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  1. The_Persian_Cat

    Mondragon Corporation in Republican Spain?

    Hello all, So, the Mondragon Corporation is one of the largest business entities in Spain, and is involved in a great many sectors (including banking, consumer industry, heavy industry, retail, and (through Mondragon University) education). It's also a federation of workers' cooperatives, with...
  2. Todo va de acuerdo al plan/Everything is going according to plan
    Threadmarks: Everything starts somewhere

    Hi, this is my first story, it doesn't pretend to be good, but I think it's realistic enough to be in this part of the forum, it's something I've been thinking about for a while (back when the premise sounded original), so I'll improve it a bit. little on the fly (I think), plus I thought if I...
  3. Hijos del Pueblo: a (somehow) libertarian Spanish Republic
    Threadmarks: 1- July 17, 1936: the uprising in Morocco.

    1- July 17, 1936: the uprising in Morocco. It was the scheduled day. Colonel Eduardo Sáenz of Buruaga and the rest of the conspiracy’s General Staff of the Protectorate met at the Indigenous Regular Force headquarters in Tetouan. They would take control of Morocco as soon as Franco arrived in...
  4. A swift Republican victory in the Spanish Civil War?

    The right-wing coup that kicked off the Spanish Civil War was actually a huge failure for the conspirators, at least at first. Although they took nearly all of the north, important cities like Oviedo, Seville and Córdoba, as well as the colonies (where their best military force, the Army of...
  5. AstroRangerBeans

    When the World Pulls the Brake - An Alternate History of Spain and the Cold War TL
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    Disclaimer: I do not offend anyone based on political views/beliefs or those with historical perspective but I want to create a TL involving alternate Spanish Republic and the Cold War with the surviving Soviet Union/Sovereign Union and its allies of Warsaw-Beijing Pact surviving as well as how...
  6. AstroRangerBeans

    Vanguards in the Islands of Liberty and Paradise - The Republic of Escadia
    Threadmarks: World Map as of 2020 A.D.

    Though after my project time that wasting too much for the new worldbuilding TL, I decided to create this worldbuilding TL dedicated to wikiboxes, maps, graphics, or whatever if it depends. After I intentionally declare that the worldbuilding TL, The True Divided Nation which sets in 2019 in a...
  7. Onerom

    Nobody Expects: The Spanish Revolution
    Threadmarks: Opening Post and World Map

    Nobody Expects For some time I've been following (and, of course, enjoying) some of the great graphic timelines of this forum: Kanan's Our Fair Country, LeinadB93's Hail, Britannia, KaiserEmu's Of Droughts and Flooding Rains and Planita13's A Shining Valley; and I have felt the impulse to try...
  8. A Tale of Two Countries (Spain, 1976-1982)
    Threadmarks: 1. Reunification

    1. Reunification The political and economical stagnation that the Francoist Spain was enduring since the 1960s, specially from 1965 onwards, led to an increase of the "Free World" democracies upon the totalitarian regime. In 1972, Robert Nixon send his Secretary of State, William P. Rodgers, to...
  9. Kaiser Chris

    WI: Sanjurjo's Spain

    Not many people know this about the Spanish Civil War, and it's a fact that many history buffs can tend to forget, but in the beginning of the conflict it wasn't Francisco Franco who was tapped to lead the Nationalist Forces, rather it was Marshal Jose Sanjurjo a Spanish general who played a key...