World Map as of 2020 A.D.
Though after my project time that wasting too much for the new worldbuilding TL, I decided to create this worldbuilding TL dedicated to wikiboxes, maps, graphics, or whatever if it depends. After I intentionally declare that the worldbuilding TL, The True Divided Nation which sets in 2019 in a world where the United States was heavily influenced by Dutch colonization as the Dutch keeps New Netherlands and then the Confederates won the civil war or actually, it was war of independence for those who lived in this TTDN-world has already dead.

With due respect, there are times that I was thinking about lack of trust or feeling tiredness of collaborating with others in making the worldbuilding project as I said that I made an attempt to create a proto-worldbuilding TL that took up and ended up with backfire that I feel my pressure to hurry or catch up and forced to abandon due to noticeable difficulties and messy ideas that I made has led doubts or questions on why the previous worldbuilding projects went up into shrouded trash of failure.

This worldbuilding TL is dedicated to the fictional country of Escadia and the surrounding Atlantic islands.

For the backstory: During the breakup of Pangaea, there's a strange loud volcanic explosion takes place what was once Mount Howard began to widen but as the time passes, volcanic activity has been spiked in both North American and European tectonic plates caused some more sea mounts to raise up above the sea level, while in Escadia, the raising of sea mounts had caused Mount Howard island to absorb the remaining islands into what was once Escadia.

Over the course of millennias later, the English, followed by Spaniards, and French as well as some Germans had established colonial outposts following the uncovering of mysteries of how the Vikings had discovered the strange islands back before the dawn of 11th century AD. As the race for the competition heated up during the colonization, there were some wars but a major war known as the Seven Years' War had profound drastic consequences for the British colony of New Britannia to which have led to birth of vibrant and multicultural nation through dominion and then into a republic. By today, the country became the most influential players within the Atlantic Ocean Islands and one of the most developed countries on Earth.


Inspired by @RoxyLikeAPuma's Oh I Wish In Dixie, @LeinadB93's Hail Britannia, @CosmicAsh's Our Fair Country, @Onerom's Nobody Expects and @Goweegie2's Desire The Right, and Sword and Spirit.

I will formally starting to post wikiboxes, maps, graphics, pages, and others dedicated for this timeline. Please feel free to appreciate that there are any required suggestions or requests that I needed to make them for this timeline. Comments, appreciation, and question also suggestions are always welcome.​
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1990 Equatorian Revolution
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2019 Escadian general election
The 62nd Escadian general election took place on Monday of October 21st of 2019 to determine the membership of the 62nd Escadian National Assembly. The previous parliament was elected on October 19th of 2015 and dissolved officially on July 27th of 2019. Voters elected 338 members to the Congress of Deputies under direct hybridised mixed-member proportional representation. Around 29.4 million people were registered to vote in the election with over 73.0% turning out. Advanced and electronic voting popular with the remaining million votes cast prior to election. The writs of election has been issued by President Tim Kaine upon approval from the Office of the President on June 9th of 2019.

Prior to the election, the center-right cyberocratic Progressive-Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, had governed the country with two coalitions since 2008 with confidence and supply from the Bloc Terrebone, Castelo Party, Advanced Future, and Christian Popular Union. It was the seventh time that the sitting prime minister had experienced blowback defeat following Gürtel-Robinson-Epstein Case as well as Barcenas-Adams Papers and sexual assault scandals which led to growing anger and animosity within his ruling dominant party from which began in 2013 where his tenur experiences setbacks and poor performances despite its citizens enjoying high confidence with him until in 2018 when several female victims had testified against his activity have led to widespread protests and deadlocked riots to which the party is starting to swell slowly and began to lose its chances of retaining its power even when Nolot-Bautista Papers shown that Rajoy is expected to make partnership with Hocke in forming its coalition with the far-right Christian Popular Union and right-wing Industrialist Party have led to anger and despair as well as backlash commented by Labour chairman Jeremy Corbyn and opposition leader Jo Swinson as well as within his party for "enjoying terrible and mishap mistakes". Nancy McFarlane, a fellow governor of New London have intended to run as a leader of Liberals United against the incumbent prime minister, while Corbyn desired to continue his challenge against Rajoy.

