1. Count of Crisco

    Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    This is inspired by the long running alternate warships of nations thread and works fairly similar to that long running discussion. You can post your scenarios and alternate aircraft here, as well as post any basic questions regarding plausibility of certain scenarios, viability of aircraft...
  2. Witch0Winter

    Bomber and Tanker Accounts from the Second World War

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place to put this, but was just wondering if anyone has any good sources on accounts by the crews of bombers and tanks during the Second World War? The more personal the better, as I'm more interested in the day to day and emotions of it than the larger theory...
  3. Axis bombers capable of delivering atomic bombs?

    So lets say that Germany or Japan, in some way or form, magically figure out how to produce an atomic bomb around 1944. And lets say that the German targets would be London and Moscow and the Japanese targets would be a Chinese target (don't have much knowledge of Chinese geography to figure out...