AHC: Prevent Granada Massacre (1066) and Almoravid Spain (1090)

With the latest PoD, preferably after the death of Samuel HaNagid in 1056 AD, how can the Massacre of 1066, or any such massacre of Jews in Granada, be prevented, at least until 1090? And using this as our PoD, how well might Granada do against the other taifas of Al-Andalus? And, given these changes, is there any way to prevent the conquest of the Almoravids later in the century?


CONSOLIDATE: Some things that I think were the case, based on what I've been piecing together online; please tell me if I'm wrong about any of this:
  • the taifa of Seville had united much of southwestern Spain by 1070, when they took Cordoba (which turned out to be temporary, when Toledo later took it)
  • Seville had (a?) Jewish vizer(s)
  • of the taifas to the east of Grenada, Almeria was already made a client state, while Murcia and Denia, were, as of 1066, both weak and not under the influence of a stronger taifa (Murcia had been under Valencia's thumb until 1065, but that ended when Valencia found itself taken by Toledo; Denia had controlled the Balearic Islands, until they revolted in 1050)
  • Pope Gregory called for a Crusade in Spain (w indulges, etc) in 1073, even though a previous attempt in 1064 had failed
  • it was the Christians entering Toldeo in 1085 and(/or?) Seville's decision to stop paying tribute to Castille that led to Seville inviting the Almoravids into Spain
I might also mention that I'm imagining this as part of a larger TL idea where:
  • William is defeated at Hastings
  • the Sejuks and Byzantines make a workable peace after Manzikert
  • Pope Alexander II is succeeded by a pro-Emperor candidate (not Gregory)
Thinking about these I started to get thinking:the first point means there are more Normans hanging around the Mediterranean in the latter 11th Century, and the second point means the Byzantines are in a better position to defend against them (so Robert Guiscard might listen to Sikelgaita about not messing w them); taken together, the Balearic Islands falling earlier, to Norman invaders, is a cool thought. Meanwhile, the third point might mean there's no papal call for a Crusade in Spain in 1073; mind you, this doesn't mean that Alfonso VI still isn't going to try to take as much advantage of the weakness of the taifas as possible; in fact, by our PoD, he's already getting tribute from many of them, including the mighty states of Toledo and Seville.


So here's what I'm thinking: the 1066 Massacre is averted and Joseph HaNagid remains vizer; in the next three years, he arranges for Granada's suzentry over the now vulnerable taifas of Murcia and Denia; then going into 1070, both Seville and Granada have their eyes on Cordoba. The kings and their vizers meet, and an alliance is reached where they split rule of southern Spain, and Granada agrees to support Seville against Alfonso when the latter stops paying tribute to Alfonso.

Meanwhile, while the southerns taifas prepare, the Balearic Islands fall to the Normans; however, showing characteristic wiliness, once the islands are secured, they start showing tolerance toward the muslim trader population, and send messages to the taifas of mainland Spain -- first, that the mediterranean seas now belong to them; second, that they have "no interest" in their continental territories; and third, that they would be happy to allow for them access to "their" sea, in exchange for taxes (i.e. tribute). The muslim kings are less than impressed... at first.

My thinking here is that when war breaks out between Leon-Castille and the Seville-Granada Alliance, their governments will be looking for allies; however, with one leading state having a homosexual vizer (Seville's __) and the other having a Jewish vizer, neither is exactly stoked about inviting the Almoravids. Then they get an idea; they agree to some tribute for the Balearic Normans, in exchange for not only Mediterranean access, but soldiers in helping to fight the forces of Castille. The Normans agree, again with assurances that they have "no interest" in any of mainland Spain.

The result of the war is that Seville, Toledo, and Bajadoz are freed from the orbit of Castille... with the latter two now paying their tribute to Seville (and/or Granada, but quite likely just Seville). Also, the Norman army makes its way to Valencia, where their leader proclaims himself king. Zaragoza remains under the tributeship of their northern Catholic neighbors, and is likely absorbed in time. And the Almoravids stay in Africa.
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