sassanid empire

  1. The Darling of the World
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Known Unknown

    ---------------------- Part 1: Known Unknown One of the most frustrating but important battles to study by far is the Battle of Resaena, which took place in what was then Roman Syria in 243. Other than the fact that Roman and Persian arms clashed with great ferocity when the event took place...
  2. Heraclius is overthrown in 610?

    So I just found out in Wikipedia that the Byzantine emperor Phocas, almost universally hated in this forum (and for a good reason), had a brother named Comentiolus who attempted to avenge his brother's death by overthrowing Heraclius. Apparently, he had led an army from Ancyra, in the middle of...
  3. Whiteshore

    AHC: Byzantium and Sassanian Persia reverse fates

    With a POD after 610, your challenge is for the Byzantine Empire crumble before the Arab invasion while the Sassanid Empire, despite losing large swathes of territory, manages to hang on in its "heartland" (roughly modern-day Iran) and survive for a few more centuries. Bonus points if you manage...