A Difference Of Fate: A Late Roman Timeline

Chapter 39 Intereum chapter, members of the western Imperial family
Julius Valerius Majorian (Deceased) Married to Julia Placidia
1. Gaius Julius Valerius Theodosius married Alypia.
A. Majorian younger (Deceased)
B. Unnamed Son (Deceased)
C. Gaius Julius Valerius Placidius born. 479
D. Gaius Julius Valerius Marinus born. 482
E. Gaius Julius Valerius Bassianus born. Future

2. Julia Placidia married Flavius Procopius Marcianus Easter Emperor
A. Procopia Marciana Born 476
B. Procopia Placidia Born 480
C. Marcus Procopius Anthemius Born. 485

3. Marcus Julius Valerius Constantinus married Flavia Marcella
A. Julia Constantina born. 479
B. Marcus Julius Valerius Germanicus born. 486
C. Marcus Julius Valerius Drusus Born. 488

4. Lucius Julius Valerius Gallus married Anicia Pompeia
A. Julia Pompeia Born. 488
B. Lucius Julius Valerius Valens born. Future
C. Lucius Julius Valerius Pompeius

Valentinianus III M. Licinia Eudoxia

1. Eudocia m. Julius Nepos
A. Galla Valentinia adopted b.457
B. Lucius Julius Nepotianus b.476
C. Julia Eudoxia B. 479

Sorry for the previous short chapter, it was more of a short timejump, but i wanted to highlight the very important marriage between Gallus and Pompeia. The next chapter will focus on Constantinus Gallic Campaigns. Something that i will foreshadow will be his last Campaigns....

I also want to note that those that are marked on this list as born in the future, where put there so that everyone was kept on track, as well as to note those two boys will be very important parts of this timeline, perhaps for some suprising reasons, Their births will come shortly into the story.
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Can we get a post on the Eastern Emperor's family tree, since you butterflied away Leo's reign and Marcian was the last OTL emperor

and hell yes! The frankish conquest plus a callback to Marcus Aurelius. True champion.
Can we get a post on the Eastern Emperor's family tree, since you butterflied away Leo's reign and Marcian was the last OTL emperor

and hell yes! The frankish conquest plus a callback to Marcus Aurelius. True champion.
Yeah i can get one made for you guys, there wont be a whole lot of change to it, but it will give you guys an idea
Chapter 40 Eastern Imperial Family
Anthemius m. Marcia Euphemia

1. Anthemioulus deceased 469AD

2. Alypia b. 456 m. Theodosius

3. Flavius Procopius Marcianus b.458 m. Julia Placidia
A. Procopia Marciana b.479
B. Procopia Placidia b. 483
C. Marcus Procopius Anthemius b. 485

4. Flavius Procopius Anthemius b. 460 m. Currently unnamed wife
A. Unnamed son
B. Unnamed Daughter

5 Flavius Procopius Romolus B.469
Chapter 41: 487 Intrigues of Brothers
Chapter 41

487 November
Imperial Palace Rome

Gallus watched his brother through his notorious inquisitive gaze. For his part Theodosius had calmed down before he had allowed his other advisors into the room. Including men such as Syragius, Nepos, and other Comes and Duxs who had been rotated out of command over the years. Everyone around the room was nervous the Emperors mood had been in poor form for several weeks with the recent reports from Gaul.

