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Perhaps they could find a way to increase trade too?

Take advantage of that peace? Maybe some trade deals with the rest of Europe?
Chapter 258: From Father To Son
Chapter 258: From Father To Son

September, 1739

Parliament was in session, and therefore James had reluctantly moved from Hampton Court to Whitehall, this time accompanied by his eldest son and heir, George, alongside George’s family. Caroline had said she didn’t want to move to Whitehall just yet, something about waiting for something or the other, and so she would come later. James looked at his eldest son and heir and smiled, he raised his cup.

“Firstly, we wanted to say congratulations on the birth of another son.” George’s wife Anne had given birth to a boy who the parents had named Edward, an unusual name for their family and one not used since the time of Edward VI.

“Thank you, Father.” George replied. They were in private, with only the servants for company, therefore, James had relaxed the restrictions of etiquette for now.

“Why the name Edward?” James asked.

George smiled. “Anne had mentioned that she had been fascinated by the story of St Edward the Confessor as a child, and it would make a change from the usual names.”

James laughed. “A fair point, though let us hope that he does not end up like his famous ancestor.”

His son grinned. “Indeed, though from the way he cries, I do not think he will be weak.”

James snorted. “Very true.” There was a pause then as they both had a drink from their wine cups, then, George spoke.

“There was one thing I wished to ask you, Father.”

“Go on.” James said.

“How long do you think the Tories will be able to dominate Parliament?” George replied.

James thought on this, it was something he’d been quite surprised about as well, given the history of elections within the Kingdom. “We do not know. The Tories have dominated Parliament since our Mother became Queen, fifty-two years ago. The Whigs have suffered from some seriously poor management and from the fact that many of their leading adherents were actually opportunists who defected to the Tories when it became clear that our Mother favoured the Tories.”

“Like Walpole?” George asked.

James grinned. “Like Walpole.”

“How do you know someone like Walpole actually believes in the principles he talks about?” George asked.

James considered the question, he had known Walpole almost his entire life. The man was a favourite of Caroline’s, and he had done a lot to prove himself over the years. “We think that Walpole is a man who believes in serving his country over any party. He has often shown that he considers the monarchy and the Kingdom to be one and the same. He is a valued man, and has benefitted from his office.”

“So, you think he is someone who needs a guiding hand? Or someone who needs a reward for continued service?” George asked.

James shook his head. “Neither, he is a man who would do the work because he believes in it, or not at all. But why do you ask?” As far as James could remember his son had never asked him such a question before. Only questions about the constitution and the prerogative.

“I ask because I wonder what the fate of this Kingdom would be if the Whigs managed to win a majority in the Commons. Would you then need to appoint a Whig dominated ministry or not?” George replied.

James pondered this question, it was one he had never truly given much thought to, given the domination of the Tories, but he supposed it was a valid one. Eventually the electorate’s mood would change he supposed, once Walpole and Bolingbroke were gone. “We would consider the circumstances. We have enough power to hold a mixed administration. Personally, we would prefer a complete Tory administration as that is our preference, but we cannot ignore the Commons.”

“So, you would allow some Whigs to come into power?” George asked.

“Yes, some Whigs.” James replied. “Why do you think the Whigs have a chance at the next election?” He asked then, curious as to his son’s views.

George shook his head. “I do not think so. Spencer Compton was the last hope they had I think. Though there are some like George Grenville who are interesting speakers, but otherwise there aren’t many I think could be useful. I am simply surprised that the Tories have not split themselves yet.”

James laughed. “They’re too used to power now. We think if a Whig emerges who challenges them, then they might divide. Or if you embark on a different policy than we have, then they might.”

“Why?” George asked.

“Because a Tory’s greatest enemy is himself. Nobody else can undermine a Tory like a Tory can.” James said.

“So, how have they remained in power for so long?” George asked.

James looked at his son and said. “Our favour.”
An honest discussion- Tories do tend to pull themselves apart, usually over Empire or Europe.

