soviet economy

  1. Why did Yugoslavia's economy perform so well?

    Basically, this chart. I admit, the title's a bit misleading, since I'm focusing down on Slovenia and Croatia specifically (the other republics drag it down to between Hungary and Poland, though still on track to beat them before the stagnation). What's going on here? I know that the "Real...
  2. Development of Neoliberalism with a surviving USSR?

    (If this is in the wrong thread, I apologize, the butterflies that I'm asking about here might be less than 20 years ago, till at least the GFC, so if this more suited for Political Chat or something, is it okay if the mods can move it please? Thanks. Sorry.) If you just want to get to my...
  3. Ryker of Terra

    AHC: More effective Soviet/communist indoctrination

    I was reading a bit about AANW a while ago and one thing that interested me was the Nazi society of that timeline. I believe @CalBear specifically stated (don't remember if it was in the TL itself or in a reply to a question) that indoctrination in the Reich was basically the most effective in...
  4. WI: A "Chinese" Soviet Union?

    This is an idea that I was toying with in the back of my head - what if the USSR follows a Chinese-style development model, with private and state-owned enterprises, export-oriented manufacturing, etc, while maintaining a single party state and explicit dedication to socialism? The real question...
  5. WI: No Gorbatchev

    A pretty controverse question (especially in Russia) that people have asked themselves ever since the end of the cold war: What if Gorbatchev wasn't elected General Secretary of the CPSU? After Chernenko's death, six men were regarded as likely candidates for the post of General Secretary of...
  6. Sarthak

    Soviet Sanity Options 1939-1941

    What it says on the tin. Just try to make the USSR less reliant on the LL, reduced casualties and losses. Time frame: 1st Sept 1939 to 22nd June 1941.
  7. Cmastashizzlerizzle

    Soviets fail to move their industry past the urals

    What the title says what if the Soviets were unable to successfully move their major industry past the urals and the unthinkable feat remains unthinkable does this have a major effect on the war? Does it change anything?
  8. Nightingale

    Can the Cold War end with successful Eastern bloc economic reforms and Soviet unity?

    Can the Cold War end with the Eastern bloc reforming their economies and avoiding the "Era of Stagnation" and without the Soviet Union collapsing afterwards? How would the Soviet and Eastern European political parties fare after 1989 in this scenario? As far as I remember, South Korea became...
  9. Gukpard

    What was Paul Samuelson logic on the soviet economy?

    Paul Samuelson was a american economist that won the nobel prize, the swedish royal academy even said that "he has done more than any other contemporary economist to raise the level of scientific analysis in economic theory" He was know for extrapolating and using fake data of the soviet...