"My brother Constantinus has done well preparing his troops for the coming campaign if the reports are accurate which I am confident they are Constantinus had 38,000 men under the banner. An increase of nearly 12,000 in two years. However as we have heard in recent reports," Here Theodosius nodded his head to Nepos as the news had come from a long time freind and peer of ally and subordinate. "Gallicianus reported that there was a stirring of mutiny, not against my brother but against me. His most recent report which i recieved just today is that Constantinus was declared on the fields in front of his camp to be Imperator." A gasp of shock rose, and Gallus could feel the eyes of his peers glance to him, questioning what the youngest brother thought of this usurpation and if he would be a threat, or their ally. However Theodosius quickly brought there eyes back to him. "Constantinus has however derailed this attempted acclimation of himself." The tension that had been in the room seemed to disappear. "He declared that he was not fit to sit in Rome and get fat and slow, "something which Theodosius wasnt as he stull cut a sharp chiseled look. "He then quickly had the ring leaders rounded up and executed the dissenters where ordered to perform a decimation. However as thousands of men prepared to kill the unlucky man in their groups he ordered a halt." Everyone was suprised by this turn of events. "Constantinus realized that he could not lose a 10th of his force, and had these men brought to their lowest to humiliate them into line, however for saving there lives I think he has only prolonged his acclimation. That is why Gallus will be going North." This brought anothe round if shocked expressions. "Gallus you will work with Gallicianus to make sure the coming campaigns go well for your brother, but also to give us better insight into this problem. You will go with a commision as a Comes and as Constantinus's second. He may not welcome you and perceive you as a hinderence. Our brother has been given the allowance of acting like a Emperor in Gaul, let us make sure he does not become one." Gallus nodded, the meeting continued on for some time and as everyone left with Nepos promising to give Gallus some advice afterwards, Theodosius seemed still lost in thought, which still concerned Gallus, who was stopped from going to stand by his brothers side as Nepos dragged him onwards promising that when he left in a day or two Gallus would know everything about Gaul, and that the young man would be sick from getting used to the Gallic Beer that was far to common up in that country, that was Nepos's Preperation.

However as the last of his advisors left Theodosius stayed looking a the map of his empire, for several minutes, tracing random thoughts out onto the map, when the door opened again and his Palitini let in another man. "Aaah hello Friginus." Friginus was quite a sight a handsome man, gothic in heritage, and also a freedman. The nature of his skills were evident by the numerous scars that crossed his arms and a nasty one that went over his eye and cheek that had somehow not damaged the organ. "This paper i am giving you will give you make you a tribune, you are to attach yourself to Gallus and Gallicianus. You are to make sure they are sending accurate information a report of your own, and importantly you are to make sure nothing out of hand happens. If any of the commanders speak of betrayal make them disappear from my brothers circle and keep an eye on him, I want you to send me reports on him before he does anything dangerous." Friginus nodded looked at the paper which was titled, Recommendation for Titus Aelius Scaurus. He smiled, the new name would suit him as had his previous names that Theodosius had provided him.


Gallus cursed the snow, and the cold. Gallicianus laughed, "Dont worry, Gallus come summer you wont find a better province to spend time in." Gallus gave a sour glance at Gallicianus. The old veteran laughed, "I didnt say the winters could get old quickly." Gallus gave a harumph but couldnt help but smile. If he had to work with anyone in the north he was glad it was Marcus Junius Gallicianus. The man was a veteran and would be a deadly man to face, in fact if there was ever a man that could lead an army through hell and emerge victorious Gallus would bet on Gallicianus. However somehow the older hardened man with a face like steel, somehow contained an element in his personality that kept everyone in a happy mood, it was weird to Gallus to see a man who could be making a room of men laugh then the next be able to kill everyone of them without breaking a sweat.

Gallus finally responded, "my brother seems to have this all well planned out, leave a garrison to block the Alemani then sweep into Frankish Territory and..."

"Your brother thinks this will be an easy campaign, march in destroy the barbarians and then he hasnt told anyone yet but i think the garrison is holding in place so that he can march into Alemanni territory before fall after defeat the Franks. I however think your brother is under estimating the Franks. We may well meet them in a battle this year and hearing and seeing what your brother is like i expect we will be victorious however one battle wont be the end of the Franks, and their leader is just as bright as the young General, he nearly ended me and Nepos a while back." Gallicianus seemed to look down remembering that day.

"Well for everyones sake I hope your right, Constantinus needs to do well, however if he does to well we could very well be talking to him as emperor, it may be best if this army is worn out after the coming campaigns, cause afterwards they will be looking for a big reward, and Constantinus wont be able to stop them that time." Gallicianus could only nod at the younger mans words.

May 488

Gallus watched from atop the hill with Gallicianus, and Constantinus as the army marched from the winter camp eastwards. A scarred Tribune who had joined the army soon after Gallus leading from the front. "He couldnt help but agree with Theodosius all those months ago. Constantinus was a danger, he acted like an Emperor in his own right, and the men loved him, and after all of that Constantinus had changed he wasnt the man that Gallus remembered, he was more calculated, and deadly, and hungry for success, he drove his men hard, and they seemed to follow him regardless of how hard he pushed, they would follow Constantinus into hell if he asked for it, Gallus just hoped he could prevent his brother doing that.....
Chapter 42 488 Frankish Campaign Battle of Parisiorum
Chapter 42


The army had left Aurelianum on May 12th, the first goal of Constantinus was the city of Parisiorum. The city lay on the Seine river and was a major crossing point. The city itself lay on the island in the center of the river and the western bank. The city on the river would be more akin to a fortress, the western bank of the city, was smaller and at one point had never had a wall around it, however over time a small roman wall had surrounded the settlement, however since their annexation of the city the franks had build these walls up. When they arrived at the city, the 28,000 men of Constantinus army immediately arrayed to attack the walls of the city. Ladders which had been built in the days before their arrival and carried on the march were brought forward.