Is George considering Empire policy and how to govern best there too?
An honest discussion- Tories do tend to pull themselves apart, usually over Empire or Europe.

Is George considering Empire policy and how to govern best there too?
He’s not yet. The colonies generally haven’t been too problematic, though that might well change soon
Chapter 259: Empire
Chapter 259: Empire

January, 1740

Shahu felt the groan of his bones and he knew that his time was coming. Still, he had had a good life, and his son had had children to continue the line of succession, so on that front he had no concerns. He looked at his son then and said. “Bengal has finally agreed to accede into the Empire.”

“It only took them around thirty years.” His son and heir joked.

Shahu smiled. “Indeed, and yet now that they are within the Empire we will need to ensure they do not dominate it.”

“Of course, I can just imagine the reaction the Holkars would have if Muslims dominated.” His son said.

“We are being serious, Shiva, you cannot ignore the consequences that this will have. Bengal is a prosperous Kingdom; it has the capability to make us all incredibly rich. But they will demand something in return.” Shahu said.

“I know, Father.” His son replied. “But surely they must know what their limitations are going to be. They cannot demand a prime place at the table until they have demonstrated their commitment to the Empire.”

“And yet that is what they will do, for they know their worth. The Nawab came right out and said it when we met.” Shahu said, remembering the words the man who for so long had been a thorn in these negotiations, which had dragged on for years.

“And how long do you truly think that man will last as Nawab?” Shiva asked. “We already know that his followers are looking to someone else to take over. Now that he is a subject of the Empire, we can decide how things go.”

Shahu shifted uncomfortably. “We do not think we should be playing God. The Nawabs are chosen by God either through blood or war, that is the way it should remain. Otherwise, we will set a dangerous precedent.”

Shiva looked unconvinced and said as much. “Grandfather took the throne of Delhi through war, why should it be different here? We control Delhi, we control most of Bharat, what difference does it make if we interfere within the succession of a state of our Empire.”

“Then they will try and interfere in our succession, much as they did with the Mughals. We cannot allow that. Thus, we shall allow for a tacit agreement about their status within the Empire.” Shahu said. “You may change it when you ascend the throne, but until then, this is our policy.”

“As you wish, Father.” Shiva replied.

There was a moment’s silence as they both considered the implications of this, and then Shahu said. “We shall require you to head to Kabul after the celebrations to inspect the fortifications and ensure that none of the tribal leaders are stepping beyond their remit.”

Shiva thankfully nodded. “Of course.”

“And whilst you are there, we shall ask you to enter into negotiations with the Hotaks.” Shahu added.

“Negotiations?” His son replied sounding surprised. “What for?”

“To arrange a betrothal between Hotak’s daughter and your son.” Shahu said.

“What?!” Shiva responded sounding indignant.

“Shah, is the same age as Hotak’s daughter, and as such, when the time is right we shall name him governor of Kabul, he needs the support of Hotak and his associates, that is the way to do it.” Shahu responded.

He expected Shiva to protest more fervently, and so was pleasantly surprised when his son merely said. “As you command.”

“Good, now go back to your family, and enjoy the time you have with them.” Shahu commanded.
Like the International update there.

Is there anything important going on in China or the African Kingdoms relavent to the UK at this time?
How much of modern India and Pakistan under Maratha control? And which states currently outside of their control?

Can you give use more info on social and economic changes due to Maratha rule?

Is their far more Muslim Hindu marriages among nobles due to Maratha supremacy?
How much of modern India and Pakistan under Maratha control? And which states currently outside of their control?

Can you give use more info on social and economic changes due to Maratha rule?

Is their far more Muslim Hindu marriages among nobles due to Maratha supremacy?
Basically everything apart from Assam and south India and Mumbai and Chennai and Goa and Pondicherry under their control now.

