1. Collondi

    WI the Visigoths kept control of Aquitaine from the Franks?

    Let’s say our POD is that the Visigoths win the battle of Vouille. There’s also plenty of PODs a few years before Vouille if you prefer. The overall war ends in a stalemate, and Clovis dies before he can go for round two, leaving his kingdom divided amongst his sons who are temporarily too busy...
  2. WI: Alaric lives for another decade.

    Let say that Alaric I, King of Visigoths and a man usually assosiated with Sack of Rome in 410. Instead of dying the same year, is able to recover from his illness and lives for at least few more years. So, Visigoths have their most well known ruler leading them longer, and man blamed by Romans...
  3. The Visigoths win at Vouillé?

    The Battle of Vouillé was, IOTL, a devastating defeat for the Visigothic Kingdom, which not only lost its king, Alaric II (killed in action), but was also forced to give up also half of its territory to the Franks, including the capital city of Toulouse. According to Wikipedia, the kingdom went...
  4. In Sheets of Blood - A Late Antiquity TL
    Threadmarks: In Sheets of Blood

    In Sheets of Blood A Late Antiquity Timeline Chapter I: A Vandal King Chapter II: Bonifacius, Aetius and Rimini Chapter III: Vandal Carthage Chapter IV: Magister Militum Bonifatius Chapter V: Bleda the Hun Chapter VI: Theodosius II Chapter VII: The Isaurian War
  5. Regnum Visigothorum
    Threadmarks: 1. The "Old" Visigothic Kingdom of Tolouse.

    Visigothic kingdom of Tolouse in 500 1. The "Old" Visigothic Kingdom of Tolouse. After murdering his brother Thorismund in 453, Theodoric II became king of the Visigothic Kingdom of Tolouse. In 466, after barely avoiding being assasinated himself by his own younger brother, Euric, the king...
  6. WI: Theodoric and Attila's fates reversed

    What if, at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, Theodoric I survived and Attila the Hun died, rather than the other way around?
  7. WI: Umayyad victory at the Battle of Covadonga

    What if the Umayyads had won the Battle of Covadonga? How might things have changed?
  8. WI: No Umayyad conquest of Hispania

    The Umayyad conquest of Hispania left an indelible mark on the Iberian peninsula. It resulted in the destruction of the Visigothic Kingdom, the period known as the Reconquista, and left impacts on the Iberian languages that are still seen to this day, among other things. So my question is...
  9. Atamolos

    AHC/Plausibility Check: Make Stilicho the Emperor of the West

    Been doing research on the late Empire, and Stilicho has fast become one of my favorite Roman generals of all time. After his assassination in 408, the WRE fell apart fast. Not saying he could've saved the West on his own, since many historians think it was a lost cause by this point, but is...
  10. Mr_Fanboy

    AHC/WI: Germanic Western Mediterranean

    Here's a question I've tried to get at in some form or fashion with different threads in the past, but I figured I'd ask it more directly. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, much of its former territory was divided between kingdoms established by different Germanic tribes. Important...
  11. Women in Ostrogothic society?

    As I understand it, the Visigothic Code gave women the right to inherit land, arrange their own marriages, and represent themselves in the court of law. Did the Ostrogotgs have anything similar? Could the Ostrogoths have developed something similar if they had survived in Italy or was the...
  12. AHC: Make the Hunnic Empire an actual sedentary, urbanized empire

    Attila's Empire was notably more of a series of tributary relationships and alliances against the Roman Empire between various migratory peoples, rather than an actual empire. How could Attila's empire have turned into an actual sedentary and urbanized empire stretching from, at the least, the...
  13. AHC: Worst case scenarios for the Late Roman Empire?

    With a POD between 375 and 500, what are some worst-case scenarios for the Roman Empire in the 5th and 6th centuries? That is, how could it have fallen most spectacularly and into as many pieces as possible, as early as possible? What are some best-case scenarios for the Goths, Vandals, Franks...
  14. Gasmask134

    WI: The Visigoths defeat the Umayyad invasion of the Iberian peninsula?

    Title says it really, what if the Visigoths repulse the Umayyad invasion of Iberia? Could they? and if so, what affect would it have on the Umayyads, the rest of Europe, and most importantly my boys the Visigoths? (ok, truth is the Franks are my boys but...)
  15. Sargon

    No Terror of Justinian - Glory Instead! (The Roman Emperor Who Lost His Nose - A TL of Justinian II)
    Threadmarks: Introduction & Overview

    Introduction & Overview Justinian: The most fascinating yet overlooked Emperor of all the Roman Emperors that I know about in the 1500 years of Empire in OTL was an arrogant, stubborn, cruel and oppressive individual who ended his days in insanity and blood-soaked revenge of all those he...