"My spie in the city says there are but 8,000 men that hold the walls of that city. That will barely be enough to hold the walls and keep a reserve. We will take the city before dark." The simple statement from Constantinus to his generals was the order to advance, the battle plan having been made days before.

Archers and a row of Legionaries advanced and when they got in range began firing volleys of arrows, however the franks simply hunkered down behind the shields only the odd scream of pain heard upon the walls. Their own archers returned fire, however the line of infantry that had moved forward used there shields to cover themselves and their archers in turn. Thousands of missiles filled the air however the death toll was small, with only a few dozen casualties taking place, the main reason for the roman archers was to keep the franks hunkered down.

Cohorts of Legionaries marched forward shields raised and ladders held at the ready. Upon reaching the wall these ladders clattered onto the wall, and men immediately began climbing hoping to get to the top before they were attacked. For the frankish infantry and archers they quickly changed their focus to stopping these men from taking the walls, risking their lives to arrows to stab down with spears or to fire arrows downwards. However even as romans died reaching the top, gaps opened up on the wall and the romans slowly began to form a presense on the top of the wall. The fighting was viscous and casualties mounted however as the romans and franks formed shieldwalls on the top, the romans began to gain the advantage. After an hour or two of fighting the franks suddenly sounded the retreat and the evacuated the walls in an ordered fighting retreat, before running away from the walls to the bridges that would take them to their island fortress. The gate to the city was opened and Constantinus himself lead the roman and alani cavalry into the city hunting down the frankish army, instead of a running army though he met a shield wall at the bridge holding to allow their men to the island. When he crashed into their shield wall the fighting became extremely violent. However these men fought to the death to allow their men to get across the bridge causing a great number of casualties to the roman cavalry. The fact that he had unable to end the siege quickly angered the young general, and worse was the casualties he had suffered. In total the romans bad lost 1000 men between the battle for the walls and the battle at the bridge. The Franks had lost but a paltry 500 men, half of which were lost at the bridge. All this had been was a delaying action ment to poke at the romans and make them angry.

It did in fact make Constantinus angry, the young general quickly came up with a plan, one that would see the franks unable to escape even if they wanted to. During the night, Constantinus would roughly 2000 men to the other side of the river by boat, along with pieces of dismantled artillery. By morning the east side of the river was garrisoned with 2000 legionaries, who were overly armed with artillery having 20 scorpions and 10 ballistae. However this unfortunately ment that Parisiorum would not be the quick battle the romans hoped for and that Clovis would have time to bring his main army forward.

Over the course of the following week the bombardment of Parisiorum would devastate the island city and its walls. One of Constantinus men suggested destroying the bridges and leaving the people in the city to starve. But Constantinus was adamant that they would take the city leaving no enemy at their rear especially considering the strategic importance of this crossing of the river. Finally after a week of bombardment with the city gates destroyed on the main city side and the island fortress left in ruins Constantinus advanced, and met little resistance. For as he advanced from the west the franks charged through their eastern gates intent on charging through the roman blocking force. What they didnt plan for was the roman artillery which had been kept out of veiw. As the franks charged across the long bridge the artillery was quickly brought forward and to the horror of the fransk they were met by a devastating volley of Ballistae shot and scorpion bolts. The artillery simply ripped through the franks and before they could even charge through the devastation the first volley caused they were hit again, however as the romans went to reload again, a loud yell came up behind them as a thousand frankish lancers crashed into their rear. Clovis had personally arrived to Parisiorum.

Gallus looked from the eastern walls on the island to where his brothers blocking force had been, and sighed. The frankish force in Parisiorum had done their job of blocking the romans until their king arrived, and had caused the death of 3000 romans in doing so. Of course the franks had lost roughly 2000 men, but no one considered that a good trade.

