1. Holy Roman Empire Enjoyer

    Could Austria-Hungary have survived Post-ww1?

    If we assume that if the Austro-Hungarian Empire wasn't split apart at the end of WW1, whether that's because they win, or if they aren't split up by the Treaty of Trianon, was there anything they could've done to survive past WW1?
  2. Pacific War and Sino-Japanese War without World War II

    Hello, I am writing an alternative history scenario and I have a question about what would happen in Asia in the 30's and 40's with the absence of a Second World War. The divergence with OTL is with a German victory after the First World War, resulting in a status quo ante bellum on the Western...
  3. How early would have ended WW1 if America had joined the Entente after the sinking of the Lusitania and the Ottoman Empire stayed neutral

    Let's say that The Ottoman Empire stayed Neutral and there was a republican US President during WW1, either Roosevelt was reelected in 1908 and 1912 or Teddy picked Elihu Root to Run in 1912 and any of them pressured the Congress to declare War on Germany after the sinking of the Lusitania...
  4. Better Pre War AntiSub considerations.

    So the Submarine by 1905-10 was figured out well enough that it could start to be considered a func weapon. POD: So what if some officer in the RN or perhaps France Russia or The US, starts taking them seriously and realizes that once a good submarine is deployed it is going to be a nightmare...
  5. Effects of an Italian Entry into CP 1914

    So after reading through a thread discussing a Italian CP entry in 1914, some really interesting points were brought up, especially by user Erzherzog_Karl. After looking into his references namely 'German-Italian Military Relations on the Eve of World War I by Michael Palumbo. I became...
  6. Optimize German Army for WW1

    The German Imperial army IOTL was very volatile and powerful as it stood, not only in technology but in pure numbers as well as organization, however it can still always be improved upon, especially if given appropriate PODs. With a POD of no earlier ghan 1900, what can you do to optimize and...
  7. How could've the Imperial German Army fixed its inefficiencies before WW1?

    It's very known that the Imperial German army suffered very big inefficiencies such as a lack of mobilization capabilities, proper inspectorates and many more problems. How could've they been fixed before the outbreak of WW1?
  8. Russia and Germany as allies in an alternate WW1

    I have been doing some reading and research on the alliance structure pre-WW1 . The League of Three Emperors was a short lived alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia. It was tried twice by Bismark but fell apart each time because of Balkans, specifically Russia and Austria's...
  9. What if Enver Pasha had been a truly competent military leader?

    It is undeniable that Enver was a nationalist willing to do anything for the Turkish cause, however, as we all know, his enthusiasm and bravery were his main strengths, but as a military and political leader, he left much to be desired, but, what if it had been the opposite? What if he had...
  10. What If WW1 ended in 1916?

    Let's say that The Ottoman Empire stayed Neutral and There was a Republican President during WW1 (either, Taft, Roosevelt, or Root) who pressured Congress to declare War on Germany after the sinking of the Lusitania. WW1 ended in Nov/Dec 1916 How would this change the Treaty of Versailles...
  11. EasternRomanEmpire

    Is a successful 1918 Spring Offensive possible?

    I've seen some persons on this forum that the Spring Offensive is destined to fail, but with the US joining ww1 as per OTL can the Germans succeed? And if the US stays neutral?
  12. What if Elihu Root was elected president in 1912?

    Teddy is reelected in 1908, and Taft became a Supreme Court Judge. So Teddy Picked his Secretary of State Elihu Root to run In 1912. With No split vote, Elihu Root became president in 1912 with Hiriam Johnson as his VP. How this would change WW1? Your Opinions?
  13. Oba Cahokia

    Italy joins the Central Powers but the Entente still Wins

    I can't understate that a powerful notion of Italy joining the war on the side of the Central Powers would result in a Central Powers Victory and the consequences of world coming from that. But I barely anyone exploring the opposite direction of the Central Powers still losing with Italy on...
  14. EasternRomanEmpire

    WI: Belgium didn't exist

    Belgium remains part of the Netherlands. What happens to the Congo? Effects on WW1? Effects on WW2?
  15. Tangles2

    What if there was no major fleet action between the Grand Fleet and High Seas Fleet in WW1?

    I recently completed posting an Alternate Battle of Jutland thread from WW1. The AU basically removed the pre-dreadnaughts from the HSF order of Battle leaving Scheer operating under severe operational restrictions from the Kaiser to preserve the HSF at all costs. In that thread the battle...
  16. What would still happen if the central powers won ww1?

    I think these events would still happen, but might be postponed or play out differently. 1. The austro-hungarian empire collapsing 2. The Ottoman empire collapsing 3. The great depression, or some kind of recession at least. Maybe better, maybe worse. What about you guys?
  17. Tangles2

    Alternate Battle of Jutland - 1916 (The Battle of the Battlecruisers.)
    Threadmarks: 1. Prologue

    Greetings All Just thought I'd post for your interest and amusement a different take on the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and some of its flow ons. Hope you find it interesting and look forward to your feedback. Tangles. PROLOGUE: To put this scenario in context much of its initial inspiration...
  18. Use of incendiary and oxygen projectiles and minimal use of shrapnel and explosives prior to offensives in World War I - what would the results be and

    In a study of the effectiveness of strategic bombing in Europe, it is clear that incendiary bombs are between 4 and 5 times more destructive than explosives, and chemical weapons because of gas masks in the First World War appear to be of low effectiveness. I want to ask if the artillery of the...
  19. EasternRomanEmpire

    AHC: Make WW1 a stalemate

    Is it possible that WW1 ends in a stalemate?
  20. Tangles2

    Alternate Battle of the Falkland 1914.

    Greetings all. Just thought I'd post for your entertainment and amusement a different take on the Battle of the Falklands in 1914. In this AU the German presence in Chile has contacts through an Irish officer on a Chilean steamer that has a regular transport contract for Mutton from the...