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  1. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Russian Restoration

    OTL, despite numerous claimants, the Russian Empire is a long dead institution. The Romanovs lost in chambers of the past and Russia a shadow of her glory during the cold war or even before ww1- not that Nicky II was a good Tsar. Your goal is a restoration of the Russian Empire after October...
  2. WI: Soviet Union retaliates to Ceausescu execution

    It is December 1989 and Nicolae Ceausescu, the former Romanian leader, has just been captured by the new authorities. The authorities are planning a show trial and quick execution. Of course, Mikhail Gorbachev hates Nicolae Ceausescu and probably doesn't feel sorry for him personally. Let's say...
  3. To Walk With Thrust
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    So here’s my first attempt at writing my own timeline, which is probably going to be a pretty implausible scenario. However, feedback/criticism/nitpicking is welcome, so feel free to point out any mistakes if you see them. Introduction Throughout modern history, powerful nations have sought to...
  4. What if the Soviet Union allowed the convertibility of the Soviet Ruble after WW2?

    Well, if the Soviet Union had a plan to allow convertibility of the Soviet Ruble after WW2? My assumption is that the Soviets had better ways to achieve hard currency, therefore necessitating the growth of tourism and export-based industries. It would also bring in cultural exchange, which means...
  5. Bukabuck

    Cultural legacy of Soviet victory in the Cold war

    If Soviet Union somehow won Cold War,would they have the same cultural influence on the whole world as the United States OTL? For example, Russian language, communist and socialist ideas and Russian culture become popular?
  6. Bukabuck

    Survived post 1985 USSR victory in the Cold War

    Can Gorbachev’s Soviet Union win Cold War?
  7. Bukabuck

    Russian Federation instead of USSR

    Let's assume that Stalin's Autonomizatstya Plan was adopted. All Soviet republics were included in the Russian Federation (that is, Ukraine, Belarus, etc., have the status of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the RSFSR). Further history goes like in OTL. For 1991, the Russian SFSR has...
  8. The red banners fall: an alternate Cold War Collaborative TL

    This timeline is an alternate history about a weakness Soviet Union, and with it, a different 20th century. The point of divergence is The German army managing to sorround Moscow with much of the Soviet political structure being murdred. Nikita Kruschev is given control of the Soviet...
  9. Count

    Soviet Europe in 1945. What happens to Spain?

    In the unlikely event that the Soviets manage to push all the way to the Atlantic what would happen to Spain? They were a reactionary power with prominent fascists in their administration, which had supported the Axis and sent troops against the Soviets as ‘volunteers’. On the other hand the...
  10. WI: Could the Soviet Union not be a superpower?

    I was thinking the other day what would happen if the Germans had sorrounded Moscow and killed the Soviet Leadership, leaving the Soviets to someone like, Georgy Zhukov. I was thinking the Soviets would lose a lot of leeway after the war due to a slower response. I was wondering then, what would...
  11. Berlin-Moscow Axis (Timeline Advice)?

    Okay, so basically, I had this weird idea for an actually semi-realistic German-Soviet Alliance. Basically, Strasser comes to power instead of Hitler in Germany, and it starts out with him doing what he wanted to do in OTL, basically collaborating with the German conservative establishment while...
  12. No World War Two Soviet Asian Offensive

    At the Tehran Conference in 1943, Stalin agreed that the Soviet Union would enter the conflict against Japan once Germany was invaded. This resulted in an offensive that started on August 9, 1945. The attack over the following three and a half weeks resulted in Soviet occupation of Manchuria...
  13. WI: Russia performs much better in WW1?

    So say Russia is able to hold their own on the Eastern front, leading to a shorter war and a more decisively defeated Germany by before 1917. How would this affect the following) 1. Would Russian Royal family be able to survive in power? 2. What territorial gains would Russia get in Treaty of...
  14. AHC: Soviets liberate France in ww2

    How could you make it that the Soviets beat the Nazi’s fast enough to liberate France in ww2
  15. Tuyuko

    Trotsky's Legacy - An alternate history where the Soviet Union wins the cold war

    I made a timeline in which the Soviet Union wins the cold war. The PoD happens in August 1918. In our timeline, Vladimir Lenin was shot after giving a public speech. However, in this timeline he manages to dodge the bullet. Because Lenin never gets shot, he lives long enough to kick Stalin out...
  16. AHC: Have Russia be more pro-west, pro-EU

    OTL it is very obvious how anti-west and anti-EU Russia is under Putin and the United Russia party Government Your challenge, from a POD of 1981(10 years before USSR falls) is to have a modern day Russia that is more friendly with the west and pro-EU
  17. Better Five Year Plans for Soviet Union?

    If you were stalin how would you go about your five year plans in a realistic way? Would you change anything or would you keep it how it was. And how would you prepare for the impending ww2 with those five year plans
  18. German-Polish alliance in 1939 after the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact

    What if during the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement, the Abwher would invite some polish agents to witness it, undercover of course and see the secret agreement about the splitting of Poland. This might be seen as a sign of good will from Germany's side and turn the polish government against the...
  19. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: This World Map By 1980?

    Is there anyway to get a map like this by 1980? According to the site i found it on, most of eastern europe is soviet puppets, if it helps. I think for this to begin, we need the nazis to collapse a lot later than the 42 of otl if the soviets are to compete in the post war world...
  20. Antonio Ferrari

    New participants to ww2

    A spiritual successor from my New participants to ww1. We all know that the Axis Powers were composed by Germany, Italy, Japan, their puppet states, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the co belligerent Finland, Iraq and Siam. But what if they had more allies? What if the Axis was also reinforced by...