Constantinus was irate. He had finally taken the city and opened up the path to the east, only to find Clovis had outplanned him and blocked him anyways, for as his men were being butchered by the Frank king and his heavy cavalry, over 20,000 Frankish soldiers arrived, blocking the blood bridge as it was now being called, and bringing both sides up to even numbers.

One of the tribunii during their war meeting brought up that they could build a fleet of boats and cross the river enmass or use them to very the men further south and cross. Constantinus hadnt even spoken, instead motioning to Gallicianus replied with his previous experience with the Frankish king. "Clovis knows that on even ground the battle would be to close, he will only engage us when he knows he has the advantage. If we push across we will be bombarded with missiles before having to wade to shore and into the frankish lines, not exactly and easy crossing and one that we would win, if that is your suggestion i recomend you be put in the first boat to land." As the Tribunus looked down noticeably ashamed, Gallicianus continued. "If we move further south Clovis will either withdraw, or simply move to take the city blocking any retreat for us."

"Where does that leave us sir?" Asked another Tribunus.

Gallus watched his brother carefully, who finally spoke. "Individually the plans we have discussed will not work. Simply put the Franks will have the ability to prevent all of these plans. It is for that reason we will do all of them. The Tribune was not completely wrong, its a good plan just not fleshed out. I want our soldiers building boats on the western shore, we will then cross at night attacking at dawn. Our cavalry which numbers some 3,000 will move tonight to cross the river to the north it will be a 2 day march for them. When we attack we will bombard the east shore with artillery. Once the franks are suitably engaged on shore the cavalry will hit them from the rear, Gallus that will be you with them, Gallicianus and I will lead across the river. The city gate will be protected by 2 cohorts, these 1000 men will prevent any attack on the city, and if we are advancing on shore they will then advance themselves."

4 Days later
May 29th

Gallus and his men had been hidden for 2 days, watching and waiting at each dawn prepared to charge the frankish camp that they were only miles from, each night had been a cold one spent eating cold food. Now on the 4th day his men formed up they watched as a sudden volley of artillery missiles flew from the roman held city towards the east shore. It had begun, minutes later the sound of battle could be heard. "Today men, we defeat the Franks, today we will flank the Franks and bring honour to rome! Charge!"

Constantinus smiled at the mighty sight that was before him hundreds of boats had beeb crafted in days, and were now filled with his army and was slowly rowing towards the east shore. In the early dawn light, he thought there was nothing more beautiful. With luck his men would make the shore before the alarm went up..... as the first boats began to unload he heard the alarm go up, the first men on shore immediately formed ranks raising there shields up, just in time for the missiles that launched towards them from the bush immediately to their front. While a few men fell the rest charged forward allowing room for the subsequent boats to discharge their men and form up on the waters edge. The battle was on. The fighting was viscous however suprisingly the romans were advancing easily it was almost like the Franks were allowing themselves to be pushed back. As the roman army completely discharged and formed up they made their way onto the open ground that lay behind the bush that covered the rivers edge. On open ground they could see that they were not completely facing the entire Frankish army in fact the franks were formed up about 500 yards behind the battleline. Waiting for the romans. Suddenly the entire frankish force charged crashing into the roman lines, a frenzied battle beginning.

"Where is Gallus!" Constantinus roared. Gallicianus came along side him, "Sir weve got bigger problems." Constantinus looked to where Gallicianus was pointing. The Frankish Lancers had arrived and were bearing down on his right flank, several thousand infantry behind them. "Reserves with me!"

Gallus and his men came thundering through the frankish camp they only met light resistance a few hundred men but they had slowed his men down nonetheless. His men immediately began to see his men forming up again. "Alright lets join the main battle. When they came upon it Gallus immediately yelled "shit! Charge wedge formation!"

What they had come upon was the army of Constantinus deep in battle, his main line was holding even advancing however his flank was being torn apart by the frankish lancers, only a few cohorts holding the line.

The Roman cavalry hit the Frankish flank hard smashing into them and savagely killing any they met. Gallus came upon the Tribunus Aelius Scaurus. "Tribune take your men and join the general on the right flank! And rush before the flank falls!" However he wouldnt get the chance, seeing the roman cavalry Clovis had ordered the franks to fall back. Their lines disengaged orderly as did their cavalry and began backstepping. Gallus immediately ordered his men to reform and was about to charged when Constantinus had his horns order a halt. Gallus immediately rode to his brothers position. Taking in the two armies positions. Realizing why his brother hadnt ordered an advance as he rode.