The Thomson-Samsung Affair which detailed about aborted construction or delayed construction of world's space elevator made a very final straw for his term, during his debate on August 19, he was faced with lewd and backlash comments from candidates including Swinson to which she said on her response speech by saying that "Rajoy made a worst accomplishments in this decade and he intends to delay the construction of megastructure like what the prime minister James Beall did to Transatlantic Tunnel back in 1969". By the weeks of October before the vote, his party have no chances of retaking back their power or retain the position in power as poll survey shown.

Progressive-Conservative have experienced a big blow of the election and gradually lost its plenty of seats with 114 remaining while Liberals United gained 76 new seats while the Labour got its plenty of seats as a result of defection from Progressive-Conservative Party and Industrialist Party despite the seat change is 22 in electoral results. While for Eco-greens, relentless pressure have led to defections to which most of MPs were switched to centrist Liberals United and the party lost its 15 seats to other parties but the party have shared a high number of votes in Yarmouth to where the party had cemented permanently since 1989.

Höcke's party Christian Popular Union gained one seat as he claimed his demise as "failure and fallen to neo-Parteistadt fake centrist party" in an interview led to backlash from McFarlane, Partido Castelo's Inés Arrimadas and Labour's Corbyn to which they called him a "tinfoiled stupid man who wants to act like Progressive-Conservative" to which his response denied his accusations.

Rajoy's apology speech which detailed about how he admit several scandals or corruption problems that he committed even before becoming prime minister in 2008. As for McFarlane, she appointed several key cabinet members to which the females and LGBTQs as well as half Martians are makeup of majority of her cabinet appointees before the start of 62nd Escadian National Assembly by January 1st of 2020.
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why do all of these otl politicians live on escadia?
Well, let's find all out soon by next threadmarked posts.
Martin Luther King Jr. tunnel?
Ah, yes, of course, great answer. Is a megastructure tunnel which which connects both North America and Europe via group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean and it is one of the longest railway and highway network in the world which began in the early 1970 when Escadian PM James Beall was forced to start the one of the most expensive megastructure project funded and assisted by the governments of other countries, smaller companies, and multinational corporations to ensure the greater promotion of massive international trading network but the project took a hand when they landed on Mars and Venus to see that these remnant structures from long-extinct advanced civilizations and the growth of interplanetary trade as well as growth of resource rush in Moon, Mars, and Venus, which meant that the project was expected to finish faster in 2003.

As a result, the economic growth is bolstered and allowed the consolidation of Atlantic Union.
I'm boarding up my worktime to finish this up before the next threadmarked post:

There will be the List of Prime Ministers of Escadia with accomplishments, term lengths or years, political parties does the leader holds, and the elections
Please feel free to anyone when asking me a question about my next post.
Almost makes me itch to revisit my Republic of Vulkanus Island worldbuilding project I created years and years ago,

(Used it in a country management roleplay I played at the time with my two cousins, both of whom had their own countries as well.)
How did you know about this thing? I didn't know or understand about your worldbuilding project that you did before. Makes me quite understand about the country in your worldbuilding project.

Maybe you can contribute to this worldbuilding project through infoboxes, maps, or graphics if you want.
Had a look around, and I have to say, this looks like it could be a very interesting worldbuilding TL. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the US.
Had a look around, and I have to say, this looks like it could be a very interesting worldbuilding TL. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the US.
Of course, @CamtheWideboi, thank you for commenting. Enjoy the world of this worldbuilding TL.

Eugene "Gene" Cernan is an American astronaut and politician, prior to his presidency, he was the first person from Earth or Annuna to land on the surface of (terraformed) Mars to not only explore but becoming landmark milestone achievement for Terran civilization that people still remembered until now. He became the first person to document the old or ancient Martian civilization that have been existed before and met by Phalzihirans as " the Messenger" or Savior due to figure that came from the planet Annuna as mentions on Martian documents as of late 20th century. I know that he's the "space Columbus" or "space Da Gama" for exploring known civilizations beyond Earth.