And some yes
Chapter 260: Queen of Hearts
Chapter 260: Queen of Hearts

April, 1740

Anna Sophia, Queen of Portugal fanned herself and waited for the heat to die down. Even after all this time she was still not used to how bloody hot the Portuguese spring could be. She heard her husband snort and turned to look at him.

“What?” She asked, her Portuguese much more refined after almost five decades in the Kingdom.

Her husband, King Joao V of Portugal merely smiled before saying. “You were right you know.”

Anna Sophia smiled. “About what?” She asked.

“About the roads.” Joao replied. “Building them in a manner in which snake around people has made them far easier to maintain and made it harder for any brigands to do their work. Francisco reports that crime has fallen some thirty percent thus.”

Anna smiled. She had argued with her husband about those damned roads for many months and eventually he had agreed with her. “I am happy that it has worked.”

Her husband nodded and then said. “There have been some murmurings amongst the council though. Mainly that the continued presence of Barbary Pirates is disrupting trade from the New World. I have discussed broaching an alliance with the French to handle this, but I feel that King Louis is not someone who will actually follow through on his agreements.”

Anna thought on this and then said. “King Louis has done more to isolate France from anyone else than his grandfather did. We cannot allow him to dictate the shipping channels. I would recommend writing to Madrid and bringing about a mutual alliance there. I could write to Britannia and see if they would be happy to help as well.”

Her husband considered this, his eyebrows raising as he did so, eventually he nodded. “You are correct of course. Spain and Austria are getting closer, France is isolated other than Naples and has resigned an alliance with the Sultan. I think if you write to London that would be for the best.” The way her husband said London reminded her that he and her brother King James didn’t get along.

Anna wanted to press that point, she had never quite understood the differences her brother and husband had, but she knew that doing so now was perhaps not the right thing. So, instead she said. “I will.”

“We must also discuss who our grandson Joao shall marry.” Her husband said.

Anna nodded. “I had thought that we might solidify the alliance with Britannia through marrying him to James’ daughter Charlotte Amelia.”

Her husband looked at her and then said. “She is four years older than him is she not?”

“She is, but that just means she is more ready for having children and continuing the line.” Anna said.

“I am not sure. I do not want the Kingdom to think we are doing everything to win Britannia over. We are a power in our own right.” Joao said.

“I know, dear, but we must consider things logically. If not her then who?” Anna asked.

“Had France not tried to isolate itself this way, I would have suggested a Princess of France. However, if we are seeking to keep them onside then perhaps Louise Elisabeth of France.” Joao said.

“Perhaps,” Anna replied. She knew that the girl was said to be a beauty and smart as well, that would go well for their grandson. “But what about Sophie Antoinette of Austria, daughter of the King of the Romans? She comes from a fertile family and would tie us closer to an existing ally.”

Joao looked thoughtful then. “I think that would work yes. I shall send a letter to our ambassador in Vienna to broach this topic.”

Anna smiled. “Perfect.” She then added. “We must discuss a marriage for our daughter.”

Maria was a beautiful woman, smart and shrewd, and she had many admirers at court, one of whom had gotten close to her, though Maria insisted that nothing had happened between them.

“Who would you recommend?” Joao asked.

“Maximilian of Bavaria, the heir to the Electorate. A Spanish ally and an Austrian one as well.” Anna said.

“I think that would work.” Joao said.

“Perfect.” Anna said.
Chapter 261: A New Start For An Old Hand New
Chapter 261: A New Start For An Old Hand

July, 1740

Caroline, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britannia shifted slightly and then said. “You know, I think it’s a good thing that the Duke of Ormonde got to die in his estates. At least he was in his beloved home.”

Her husband, King James, merely nodded before adding. “I think it would have been better had he been in London. That way we could have arranged a proper funeral for him. Though his brother has insisted he be laid in state in Dublin Castle.”

“He is a hero to all in Ireland for his efforts. It is understandable.” Caroline said. The Duke of Ormonde had been an old man, but his death a few weeks ago had been sudden and surprising, and Caroline knew her husband was still trying to come to terms with it.