The franks had gotten out of the battle in far better condition than the romans, as well their lancers had caused hundreds of casualties to the roman flank and were still relatively fresh and where as his cavalry were beginning to tire. Both armies began to step back, the battle for Parisiorum was over, and while the Romans could claim victory it was not decisive nor was it in their favour, the franks had badly maulled the romans causing some 4,000 casualties to their own 3,000 in the final battle and had fallen back in good order. The first phase of the Frankish Campaign had shown that Constantinus was not as invisible in commanding as everyone hoped.
Meh, a 4k to 3k when having waay more than the other guys to recruit is a solid win imo.
It can definitely be called a win, however the conditions of the victory were not exactly the best and in that way damaged the reputation of Constantinus and the romans, definitely the first of several battles though.

When did the city of Lutetia become Paris?
Lutetia from my understanding had a dual name of Lutetia Parisiorum, gaining the latter part after becoming a Roman city, though mainly known as Lutetia, becoming known as Paris after the franks took it in our timeline, i decided that i would use the name of Paris just so everyone know where i was talking about.
Chapter 43 488AD
Chapter 43

June 7th
Along the siene river
In the early dawn sun a General smiled as his boat slid onto the shore with the sand quietly crunching against its hull. The general waved his men forward and his men along with the men from hundrends of boats quickly unboarded their small crafts. Constantinus gave a look across his landing site and smiled, with only hand signals the men pulled their boats fully onto the shore giving room for the boats to land. After an hour his force all disembarked the young general wordlessly lead his men away from their landing sight in battle formation.

The night before

Clovis looked at his commanders. All were nobles and even a few had been his rivals to be king but now all subservent to him. He began to speak the argument had been going on for a while and he was tired of it. "The roman force that left their camp was nearly a third of their force. It contains all of their cavalry and several thousand infantry. You all tirelessly argued for me to order the attack on this force or thier camp. However by the time we moved either the camp or this force would have been reinforced and we would have been forced to give battle again, and not on our terms. Which is unfortunate for if we took his camp we would block the immediate route back into Roman territory. As it is, i can confirm that this force was shadowed by a force only slightly smaller in size, that would have been used to suprise attack us once battle began. No it has been a week since the battle, the romans continue to try and bait us into attacking, i have decided it is time to abandon this position." A grumble came up he could tell his nobles didnt like this approach. "Come dawn we will march east where he can find a suitable place for battle where we can crush these impudent romans."

The following morning

Constantinus smiled as the Frankish camp came in sight. His men had rowed through the night and now marched 10 miles towards the frankish camp. Upon seeing his bait handnt worked he had immediately moved to plan B. He had with a third of his men rowed upriver, and moved to get behind the Frankish camp, the rest of his army had marched from the camp towards the Frankish camp. The goal was for most of his army to engage the franks before the rest of his men hit them in the rear. However upon taking a closer inspection of the camp, Constantinus noticed the walls were empty and the smoke came from abandoned fires. The Franks had left, after a quck inspection they discovered the tracks leading east. As Gallus and Gallicianus came up from the other side of the camp, Constantinus swore. The franks had escaped him.

Clovis and several of his nobles smiled as they watched from a nearby ridgeline as the Romans approached their camp. "You were right sire, had we not left the Romans would have forced battle and then hit us from behind."

Clovis nodded. "This general Constantinus we face, he is proving himself a dangerous opponent. The next time he faces us wont be at a time or place of his choosing." The nobles smiled, they new Clovis plan, they only hoped the romans would fall for it."

June 13th

The morale in the roman camp had increased once the Burgundian Fedoratii arrived. The Burgundians had been their allies for nearly as long as the Alani, and had proven capable. Before the battle of Parisiorum Constantinus had asked for reinforcements but had not wanting to move his blocking troops in Gaul had asked for Burgundians to march north. The 5,000 men brought him up 26,000 men. Giving him once again a numbers advantage over the franks. They had followed the frankish march, keeping on the fading trail their army had made marching eastwards.

After the days march they made camp, Constantinus brought all his officers into his tent, and discussed what they were seeing and if the scouts had found anything. After a long discussion plans for the next day were made. "Gallus you will lead the cavalry on forward. I want them to stay together for the most part but split off some scouting parties we need to get a better lay of the land and find these franks. The rest of us will continue the march.

