1. DBWI: Superman and Batman with different archenemies

    When it comes to heroes, you don't get much more iconic than Superman and Batman. So it's only fitting that their respective archnemeses are two of the most notorious villains of pop culture. I am, of course, speaking of the Ultra-Humanite and Hugo Strange. Of course, as inevitable as it may...
  2. Amadeus

    DBWI: Tim Burton Doesn't Make "Superman Lives!"

    In 1998, Tim Burton's "Superman Lives!" was released into theaters worldwide. Starring Nicholas Cage as Superman, the film was Burton's attempt to explore the iconic character after having abandoned the Batman franchise six years earlier. The film had a rocky pre-production period and came close...
  3. THeaven

    Fawcett comics survives

    In 1949 National Comics tried and failed to both have Fawcett cease publication of Captain Marvel comics and have Republic Pictures withhold release of the Captain Marvel serial via a cease and desistin June 1941.When the action went unheeded, Detective and Superman, Inc. filed suit against...
  4. THeaven

    1985 year of the Heroine

    In 1984 Supergirl and Sheena came out with Red Sonja coming out a year later and all of them bomb. Could there been a scenario postponing the making of the three films by a year that make at least one of them successful?
  5. THeaven

    Superman Lives

    After nearly a Decade since directing Batman and Batman Returns Tim Burton went back to the superhero genre with Superman Lives, bringing back the iconic Superman back to theaters since 1987 Coming to mixed to positive reviews
  6. THeaven

    Christopher Reeve in Supergirl (reloaded)

    After the failure that was Superman III Alexander & Ilya Salkind went to work on a Spinoff movie based on Superman's cousin Supergirl but for the movie to work they would need Christopher Reeve to pass the Torch. Reeve feeling typecast but getting the Directors bug goes to Warner Media &...
  7. loneranger

    AHC: Make a comic book Legacy stick

    Perhaps the most well known instance of a legacy character (which is one character taking the superhero identity of another, for whatever reason) is Wally West becoming Flash after the death of Barry Allen. This lasted for about 20 years. My challenge to you, should you accept it, is to try...
  8. Superman: The Red Son - a movie trilogy?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this; it's my first time making a thread. I just finished re-reading Superman: The Red Son by Mark Millar and I think it would make a fantastic movie trilogy, in the vein of the Dark Knight Trilogy even. The three parts would be as per the comic book -...