“The Earl of Orrey was the man he wanted to replace him, so, I’ve informed the man and he’ll be heading out for Dublin on the morrow.” James said.

Caroline nodded. “Orrey is a good man, he has shown his administrative talents in the treasury, and Robert has told me that he holds to the party line.” Robert had seemingly become ever more obsessed with the party line as he’d aged, a complete contrast to what he’d been like before.

“Indeed.” Her husband said, though Caroline suspected he would return to that statement later. “I am more concerned about Berwick’s retirement. He never voiced any complaint.”

Caroline took her husband’s hand; she knew that he saw the Duke of Berwick as an older brother and knew that his decision to retire so soon after Ormonde’s death had shaken her husband. “He is old now, my dear, perhaps it is for the best that he retires.”

“He was still out performing men half his age until a few days ago. I do not know what could have brought this on.” James said.

“He is a grandfather now, and we are at peace. I think he merely wants to enjoy his family before he has to die.” Caroline said simply.

“Who do you recommend I nominate as his successor?” James asked. “William seems content to remain in Scotland, but his ideas are better than Marlborough’s.”

“They are both Field Marshals, you raised them to the rank with Ormonde and Berwick a few months ago.” Caroline pointed out. “Why not simply let William remain in Scotland and name Marlborough Commander in Chief, but with the understanding that ultimately troop authority in Scotland rests with William?”

Her husband bit his lip in consideration and then said. “I suppose that would be the right thing to do. And it would help prevent any further schisms between my brother and I.”

Caroline nodded, she did not know exactly what had caused the usually close brothers to have fallen out. She did not think it was over William’s mistress, for he had many of those over the course of time she’d known him. She did not want to pry though, and so instead asked another question. “How will you respond to Bolingbroke’s proposal?” Henry St John, recently raised to Duke of Bolingbroke had proposed a new series of reforms to make the electoral system within the country fairer, it had caused quite the stink in cabinet from what George had told her.

“I do not know.” James responded. “On the one hand I can see the benefit in what he suggests, it would ensure that more people have a chance to speak their mind and reduce the corruption within the Commons. On the other hand, Hume’s recent treaty on the human mind has gotten me thinking. What if the electorate becomes even more emotive after it is expanded? The electorate now are educated but still they vote based on emotion, what happens if the new electors are even more emotional due to a lack of education?”

“Then surely that would be to our benefit?” Caroline asked. “As it would mean that they would be easily manipulated toward voting for the parties that you support.”

James sighed. “I do not want to have to manipulate my subjects, Caroline.”

Caroline snorted. “You have no problem manipulating the politicians in Parliament.”

“That’s different.” James retorted. “They know what they’re doing, or at least they think they do. If they are manipulated by me, then so be it. But the electorate? They are the voters, the people. I would not feel comfortable deliberately lying to them about something.”

“So, don’t lie.” Caroline said. “Simply say one thing and make it seem as if you are doing that thing. The people love you, they will not complain.”

“And what happens if there is a monarch who they do not love doing this?” James asked. “Open up the electorate and then there might come a time where dangerous sentiments are put forward.”

“Then put in the procedures to ensure that such sentiments never come forward.” Caroline said.

“How?” James demanded. “I cannot control the future.”

“No, but you do control the papers.” Caroline pointed out. “Use them.”

Her husband sighed. “I suppose you are right. I shall speak with Bolingbroke on the morrow.”

Caroline smiled. “Good. I think this would be for everyone’s benefit.”
I can understand james concern since current events show something similar to what james fears,thought caroline has a point in that the commons will be easier to manipulate.

Wonder in how many months caroline will die.
What is the status of George?
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I can understand james concern since current events show something similar to what james fears,thought caroline has a point in that the commons will be easier to manipulate

Wonder in how many months caroline will die
What is the status of George
Indeed, both of them have valid points, but Caroline I think has the advantage here.

And oh what makes you think she's close to death?

And George? He's with his young family.