June 14th

Gallus had rode about 5 miles ahead of the army with the majority of his men, he had sent out small 5 man scouting detachments to try and discover anything of use. As he came at the 5 mile mark he looked around. "Prefect what do you think of this area?" Prefect Rutillius Verrens looked around. "A perfect ambush spot sir."

"Thats what i thought. Send a few men into the ridgelines there, i want them to confirm the enemy hasnt left any suprises for us." Several troopers walked up the steep ridges. What Gallus was looking at was a ridgeline that was forested, with a heavy forest that continued several miles of the north face of it. To the south was a small ravine. That was fairly steep. The troopers returned after several minutes of everyone sitting anxiously. "General the forest seems thick, but it does thin out the farther up you go, quite beautiful to be honest. While i did see some sign of movement, it was only the odd track, most likely a hunter. When i reached the top i couldn't see anyone on the other side."

Gallus nodded, though the report still didnt stop his nerves on the area. "Alright lets continue on."

2 hours later

Gallus was now about 8 miles in front of the army, he had stopped his mens ride, as the Frankish tracks they had been following had turned into chaos. "Verrens quickly rode up to him. Sir ive confirmed it myself, all the chaos here turns into a steady line of march, back west just a mile north of here, they tried to make it hard to follow them." Gallus only had to think a moment before a conclusion came to his mind "God no, ride men Ride! Back to the column!" A faint blast of a horn could be heard.

The roman army continued its march, Gallicianus was in a conversation with Constantinus in the middle of the army, both had noticed the terrain that Gallus had noted earlier, but seeing as how Gallus had not sent note back to them figured he had cleared the area well enough. Even as it was, the position made everyone nervous. The open road was on an area about 100 yards wide where the ground was open, to their right was the small ravine, to their left the forested ridgeline.

Lucius Sepronius Geta laughed as Gellius made a joke. Sepronius had been in the army 3 years, and had done well at Parisiorum. He was apart of Tribunus Scaurus legion. Sepronius looked anxiously at the ridgline, before replying to his comrades joke, which had been a crude remark in itself. "Quiet you jackals, keep your eyes to the flanks and your ears open!"came a voice from up ahead. Sepronius looked forward to see his Centurion glaring at him. Centurion Arrius was a hardcore veteran and a solid leader, however as Sepronius watched that solid leadership came to an end, as an arrow embedded itself in the Centurions eye. A loud roar went up as arrows fell into the roman column killing or injuring hundreds, Sepronius raised his shield as a Arrow hit it, on the flank the Franks appeared, charging as the suprised roman column attempted to form up for batte. In seconds the franks crashed into the Roman column for Legionary Sepronius his battle only lasted a minute as a large Frank hit his shield knocking him down, he attempted to stab the frank in the leg, but only cut his inner thigh, the Frank growled in pain, his axe raised. Sepronius attempted to slide his shield up to stop the axe but was to slow. The axe handle smashed into the shield edge, but continued its downwards ark into his collarbone. Sepronius could hardly even feel the pain as his adrenaline pumped dulling it, he watched as Gellius stepped forward and stabbed the frank in the stomach, only to lose his arm as another frank hacked it off with his axe. As his arteries pumped his lifeblood out, Sepronius heard the dull sound of a horn being blown, trying in vain to alert the cavalry. Then everything went black.
As well i wanted to not that the 4000 lost in the battle of Parisiorum by the romans was only the total lost in the last battle, in total the romans lost 7000 between the siege and the battle.
Chapter 44: The ambush finale 488
Chapter 44

North eastern Gaul

Gallus grimaced as he watched the Frankish cavalry rode straight at them. Ready to fight and act as a blocking force, at their head was the Frankish Lancers. The two cavalry forces were about equal in size, however the frankish lancers where heavier cavalry then the roman and their fedorati counterparts. Taking inspiration from the Cataphracti about half of the Frankish cavalry was armoured in such style, with the remainder being lighter armed. However after their last battle Gallus had come up with a different tactic, something he had taken inspiration from the huns with, the few hunnic officers and soldiers having been crucial in training the new tactics in the men. The franks quickly would find out this new approach to cavalry warfare by the romans.

