1. How does the US progress following this CP victory scenario?

    Scenario: Germany sees greater success at the first Battle of the Marne in 1914, hurting the supply of the Entente enough to allow German success and then subsequent peace in mid-late 1916 with France/Britain. This leads to a reduced colonial France that turns reactionary/revanchist during the...
  2. How long can Monarchy last in Russian empire in no ww1 timeline?

    If WW1 is avoided, meaning no 1917 revolution ever occurs, how much longer could the Russian Monarchy last in the Russian empire? Would they be able to adapt to survive to modern day?
  3. CPs win WW1 due to no US entry, what happens to the US financial system?

    So there were a couple interesting posts over in this thread: So let's assume that things go as per OTL up to the point where the US decided to enter, and in TTL, the US stays out. Let's say there's no Zimmerman Telegram and that this is enough to make Wilson do his utmost to keep his...
  4. Thande

    ATTENTION AUTHORS: Sea Lion Press World War One Anthology call for story submissions!

    Crossposted from the Writer's Forum with the permission of mod @CalBear. Dear all authors of AH.com, Are you interested in the First World War? Do you like writing short stories? Do you want to combine these two interests? Sea Lion Press, the home of Alternate History Publishing (founded by...