rich. His populist campaign took him well across the country, and his personal fame combined with the Reform Party's ballot access made him the first legitimate third party contender since Perot.

Polls in August showed Kerry around 42%, Huckabee around 34%, and Ventura around 15%. Then the Great Recession began in earnest, and Kerry's standing collapsed. The big winner: Jesse Ventura.

People could hardly believed their eyes when they saw the results on election day:
2008 Jesse Ventura.png

According to the 28th Amendment, Ventura was the next President due to winning the popular vote. Had the Electoral College remained in place, he would have won over Huckabee and Kerry 316-108-114 respectively.

For the first time since 1860, a new party was in the White House.
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Citizens of the Galaxy. Beings from every race and corner of our great community of Stars. It has been over a year since Emperor Palpatine and his genocidal weapon were destroyed. Over a year since we proclaimed this New Republic. Today, finally, we can proclaim victory. Today, we can make good on our promise. Today, we restore the Republic to it's rightful place at the center of the Galaxy. I stand here in Coruscant, among the rubbles of the Imperial Palace, while the smoke of the recent battle still lingers, to look into your eyes and say: The Empire has surrendered!
- Provisional Head of State Mon Mothma. 5.2 ABY

Bunch of theatrics if you ask me. The surrender means nothing to the Moffs in the Outer Rim or the Grand Admirals. She can wave that piece of paper to the crowd as much as she wants, isn't going to erase all those Imperial Fleets still flying the banner out there.
It's about the message Han. It's important to send a clear political message that the Republic is back and here to stay.
Like I said: Theatrics.

- General Han Solo and General Leia Organa. 5.2 ABY

So... will you be running for Chancellor? You'l have my vote.
Me?! By the Force no. Even if anyone could beat Mon Mothma, and they can't, I wouldn't want to. That woman is the future of the New Republic.

-Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and General Leia Organa. 5.2 ABY


You met with the Chancellor?
...Yes. Yes I did.
And? Did she accept your resignation from the High Council?
Not exactly. She... she named me Minister of Diplomatic Affairs.
(laughs) You're kidding me.
Afraid not. High ranking seat on the Cabinet
So... what about the Alderaani Relocation Project?
It's going to have to wait. Or at least, to go on without me.
Do I call you Princess Minister? Or her Excellency the Royal Minister? Or maybe...
Shut up.

-General Han Solo and Minister Leia Organa. 5.3 ABY

Are you really leaving? There's still so much we have to do. The War is not over Luke, we need you.
I understand Leia. But I've got to do this. It's time for the Jedi to return. I can sense them sister. I have to find them. I have to give them a home.
Fine them. Good luck... Master Skywalker. And may the Force be with you.

- Minister Leia Organa and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. 7.8 ABY

As Chairman of this Senate, Head of the War Expenditure Committee and a citizen of this New Republic, it scares me how belligerent this administration remains in the face of such a prosperous age.
The Chairman might have forgotten that this New Republic is still at War.
I hold in my hand a perfectly reasonable Peace offer from Grand Moff...
A meaningless document meant to buy time while the Remnant rebuilds its strength.
That might be your opinion, Minister Organa, but you'll find that not everyone in this Chamber fought to replace the Empire with another centralized and militaristic regime that spat on the prospects of Peace.

- Chairman Bosk Fey'lya and Minister Leia Organa. 8.8 ABY

The man is seriously running against Mothma? Is he mad?
You know him well enough to arleady have the answer to that. Everything Fey'lya does has a political move behind it.
But he can't win! He's gonna be humiliated.
The facts are, that not everyone in the New Republic is happy with the War Han. A lot of people think it's time to make peace and cut down the burden of this conflict. Fey'lya just made himself their leader.
You can't let that happen. It's bad out there. That Grand Moff thinks she's the new Tarkin. And she's not even the worst. The fat Grand Admiral... He's agressive. And he's good. Almost had me and all my command over Dantooine. We've gotta break them or else this conflict will never end.
I know. When are you leaving?
Three days. I have to get back to the front. Why?
Well... I've got to tell you something.

- General Han Solo and Minister Leia Organa. 8.8 ABY


It has to be you Leia.
Chancellor, you know I have other...
No one else has half the experience. No one else has half the skills.
Bel Iblis, Sian Tevv, Kerrinthar... Ackbar even.
Bel Iblis is a natural contrarian. Ackbar is a tired soldier, he has no mind for politics. The others... They're good. But they're no Leia Organa.
Solo. Leia Organa Solo.

- Chancellor Mon Mothma and Minister Leia Organa Solo. 12.8 ABY

You're actually doing? You're actually going for it?
I am. I have to, and I want to.
Good. About time if you ask me Princess.

-General Han Solo and Minister Leia Organa Solo. 12.8 ABY

General Iblis, may I speak to you for a moment?
Fey'lya. What do you want?
It's Chairman Fey'lya actually.
Uhm, right. I wish to speak to you about the incoming election.
Campaigning on a personal level? A bit desperate if you ask me.
Huh, amusing. I'm not running actually. I'm supporting another candidate.
Oh... who?
You're not serious Fey'lya.
You're a veteran politician, a famed war hero, a respected figure, and a champion of descentralization. I wish to help you win. Because you're to only one with the right ideas.
Why should I trust you?
Because, even though you might dislike me, we share similar opinions of this government. Answer me this? Is there really any difference between Mon Mothma and Leia Organa? Will anything change if she takes over?

- Chairman Bosk Fey'lya and General Garm Bel Iblis. 13.1 ABY

You know, I talked to Ackbar recently. Told him some senators I knew had it in their mind to vote for him.
What Senators that you know?
Oh no, I'm not telling you. I'm not officially involved in this campaign remember? Gotta keep myself impartial.
Fine. And?
And the old Admiral told me that if he heard a single vote for him, he might have stroke. Politics terrify that man more than a Destroyer.

-General Han Solo and Minister Leia Organa Solo 13.1 ABY


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