The majority of the roman cavalry was armed with a lance, a oval shield, and a spatha, and armored with helm and chainmail. However a new addition to their equipment was the bow or plumbatta darts. While Gallus had a preference to a bow in his men equipment it just simply wasnt feasible for them to equip all his men with bow and arrows in such a short time, instead arming the best few hundred with bows the remainder being given a single dart that was to be used in the opening parts of the engagement.

As they closed within the last 100 yards off the franks suddenly the romans split their formation, forming into a large V. As they enveloped the shocked franks who began to try and widen their own formation, and came along the flanks and front of their formation, the romans threw their darts or fired their bows into the frankish ranks. The effect was immediate as those at the front and sides of the Frankish formation fell, horses and men rolling into the ground, creating obstacles and chaos, slowing the frankish charge. However what the romans had really opened their formation up for, was for the Alani cavalry who had held at the rear of the charging formation. The alani lowered their lances, and charged straight into the frankish ranks that were in chaos, the romans quickly transfered their lances from their left hands that also carried their shiled to their now empty right hands, and in a slow arc smashed into the frankish flanks. The maneuver was made so gracefully that one would hardly think that this was the first time that these units performed this sort of attack. The results however proved it effective. Over the course of 15 minutes the franks lost nearly a an quarter of their cavalry, and where pushed into full route, the burgundians and alani pressing the route for several minutes before turning back to reform. By the end of the engagement 1000 franks lay dead or injured on the field for only 400 roman casualties half of these being from the Elite Alani who had charged headlong into the frankish front lines. After reforming his exhausted cavalry, Gallus had them continue their march to save the roman army.

When they arrived at the battle scene 2 miles later, Gallus, as was the rest of his men where shocked at the sight. Below the slight rise they were upon the could see a sea of men, in many places it was hard to see any formation just a mixture of romans and franks fighting, however in spots there were formations formed into squares, and slowly it looked like some men were trying to join these formations which looked to be continously smashed into by a waves of frankish warriors. One particular formation seemed to be larger than the rest Gallus figured it held roughly 1000 men, and inside of it he could see his brother in his glittering armour riding around its center holding the formation together by his sheer presence.

Gallus immediately gave out the orders, avoid any areas of mixed roman frankish presence, but hit the franks where they were attacking the formations. As the cavalry surged forward horns blaring he watched as a large force of Franks possibly 1500 strong swamped a part of his brothers formation, the fighting became extremely agressive and Gallus watched as Constantinus gathered a small reserve force and counter attacked the franks that threatened his square. By coincidence Gallus was leading his men along the battle front killing any frank in their way and heading straight towards his brothers formation. A frankish horn sounded about the noise of battle, the Franks seemed to understand it as they began to filter back towards the forest being cut down by the passing Cavalry. The men attacking his brothers formation however seemed to be more invigorated by this horn, that was until the 400 cavalrymen with Gallus smashed into their rear, several minutes later the last franks managed to escape the battle and join their brethren in the forest. However behind them they left a nearly shattered roman army and a battlefield littered with the dead, injured.

Clovis watched with disgust as the roman cavalry appeared on the edge of the battlefield, his cavalry had failed, however with their failure several of his political rivals had also possibly been dealt with. The immediate problem was the threat they were to his men before him. He watched motionless as the roman cavalry seemed to gather their thoughts for moments before launching forward, splitting into several smaller groups intent on saving their larger formations from the waves of franks that threatened to swamp their individual formations. "Sound the retreat, the romans have survived this day." If any of his rivals had survived he would make sure they were dealt with appropriately their failure had lead to his victory being snatched away from him.

The ambush resulted in nearly 8000 roman casualties not including the thousands who were injured and would take several weeks to recover nearly all soldiers being injured in some way. This left the romans with 18,000 men. The Franks had lost some 4,000 taking them to roughly 20,000 men. In the end the romans once again withdrew to Parisiorum. While the reputations of Constantinus and Gallus grew for keeping their army alive, both men felt guilty for the loss of their men and crushed that they had fallen into the trap. However their men revered them for saving there lives, however Clovis at this time had a reputation that placed him as nearly one of the best commanders of the age, while he had not been victorious he had dealt the romans something of phyrric victories. He would have to deal with the political blowback, however the clash of legendary commanders was not over, as Constantinus in the fall of 488 would once again move from Parisiorum in hopes of gaining the decisive victory he had been looking for since the spring. The following clash, would cement the reputation of one of these men in history.
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The East needs to send some reinforcements, mayhaps to hold Illyricum while the Illyrian legions go to gaul.

