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  1. If Germany won WW1, would France fall into civil war? If so, wo would win?

    If the Central Powers won WW1, would France devolve into civil war? I've been wondering if the mutinies in the French military during 1917-early 1918 could cause a civil war. If so, who would try to take power? Would the German Empire create a puppet provisional government, or will Socialists or...
  2. Is it possible for German Pacific Colonies during WW1 to survive past 1915?

    I am currently writing an Alt History scenario. I wanted to know how long the German Pacific could last realistically, specifically past 1915. What changes would have to be made to OTL to cause this for this to realistically occur?
  3. Aluma

    PC/AHC: Delayed WWI - Can Imperial Germany go Nazi?

    One thing I often hear here is that World War 1 was inevitable with the upscaling of german military build-up, the alliance system and everything going around the balkans. Another is that Hitler and his gang would have easily been butterflied away from rising to power if any change were to...
  4. Alliance between China, Germany, and the US

    With a pod in 1820, how can we get an alliance between the United states, a Prussian Germany, and a modernized Qing? What smaller allies would also be part of this pact, how would the coming great war between powers go, and what will the world look like after?
  5. GauchoBadger

    AHC/WI: Second Boer War delayed until WWI

    Title says it all. Assume that the build-up of political threats is delayed until after 1904. Assume that Britain still fights Germany in an alternate WWI, and that the Boer republics join the CP. What are the effects of an expanded south african front in WWI? If the Entente wins, then what are...
  6. GauchoBadger

    Was the Gallipoli Campaign really that unwinnable?

    I'm a bit of a sucker for WWI PoD's, and one of my favourites is that of a successful pushing of the dardanelles, with the british securing Istanbul with its massive navy, possibly knocking out the Ottomans from the war, and creating a more secure supply line to Russia through the black sea...
  7. Austrian and Serbian plausibility and fact-checking

    I'm after board expert's views on a few points I'm considering for a possible TL. If Marshal Putnik isn't released by the Austrians in 1914, who takes command of the Serbian Army? With an alternate to Putnik, what plans will they likely implement? If Potiorek dies in Sarajevo, who leads the...
  8. Battle of the Dogger Bank redux

    Is there an old thread for this already? There was a moment before the OTL Battle of the Dogger Bank in WWI when the German fleet commander had his ships set up to draw in and then trap the British battlecruiser and fast battleship units. If the Germans had stuck to their plan it would on paper...
  9. GauchoBadger

    When is the absolute earliest that WWI could happen?

    Basically what it says in the title. The composition of each alliance doesn't matter, so long as it involves at least Germany, France, and Britain or Russia. It is said here in my country's education program that the balance of powers and alliances that would lead to WWI was set by the Berlin...
  10. GauchoBadger

    Turkey wins the First Balkan War: How different will WWI be?

    So, let's say the ottoman high command isn't so naive and drafts a different war plan for dealing with the balkan league. They eventually win the First Balkan War, retaining their balkan territories while making some concessions for autonomy in these territories. The question is: when there's a...