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  1. SakuraFoxBlossom

    A Long Time Ago in an Oddly Familiar Galaxy Far, Far Away.... - A Star Wars Film Timeline
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    The logo that become synonymous with one of the largest multimedia franchises in the world. The brainchild of a pulp fan from Northern California. I am a hack fraud. I will admit when I see a concept that gains traction, I want to hop on board it as well. In this case I was inspired by...
  2. NotTheCrab

    Ideas needed for Earth in Star Wars FanFic

    This TL would probably take place before WW2 from our perspective, around twenty years before the battle of Yavin, and will most likely run until after the defeat of the Dark Empire in OTL. For purposes of simplicity I will pretty much just insert the Orion arm of our galaxy into the Unknown...
  3. George Lucas doesn't sell Star wars to Disney

    What would happen if George Lucas kept Star wars until the day he died?

    The Star Wars Story: how George Lucas and Steven Spielberg held Hollywood hostage for 20 years

    A short introduction before we get started: My name is Vee, and my first attempt at a timeline was an adject failure by virtually all standards. I entered into it with little preparation and quickly felt overwhelmed and abandoned it, but I never stopped thinking about what it could have been...
  5. Holoimages From Palpatine's Terra: Images Of the Imperial Occupation Of Earth

    Looters in Toronto during the initial Imperial invasion, 2006-9 BBY. Crime waves were rampant in the four month period of the Empire's campaign to subdue Earth by force. A British resistance fighter in London during the assassination of a local Imperial official, April 2012-3 BBY. Russian...
  6. What if George Lucas made a star wars theme park

    What if George Lucas made his own theme park? That was a question star wars fans asked themselves since 1977. In a 1987 interview George Lucas said he would like to make a theme park. GEORGE LUCAS I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A THEME PARK ITS SOMETHING I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT SINCE I MADE STAR WARS.
  7. Two Helicopters in Northern California
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    George Lucas was furious. It had been painful enough when his first film THX-1138 had been butchered by the studio in the name of mass appeal, which hadn’t happened anyway. But now his new film American Graffiti was suffering the same fate despite a smash success preview screening that the...
  8. Zyobot

    No Star Wars

    It started off as a silly little science-fantasy film whose creator thought it would flop. But with its story of a farm boy who answered a greater calling, a princess in the clutches of evil, a cynical space smuggler with a beastly first mate, and a tug of war between a liberal-democratic...
  9. AHC: Star Wars Cinematic Universe Based Off EU

    In the past couple years, Disney have (A) scrapped the EU and made a controversial Sequel Trilogy, and (B) tried to create a Cinematic Universe based off Star Wars. With the failure of Solo, these plans have been put on the back burner for the indefinite future. But what if Disney hadn't...
  10. DBWI: Disney continues Star Wars instead of rebooting it

    Immediately after George Lucas sold Lucasfilms to Disney, Disney announced they would be rebooting the franchise, eventually culminating with 2014's Star Wars: The New Hope, helmed by Gennedy Tartovsky, followed by Rian Johnson's Grip of the Steel Order and the upcoming Jedi Rising, directed by...
  11. Amadeus

    DBWI: Steven Spielberg Doesn't Direct "Return of the Jedi"

    In 1983, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas released their second film collaboration - "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi." Spielberg was always Lucas' first choice to direct the third Star Wars movie after "Empire" director Irvin Kershner walked away from the franchise. But it almost didn't happen -...
  12. THeaven

    Fawcett comics survives

    In 1949 National Comics tried and failed to both have Fawcett cease publication of Captain Marvel comics and have Republic Pictures withhold release of the Captain Marvel serial via a cease and desistin June 1941.When the action went unheeded, Detective and Superman, Inc. filed suit against...
  13. Amadeus

    DBWI: Mark Hamill Doesn't Play Mozart

    After having played Mozart in the Broadway production of "Amadeus," Mark Hamill was cast in Milos Forman's 1984 film adaptation. Audiences were struck by Hamill's performance, having previously known him for his turn as the heroic Luke Skywalker. But Hamill's casting almost didn't happen. The...
  14. AHC: Roman "Star Wars"

    Disclaimer: this is not an attempt to troll or propose ASB stuff. This part of a recent post from @Dante tiggered the Galactic Empire's fanboy that is inside me, unleashing parallelisms between Octavian and Palpatine. Of course, there are also a lot of differences not only between the two, but...
  15. Amadeus

    Making the "Star Wars" Prequels Better

    In this thread, please discuss what you would've done to make the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy better. This can cover any aspect of the movies including the scripts, casting, and special effects.
  16. Amadeus

    DBWI: George Lucas Quits Directing After "Star Wars"

    After the release of his massive hit "Star Wars," George Lucas considered giving up directing. He hated the pressures of making "Star Wars," and making films only as a producer and writer seemed like an attractive option. But Lucas wanted to maintain creative control of his films, so he...
  17. RedTerra

    There is Another: A Dream of Rebellion (or what if Star Wars went very Differently)

    "I've retired from directing. If I directed Empire, then I’d have to direct the next one and the next for the rest of my life. I’ve never really liked directing. I became a director because I didn’t like directors telling me how to edit, and I became a writer because I had to write something in...
  18. RedTerra

    An Empire of Dreams: A World where the Magic of Star Wars lived on

    I hate directing. You go to work knowing just how you want a scene to be, but by the end of the day, you’re usually depressed because you didn’t do a good enough job. It’s hard enough just to walk through it, let alone direct the actors, move the equipment. It was easy to let go of directing...
  19. RedTerra

    AHC: A Better Future for Star Wars (film series)?

    So, I think it's safe to say Star Wars is quite divided now. Haters and loyalists and people in between, even with some preferring the prequels, some who grew up on the Clone Wars, and so much more divisions that the Star Wars fandom isn't as monolithic as many like to assume. Regardless, I'd...
  20. Amadeus

    Challenge: Improve "Return of the Jedi"

    Most everyone will agree that "Return of the Jedi," while an entertaining and satisfying movie, is by far the weakest entry in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to propose how the filmmakers could have turned "Return of the Jedi" into an overall...