The situation while critical is not as dire as needing the east to send reinforcements like earlier conflicts, there is still the 10 000 men who are garrisoning the roman border along the Alemani border that Constantinus has not yet utilized.
Chapter 45 488
Chapter 45

Eastern Gaul
Between Parisiorum and The Rhine

September 29th

After leaving the confines of Parisiorum the Romans had marched east, at times in a large column and at times the infantry would split into several columns with the Cavalry ranging in front and on the flanks. While there had been several small skirmishes and minor battles where the arrival of reinforcements halted the battle as the other side would retreat nothing decisive had happened, that was about to change.

Friginus had been a part of several of these small engagements, only making his reputation better with his peers, of course this was under the name of Titus Aelius Scaurus, an alias that the emperor Theodosius had come up with for him. In the year he had been in Gaul, he had earned friendship with Gallicianus the grey haired veteran of many campaigns and was one of the Caesar Constantinus right hand men, as well as the other Caesar Gallus. He could even say that Constantinus regarded him as one of his better officers and was bringing him closer into his inner circle. Which suited Friginus needs as he was to spy on the Caesar. What he had reported back to the Emperor was not good news. The army of Constantinus was once again becoming rebellious wishing to proclaim their general as Emperor. From what he had seen the Caesar didnt want to accept but how long before the men forced him to at thier sword points. Friginus shook his head, he had to focus, the battle was beginning.

The franks under their king Clovis had slowly drawn the romans to this position. Meanwhile the romans had felt like they had pressured the Franks into taking the position and had forced the battle. Both had roughly 19,000 men under arms, though the romans critically had the advantage in Cavalry after the last battle had resulted in the franks losing a significant portion of that force.

The battle began with the romans advancing there infantry forward across the open field that was the battlefield, between the two camps that were 2 miles apart from eachother. In the last 100 yards the franks charged, and both forces threw projectiles before they clashed. The franks momentum however gave them an initial upper hand. The infantry battle continued for an hour both forces slowly trying to extend the flank little by little trying to win an advantage and break the flanks as the centers held firm. This was when the cavalry battle would begin. Franks had arrayed their cavalry ahead of their infantry on either flank, where they ended up being just slightly behind the main battle line, the reason for this was soon to come apparent.

The cavalry battle was short lived the Frankish cavalry which was outnumbered two to one broke after several viscous minutes of battle in which their force was cut down by over a third. They wheeled around and retreated in what looked like a random route, but was however ordered and carefully picked. As the romans followed them they were not aware of the carefully concealed pathways that the franks knew to look for. The romans fell into the trap as their cavalry charged straight into a field of Lilia traps. The roman cavalry lost all cohesion as horses fell into the holes some of which had sharpened stakes at the bottom and others of which where empty, either way the outcome was the same either the horse catapulted its rider facefirst into the dirt as its legs broke or rider and horse fell into the stakes. The grisly success of this trap on both flanks happened at the same time, and the frankish cavalry then circled around and assualted the roman cavalry once again.

However even though the frankish ingenuity had weakened the roman force and gave them a slight advantage, they still couldnt overcome the romans who still outnumbered them, though by far less than before. At the head of this roman victory was Caesar Gallus who carved a path through the Franks in retribution for the trick they had played on his men. Eventually the Frankish cavalry retreated only a third of their men left, however they had taken down the Roman cavalry by over half, quite the feat in itself, but unfortunately not enough. Even if it had been enough it still might now have won them the battle. As the infantry battle was itself going the way of the romans. The franks fought a valiant battle in the center but the romans were able to overcome their initial charge and hold, and afterwards were able to wear down the franks with thier discplined tactics and switching of lines men out to keep them fresh in battle. Eventually Constantinus himself would lead a wedge of reserves straight through the center of the frankish army.

What followed was a route. In total the franks would lose nearly 9,000 men to the romans 4,000. However no terms were accepted after the battle, the franks would retreat across the rhine with many of their people leaving the former province of Belgica back in Roman hands. Something that was an immense accomplishment for the young Caesar. However the main thing of note was that on the field of his victorious battle, Constantinus was once again proclaimed Emperor by his men, this time with his younger brother watching him intently....