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  1. Language in a surviving Roman Empire?

    If the Roman Empire survived to modern times, what would be the predominant language(s)? Also, is it possible for 1 language to be spoken through the entire empire?
  2. The Third Rome: Is it possible for a "contingency plan" created by a byzantine emperor to colonize America in the 1400s?

    I know, I know, it's hard af, but do you guys think there is at least a small possibility? venetians, iberians and/or the genoese can also be involved. Pedro Álvares Cabral took ~40 days from Portugal to Brazil, so maybe the byzantines will take ~70 days, if the mission is successful?
  3. Rome finds gold in Scotland?

    What if Roman authorities in Britannia found the Tyndrum gold mine sometime in the 140s, when the empire's power was at its peak? Would they be able to extract it with the technology they had, and, assuming such a thing was possible, would they be able and willing to subjugate all of Britain...
  4. Concerning the Crisis of the Fifth Century

    Is it fair to say that the crisis with hindsight could have been handled better if the division of the Empire into the constituent Eastern and Western portions did not occur in 395. Often in discussions online it is reasoned that Rome was never split but to me the seperate operation of...
  5. No Rome:Seleucid civil wars still happen?

    if Gauls destroy Rome from existence in 390 BCE would Seleucid civil wars still happen lead to their conquest by parthians?
  6. What if the Roman Empire had built canals connecting Europe major rivers together

    So I was reading that Augustus thought about building the Canal du Midi (Garonne-Mediterranean canal) and that make me think: What if he did and also built a lot more canals? So let say Augustus and/or is successor decided to construct the Canal de Midi and to connect the Rhone, Loire, Seine...
  7. Frederick II of the HRE

    Regnum Romanum
    Threadmarks: Fall of Tarquinius

    Regnum Romanum By Fredrick II Book I From the fall of Tarquinius until the Gallish sack In 244 AUC (510 BC), Roman King Lucius Tarquinius Superbus went to war with the Rutuli, a very wealthy nation, whose riches Tarquinius was keen to obtain. However, the king failed to capture the...
  8. Earlier Viking Age

    8th century Norsemen, whose raids terrified Europe, were not that much more developed than Iron Age Germanic tribes and were not the first pirates of the North Sea-Saxons and Franks before them also raided coastal areas. What made them different from predecessors was their naval tech. Norse were...
  9. Roma Aeterna Victrix - An Imperial Roman TL

    ROMA AETERNA VICTRIX An Imperial Roman Timeline Chapter I: Prologue Chapter II: The Equestrian Emperors
  10. The_Persian_Cat

    AHC: Ethiopian-normative Christianity

    Christianity has its origins in Roman-occupied Judaea, and became a global cultural force largely because of the Roman Empire. Constantine the Great made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire, and he also convened the First Council of Nicaea to standardise Christian doctrine and dogma for the...
  11. WI/AHC: Opellian Dynasty of Rome

    Macrinus become Emperor in 217 and unfortunately had a very short reign. His goal seems to have been a return to Septimius Severus-era policies and he was left in a difficult situation due to Caracalla's reign. When one takes into account his humble origins, he comes across a compotent...
  12. How could the slavic invasion of Byzantine Illyria be avoided?

    After Justinian's death and the Plague, Justin II stopped to pay subsidies to the Avars ending the truce after 558. During his reign, the Avars and Lombards combined forces to destroy the Kingdom of the Gepids, centered in Transylvania. The aftermath was the absolute dominance of the Avars in...
  13. AHC: Make the Holy Roman Empire holy roman and a true empire.

    With a pod of your choice but before 1440 make the HRE constituational and culturally closer to the ancient Roman Empire with it truely deserving the name. Bonus points of they own more of the old empire.
  14. What will happen if a barbarian stayed completely detached from ancient Rome's Saturnalia festival?

    What will happen if a non-Greek or non-Roman stayed completely detached from the people in ancient Rome celebrating Saturnalia? He does not participate. His face is blank and it is clear that he has no interest in people participating in ancient Rome's Saturnalia. The people in Rome celebrating...
  15. How will a fiercely polygamous Christianity really have been for many Europeans?

    How will a fiercely polygamous Christianity really have been for many Europeans? So let's just say that there was some sect of Christianity before and after the Roman empire converted to Christianity and this sect was fiercely polygamous meaning the males practicing it typically take more than...
  16. GameBawesome

    Discussion: Who had the WORST claims to being the successor of the Roman Empire?

    There is a great debate and discussion on who the successor to the Roman Empire is. From the Holy Roman Empire, to the Ottomans, to the Russians, it stems the points of culture, language, lineage, legality, religion and location, on who truly is the successor to the Roman Empire... This isn't...
  17. Simon bar Kokhba revolt successful

    what if Simon bar Kokhba revolt succeeded with guerrilla warfare , ambushing the romans and parthian support ? how would this affect jewish history
  18. Paul senator apostle

    What if Paul became senator ? Since he was a Roman citizen How would this affect the spread of Christianity ?
  19. Jesus senator

    What if jesus became senator ? Lawyer-politician-senator How would this affect the spread of Christianity?
  20. Sierra

    Could Napoleone di Buonaparte Resurrect Rome?

    Of late, i've been brainstorming out some AH ideas, and being that i'm good at coming up with sweeping ideas, but less so in sussing out plausibilites, I have chosen to come to the AH.Com forum with my idea and request feedback with a view towards writing a TL. Essentially, my idea boils down...