I think it had potential but the Hurricane and Spitfire were the better aircraft. It needed a flush retracting undercarriage, a 1000hp + engine and a role the two primary fighters weren't already doing. (Naval fighter till 1942)

The Australian and New Zealand Air Corps test out a two seat long range fighter.


(I have no idea what this aircraft is)
September 1942

The Soviet Navy begins operating its first escort carrier Stalingrad from Murmansk. The air group is made up of 8 Sea Hurricanes and 10 Swordfish. A year later the carrier is returned to the RN after losing 3 carriers worth of aircraft in accidents and only engaging the enemy twice.

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The americans seeing the potential for zeppelin began employing mass use of said aircraft in 1920s and 1930s beginning with uss acron and after purchasing the zeppelin company in germany (which was relocated to new york) it began to produce the us zeppelin carrier fleet (notably the macon class and the los angeles class) it employs the curtis F9C sparrowhawk and Consolidated N2Y as its main fighter it was notably used in crushing a rebellion in santo domingo and crushing the remaining rebels from the mexican civil war at the behest of the mexican goverment. The zeppelin during its early stages was extremely potent as many of these nation lack the AA of developed nations and also lack of aerial fighter that possess incendiary rounds which makes these airship dubbed el globo del muerte or the baloon of death by many central american and carribean citizen and during the second world war these zeppelin acts as coastal patrol aircraft for spotting zeppelin notably uss los angeles was responsible in sinking the japanese super submarine I-400 as it launches plane filled with deadly disease over the city of san diego and during the occupation of japan douglas mcarthur reportedly was fond of flying in these airship over tokyo.


The RAF and Fleet Air Arm begin replacing their Harriers with the supersonic Bae P. 1216 Fury/Sea Fury.

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Sorry everyone, at the risk of upsetting the posters on here . . . . I can't stand this design.

I thought twin booms went out with the Sea Vixen?

I looks flimsy as f**k!!!! I have nightmares of the first test pilot pulling a high G turn and the whole aircraft breaking up like the DH did st Farnborough!

I'd rather they go with the BAe P-109 or P-110 . . . . KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!