Turkey wins the First Balkan War: How different will WWI be?

So, let's say the ottoman high command isn't so naive and drafts a different war plan for dealing with the balkan league. They eventually win the First Balkan War, retaining their balkan territories while making some concessions for autonomy in these territories.
The question is: when there's a nifty-enough casus belli for WWI to be started by someone:
-which side will the turks be on?
-which side will the former balkan league states be on?
-how does the surviving ottoman hold into Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Sandzak change their war strategy?
-how will the turks deal with the russians, if they have to fight them?
-if the ottomans lose the war, how harsh will the concessions be?
yeah and what are the concequences? What would make the Balkan countries back off and not try again, this time with Russia or even the UK on their side? Could trigger a different WWI, although still starting in the Balkans. Any great power joining could trigger it. Perhapsa second war with Romania in the league could happen, that would defeat the Ottomans unless the Sultan dies. Way different treaties though.
Turkey was already in a weakened state after losing a war against Italy. The Balkan League took advantage of this and attacked just before the Italo-Turkish War had concluded. It's hard to see them being able to pull off a victory unless you can butterfly away the Italo-Turkish War first.
So the donwfall of Turkey-in-Europe was inevitable by the middle 1910s?
From what i hear, the turks still had a fighting chance by the FBW. I heard that a considerable part of the ottoman army stayed in anatolia and never actually fought in the war.

The FBW happened in 1913. WWI may be right around the corner, which gives some opportunity for either the turks to make use of their south balkan territories or for the balkan league to plan another invasion. That is, unless this WWI's casus belli happens right during a second try for a balkan war by the balkan league.
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My main question would be with regard to Serbia. They just got their asses handed to them by Turkey. There won't be a Second Balkan War as it was historically. Turkey has bolstered its posiition. Its ordering dreadnoughts from Britain.

Now, Serbia is not seen as a rising state, a voice for the Southern Slavs. Its a weakened beaten principality masquerading as a kingdom.

If it DOES assassinate Franz Ferdinand, its value strategically, and its voice diplomatically, will be a lot less.

In this situation, with Germany backing Austria-Hungary, and enemies on all sides, its far more likely Serbia would accept every stipulation in the Note. Its also far less likely that Russia will lay its future on the line to back them
-which side will the former balkan league states be on?

The side that the Ottomans aren't on. (or maybe the Ottomans will be on whichever side that the Balkan states aren't on - especially concerning Bulgaria and Greece)

Some of it depends on how the post-war map looks like. I'm not sure the Ottomans would ever agree to give any meaningful autonomy to anyone after not losing a war. But more importantly, how big was the victory? Was it just enough to enforce a status quo, or did the Ottomans seize some southern Bulgarian or Greek lands like they hoped?

If it's a a major victory, I assume Russia has stepped in to prevent any major damage being done to Bulgaria and Serbia. As a consequence, relations with Russia will be strained and the Turks will be likely to join the Central Powers, dragging the rest of the Balkan countries into the Entente. If it's just a "meh, we didn't lose" outcome, their future foreign policy could go either way.
-how will the turks deal with the russians, if they have to fight them?

That said, it's hard to imagine the Ottomans doing terribly well if they have to fight Russia and the Balkan states again.