Maybe, he was remembered by them as the greatest American presidents since Revere, Lincoln, Veldwillems, Macdonald, Roosevelt I, Roosevelt II, Herbert, King Jr, Rockefeller, Proaño, Suarez, Hefner, and recently Gillibrand as we remembered for famous works contribute to the country.
EBC: 07/10/20: Temperatures in Wetter got worse since 2008
  • Due to Venus in the prehistoric times remained blue, expect there will be pre-human civilizations or civilizations prior to the 20th century and there are few human nations laying on the blue planet including the treacherous and nightmarish Hipolytan-Ishtar Free State with nightmarish anarcho-capitalism led by Carlson notorious for tricking native Venusians, underpaid Martians, and then humans to work in horrifying conditions.
  • Philippines is now a devloped country but very totalitarian than the OTL, similar to OTL China with ATL social credit system called "Merkado" system developed by ATL experts.
  • This decade resembled to what was combined of early 2010s despite technology being ahead of OTL. @Red Arturoist, can you think that ILL-ME, a German tech company founded by Bodo Illgner is now a social media platform?
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Vice President John Lewis
John Robert Lewis (February 21, 1940 - July 17, 2020) was an American and activist leader who served in the United States House of Representatives for Missouri's 9th congressional district from 1977 until 1985 when he was served as 33rd Vice President of the United States alongside with the President Daniela Suarez. Lewis was served as the chairman of the Committee on Protecting Diverse and Indigenous Americans from 1963 up to 1966.

Lewis was one of the Big Seven leaders of groups alongside with Noatakmiut and other activists who organized the March on Princeton. He assist Noatakmiut, the Inuit leader in fulfilling many key roles in the indigenous civil rights movement and ending of institutional or discriminatory racism on non European-Americans. In 1966, Lewis and others led from the Icy Iqaluit to Princeton Marches in which he was greeted by all politicians peacefully, while marching, he petitioned the infamous Lewis Letters to the members of the Senate and Congress who will read and address the issue until a new amendment was put in place to end institutional racism and harsh treatment of indigenous natives who had long been suffered during the colonization and territorial expansion of the United States. In 1968, he became campaign manager to 1968's King Jr. presidential campaign that in turn, King had became president by 1969.

A member of the Social Democratic Party, Lewis was first elected to Congress in 1977 and served for five terms until he was picked up by the New Belgian senator and presidential candidate, Daniela Suarez as her running mate where both of them were elected in 1984 and he became Vice President on that day of Suarez's inauguration on 22nd of February 1985.

He was served as vice president under the Suarez administration from 1985 until 1997 in which he have particular interest in responding to the actual situation by using nonviolent means and was strongly supported the Great Times for a Better Change campaign worldwide in an stifle effort to strengthen and boost democracy campaigns and advocates peaceful transition to full liberal and constitutional democracy especially those within Bucharest Pact where Soviet Union, Prussia, and North China are the biggest and influential nations within the bloc. During the time that he was in Canton during the state visit to South China where president Daniela had been on a visit with the South Chinese president Yan Jiaqi and Japanese prime minister Takako Doi, he made an infamous speech while facing the audience was the Liberty Shall Bridge the Divided in attempts to bridge between the separated South and North China has became widely known in 1990 following the Apricot Revolution and the subsequent reunification of North and South by 1992.

Following his post-vice presidency, he was appointed as a head of Lincoln-Barbarella International where he was undertaken missions in promoting human rights around the three planets (Venus, Earth, and Mars) as he reached out to the Monider peoples in 2008 where High-King Podran welcomed him during the outreach mission as well as Grand Speaker Runthaki made a historical pivot photo of promoting xenophile movement in response to growing threat of extremist radical anthropocentrist movement. He was selected as ambassador to the High-Kingdom of Monidari from 2009 until 2014 and he was taken up his job as Chairman of Committee on Protecting Non-Terrans to where he stands up against alleged abuses by Hipolytan Free State.

He died on July 17 of 2020 where he was given award honors by world leaders including the Union of Nations secretary-general Michael Ignatieff.
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